Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast

Dissecting the Saudi Fishing industry.

Cradled in one of the richest seas in the world, Saudi Arabia’s fishing industry heavily depends on the Red Sea’s versatility. With many fish species native to the region, and many others passing by through their migration seasons, the fishing industry can harvest from a wide variety of species. Like everything else, sectors that depend heavily on manpower have developed and incorporated new technologies in their operations to facilitate it and increase profits. Fishing is becoming much more accessible, with more fish farms opening up across the country. We will be highlighting the major fish farms across the country and discussing their role in the growth of the fishing industry in Saudi.

Coast to Coast

Big Fish

The Saudi Aquaculture Society is a governmental organization with partner companies operating within the Saudi Fishing industry. Founded in 2018, it came together to raise the quality standard of fish in Saudi. Corporations that meet their standards can use their logo stamp on products as proof of quality for the buyers. They play a vast role in the growth of the fishing industry by putting the key players under one umbrella and allowing them to grow and develop from each other. The plans for the organization include incorporating more local companies under their wing and pushing towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the Saudi fishing industry.

Location: Riyadh, Al Murabba
Tel: +966-554009226

Coast to Coast

Modernized Fishing

Starting their first phase in 1982, it was a turning point in the country’s history, making it a global seafood producer. Today NAQUA is considered one of the most extensive aquaculture operations of its type in the world. Offering people the opportunity to enjoy locally produced fish from the Red Sea coast. NAQUA is taking the Saudi fishing industry a few steps ahead by employing the right developments and technologies in their operations.

Coast to Coast

Located in Al Lith, 180 km from Jeddah, their plant specializes in shrimp and fish production with a total investment of SR 4 billion. They adopted a development strategy that focuses on sustainability by adopting environmentally sensitive production methods helping preserve the natural environment. With an average production of 100,000 tonnes of marine products per year divided between shrimps, fish, and sea cucumbers, the company exports its products to 32 different countries in the world, including Japan, China, and the United States, as well as several European and Arab countries. Moreover, their marine products can be found in multiple large local retailers across Saudi.

Location:  Al-Lith 21961, Saudi Arabia
Instagram: naquaseafood
Tel:  +966-17-7329999


Saudi Fisheries Company
Founding Fathers

Saudi Fisheries Company has been one of the founding fathers of the modern fishing industry since 1980. They operate several plants and laboratories in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Jizan with advanced manufacturing technology and are ISO certified in terms of quality. Their biggest plant is established in Al Huraida Governorate in, Jazan, focusing primarily on shrimp production. It began with 108 troughs with a production capacity of 1,743 tons per year. Still, with time, they added 70 landfills to the shrimp farm making their yearly production capacity reach between 3,000 and 6,000 tons annually.

Coast to Coast

Saudi Fisheries has built a strong foundation for retail sales through their various shops across the country, where they provide you with the freshest catches and the option to cook them on the spot. They are also available on many delivery applications bringing the freshness of the Red Sea to your doorstep. They also operate in wholesale entities such as supermarkets. They provide around 70 different types of frozen marine goods manufactured from local and imported sources offering their customers the quality they expect. Finally, they have business with multiple seafood restaurants across the country in addition to international franchises. Saudi Fisheries is working alongside governmental entities to promote a healthier eating culture in Saudi by making seafood a widely available option at all prices.

Location: Al Malaz Riyadh
Instagram:  sfc_alasmak
Tel:  920000527


Caviar Court
Fishing for Sea Gold

Operating in Dammam, Caviar Court is the first Saudi caviar harvesting company of its kind. They are one of the pioneers in using cutting-edge technology to harvest their caviar. Traditionally, caviar is harvested from the wild; however, to facilitate their operation, Caviar Court set up their own fish farm, home to a selection of large sturgeon fish-holding caviar. With advanced filtration and stages of treatment, Caviar Court minimizes any external factors affecting the health of their fish

They produce Ossetra Malossol caviar using two main sturgeon fish breeds and a few crossbreeds to harvest top-quality caviar. The fish processing plant in Caviar Court is designed and built following religious sanitary norms and high hygiene standards. It is equipped with new modern technology imported from Europe that allows them to produce various products such as sturgeon filet, cold and hot smoked sturgeon, and fish sausages. Caviar Court is the first of many more companies elevating Saudi caviar production with hopes of becoming a popular caviar exporting country.

Location: 12672 Dammam 31483 KSA
Tel +966-552395230

black caviar on black spoons
black caviar on black spoons

 Ossetra Caviar Imperial OOO

Exquisite golden color and rich taste for our top connoisseur.
 Ossetra Caviar PREMIUM
Truly spectacular taste, firm grain, and buttery flavor.


Fish options:
Hot Smoked Sturgeon Filet
 Cold Smoked Sturgeon Filet
 Whole and Filet Sturgeon Meat


If you’re planning on going for a fishing trip with some friends, here are some of the best organizations that can help you achieve that. They provide you with the boat and fishing equipment needed.

Location: Jeddah
Tel: +966-548191419
Instagram: nomanism

  Rose 8th Charters
Location: Fanateer, Al Jubayl
Tel: +966-558986798
Instagram: q8_south_angler


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