Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

College Experience in Jeddah – Effat University

College Experience in Jeddah – Effat University

I went to university in Jeddah and here’s what happened.

While most of my friends travelled abroad to pursue their university education, I opted to explore my options in the Gulf. Eventually, I settled for Effat University. Here are some highlights of my university experience:

  1. Location

Effat was the nearest option, so my parents were on board from the start. While this should have saved the cost of flights, the tuition fee kind of ensured we’d still be spending a lot. But hey, college is expensive everywhere.

  1. Local Touch

I got to zoom into the local culture. Over the next few years I was able to experience and observe the Saudi culture from a closer and more personal perspective.

  1. Diversity

But that didn’t mean I missed out on the international vibe that universities abroad have. Effat was home to students who represented various cultural and social backgrounds.


  1. Speaking of education.

And this is the main thing. Studying Literature at Effat was an enriching experience because the various cultural backgrounds of students added to the discussions and perspectives.

  1. The Professors

The majority of the professors and instructors were international and extremely well educated. This really reflected on their teaching styles and conduct towards students. It also exposed us to perspectives from other parts of the world.


  1. Community

Various communities exist within Effat; some stemmed from common departments, interests, ethnicities, or even courses that students were taking. The English and Translation Department felt like home because of the unwavering love and support that the professors showed us. All professors truly cared about the students’ progress and wellbeing. I doubt a university abroad would have given me the same comfort.

  1. Watching Out

You really have to watch your grades, but the professors would let students take make-up quizzes. I personally disliked this because it has the tendency to validate the behavior, especially if the student misses a quiz due to irresponsibility.

  1. Extra Curricular Activities

There are many opportunities for extra-curricular work at Effat. Students run clubs and have their own Government and Shura. You really get the chance to explore your interests and get a bit of professional experience.


Would I recommend you to study at a local university? Definitely!


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