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These kinds of dates always make things better.


This decadent Arab dish is popular in both the GCC and North Africa. Usually a winter treat, this high-energy sweet goodness requires few ingredients. The most important ingredient, of course, is the dibs (date molasses).aseeda


The national cookie of Al Qasim, Kelaija comes in several variations. The most popular and our favorite are the ones filled with dates.kelaija

Khobaz Ahmar:

This popular bread hails from Al Ahsa and is both nutritious and yummy. This flat pita-like bread is made from whole-wheat flour, dates and black seeds.khobaz-ahmar


An oldie but a goodie, Ma’amoul are shortbread pastries stuffed with, you guessed it, dates! Although other variations can include pistachios or walnuts.maamoul


This originally Yemeni concoction is a combination of traditional bread, ghee, honey and dates. Served hot and sizzling.areeka


Date molasses or syrup is made from cooked-down dates. Its popularity peaks during Ramadan as it’s the perfect sauce to drizzle over the month’s favorite dumpling: gaimat!dibs


No table is complete without the original delight. Whether you dip them in white chocolate or stuff them with walnuts and pistachios, we can all agree that dates are the best.dates

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