Buhaisa Al Arabi’s Volunteering Journey an Inspiring Tale

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Be inspired by one woman’s volunteering journey.

Almost a year ago, a picture of a girl who had donated all her wedding money to people in need in Africa had went viral on social media and was broadcasted all over the news. Today, Buhaisa Al Arabi tells us how this was one of the most precious moments of her life.2016-02-29-photo-00000155

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a kindergarten teacher with the most adventurous soul, who also has many hobbies such as volunteering, reading and public speaking. I am an active member in several associations and clubs, including the Toastmasters Club and the Eastern Province Literary Club. I was also involved in campaigns supporting Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey in 2013.2016-02-29-photo-00003729-2

Tell us about your volunteering journey.

I was strongly influenced by seeing my father helping others with contributions and helping out at the neighborhood mosque. As a child, my first volunteering work was being my father’s kitchen assistant. Later after my college graduation, I started a reading session for children at a cafe in Khobar, every Thursday at 8 a.m. I’ve met a lot of amazing people who share the same interest and passion of helping others, which led me to joining all the volunteering clubs I could find.2016-02-29-photo-00004234-2

What is your biggest achievement?

I’ve got three: making my parents proud and happy, having my husband as my partner and being the person I am today.

What’s the most memorable moment of your journey?

My most memorable and joyful moments were from my “African Wedding,” as I like to call it, in Djibouti, Africa. My husband and I decided to skip having a big wedding and donate all the wedding money to families living in a village in Djibouti. Later on, when we visited there, everyone was very welcoming and kind to us. We helped to develop the water system and water supply of the village and to rebuild some of the houses of those families.2016-02-29-photo-00003722

What are your hopes for the future?

I am always optimistic about the future, and in all the work that I do and I plan for I always seek to be one step closer to Allah.

Email: buhaisaa@hotmail.com
Instagram: Buhaisa

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