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Celebrating a Milestone: Nafisa Shams Reaches One Million Products

Nafisa Shams Celebrating one million products

Specializing in the productions of arts and crafts, under the Community Jameel Saudi Foundation, Nafisa Shams is an organization that aims to contribute to the Kingdom’s social, economic, environmental and technical aspects. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has celebrated a marvelous milestone, in which the company produced one million, locally made artisanal products.  On June 1st, they held an event at their head office in Jeddah, celebrating the achievements of the Saudi women that have been a part of the team for more than ten years. 

The event celebrated accomplishing many objectives of Nafisa Shams Company, which involve advancing the socioeconomics of Saudi women in an attempt to uncover their personal skills and to enhance their social roles, all through unveiling a high standard of training processes, building a space for arts and crafts and bringing about unique Saudi-made products as an alternative for low quality options. Among the company’s many goals, such as to promote Arab and Islamic culture, supporting local products and businesses, tackling unemployment issues, and increasing the number of female labor within the Saudi market, they are all made to align with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Many came together to celebrate this joyous occasion, from senior executives, the female employees themselves, to those who took interest in Nafisa Shams’ activities, all taking part in congratulating this massive achievement. 

In accordance with enacting the company’s objective of increasing social responsibility and empowering women, Nafisa Shams developed models such as the Work From Home Programme and the Production Centre in order to give women, with limited education opportunities, to expand their skills and be a part of the Saudi workforce. As a result of following up with these goals, the company employed up to 260 women to introduce their home based products like prayer mats, uniforms, abayas, notebooks, jewelry, art pieces, rosaries and so much more. 

The company’s success in empowering women is largely attributed to its utilization of advanced technologies and offering training services to women on different production techniques and providing them with needed raw materials. Nafisa Shams leverages these technologies to enhance productivity, efficiently manage resources, and support production projects. The organization prioritizes the quality of its products, ensuring they undergo a series of rigorous quality checks, sorting, and packaging processes. The entire process ensures to generate financial revenues that aid in sustainable growth and working with more women who will benefit from it. 

Member of the Board of Trustees at Community Jameel Saudi and Director of Nafisa Shams, Dr. May Taibah, commented on the event: “It brings us great joy to recognise the exceptional women in our community who have contributed to our achievement of producing one million artistic and handicraft products. Working closely with our employees has enabled us to witness their remarkable skills, potential, ambition, and eagerness to grow and improve. Thanks to our advanced technologies, we have been able to enhance their productivity, manage resources efficiently, support production projects, stay up-to-date with customer preferences, and connect with our individual and corporate customers.” 

In addition, Najlaa Yousuf, the Digital Manager at Nafisa Shams commented that, “The celebration ceremony hosted almost 250 women who have contributed and worked with us over the last ten years. The event celebrated and recognised the women’s hard work in achieving a significant milestone and inspired our employees to keep up their dedicated and admirable work. We promise to continue supporting and empowering them.”

Through its training services, utilization of advanced technologies, and providing many opportunities, Nafisa Shams has emerged as a key player in empowering Saudi women and will continue to do so . This celebration of producing one million products not only recognized the remarkable achievements of the women involved but also served as an inspiration for continued dedication and empowerment. Nafisa Shams remains dedicated to its mission of empowering Saudi women, contributing to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

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