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Celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s (II) Birthday in the British Consulate of Jeddah

The DJ team was honored to have been invited to the Queen of England’s 90th birthday party at the British Consulate of Jeddah.

The remarkable event reflected the festivities and the cheerfulness of the occasion especially with bagpipe tunes echoing across the entire place.IMG_9619The consulate’s yard harbored English made cars like the Jaguar and the Rolls Royce. Showcasing the cars is a tradition done every year to highlight the top notch quality of the English manufactured vehicles.


Consulate General, Mohammad Shawkat, then took the stage for a short speech about the celebration. He thanked the audience and promised them a wonderful night, a promise that was in deed delivered. He also announced that this would be his last year in Jeddah and that he would miss the city with all its hustle and bustle. He was then followed by the British ambassador, Simon Collis, who made a speech in both Arabic and English honoring the Queen and celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th birthday.

The night also featured a lot of young students displaying their talents in singing and acting. First off, students from the British School angelically sang the national anthems of England and Saudi.


Then students from Jeddah Prep School performed a little sketch in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday where they recited a lot of his famous quotes adding their own twists to them.


That was then trailed by the cake cutting ceremony, which marked the beginning of dinner. Guests were led into an air-conditioned tent where dinner buffets were served.


DJ was elated at being invited to this amazing event. Happy Birthday Queen.

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