Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

We Tried The Cold Brew Coffees You Always See On Instagram!

We Tried The Cold Brew Coffees You Always See On Instagram!

And cold brew is our favorite chemical reaction.

A lot of science goes into making coffee. Cold brew is unique because the coffee beans are brewed in cool filtered water; there is no heat involved. This gives the coffee a refreshing and lighter form, especially compared to iced latte. Some of Jeddah’s cafes have perfected this art.

Brew 92

img_0312Making cold brew is a highly scientific process, especially with specialty coffee beans. The temperature and pressure can make a huge difference to the taste and potency of the coffee. Brew 92 does it really well!

Price: SR 25
Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal St., Al Khaldia Dist.

Medd Café

Medd’s cold brew is like bittersweet love, and they have an option with milk! It’s smooth and has a perky flavor that is so refreshing. This is a great café is you want to feel inspiration; it’s so close to the sea!

Price: SR 22
Location: Beach Tower, North Corniche

Warm & Frosty

The café is a perfect spot if you want to get away from noisy crowds and read or work in peace. They play great music and their cold brew will energize you and cool you down.

Price: SR 16
Location: Hilmi Kutbi St., Idrees Square

Cup and Couch Café and Roastery

This homely café is a great hangout for friends. The cold brew did not disappoint and it retains the bitterness of coffee that instantly wakes you up.

Price: SR 23
Location: Al Yamamah St., Salamah Dist.


Qatarat Café

You must try their cold brew if you like unusual drinks. It’s topped with creamy milk and it’s the best of both worlds.

Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St., Khaldia Dist.


img_0307Their iced latte is very popular, but the cold brew coffee is the real star. Cold brew is less bitter compared to coffee because it doesn’t have certain acids and oils that hot variations have. The coffee is brewed for 20 hours.

Price: SR 15
Location: Le Mall, Andalus Dist.

Teriaq, Boulevard Vie

amber-medicine-bottle-set-mockupOne of the newest cold brews in town, Teriaq offers two options crafted using coffee beans sourced from Peru and Mexico. The cold brew is a collaboration between Boulevard Vie and Medd, so expect greatness! After drinking this smooth concoction you’ll be woke.

Price: SR 22
Location: Safeya Bint Abdulmutalib St., Mohammadiya Dist.
Instagram: boulevard_vie

Dark Matter

dsc_8574A brand that’s dedicated entirely to handcrafted cold brew reveals just how swell this coffee drink is. Dark Matter uses the finest single origin coffee to create their brews; the richness of the smooth cold brew speaks for itself. This is probably the best option you could hope for. Orders can be placed via their website.

Price: SR 75 for 500 ml (serves 5).
Instagram: darkmatter_scb


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