Check Out Our Favorite Pre, Mid and Post Oscar Moments

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We give you our favorite Oscar moments from before the ceremony starts up until its finale.
Check out if your best moments made the cut.

Jacob Tremblay, “Room” star, heading to the Oscars with his parents.

Isn’t he just adorable ?!?

In the car! #Oscars

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Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy and Hardy’s wife take a red carpet selfie

Too much glam to handle!


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Chris Rock raising money for his daughter’s cookie scouts

Best father award! This is the true meaning of take your daughters to work day.

The “Thank you” scroll

Apparently to save time, all nominees were asked to submit a list of people they would like to thank in case they won. Those people then scrolled past the screen; this is a first in Oscar history. If you need more clarification, check it out here.

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Inside Out wins Best Animated Feature

Highly deserved as it left both kids and adults in tears!

Pakistani journalist and filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, won for Best Short Documentary, “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness.”

Way to go girl! Read more about it here.

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Oscars paid tribute to Omar Al Sharif.

As seen in this article.

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Leonardo winning an Oscar


Mark Ruffalo trying to take the big Oscar home.

I tried to make off with the big one. Security stopped me. Darn it. #oscars

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