Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Breakfast at Shobak is Something Every Jeddawi Must Do

Breakfast at Shobak is Something Every Jeddawi Must Do

We visited Shobak as part of our break-fest. We also narrowed down the top reasons why we love having breakfast there and think you should go ahead and try it too.

Note: we went to the restaurant itself at Tahlia not the mall stands.

Smell of fresh bakery: Even before you step in, the aroma of fresh dough baking engulfs you.

Options: There are a lot of choices for you. This starts with whether you want white dough or brown dough (they thought of the dieting souls too); and which toppings you want to add from the wide variety available. Not only that, but the dough can be opened, folded or rolled.

Presentation: The pies were all presented on top of wooden boards, elegant yet simple. We thought it elevated the authentic feel to everything there.

What are the pies we munched on you ask? We had quite the selection of pies placed in front of us and we have pinpointed our favorites.


Egg and Labnah:

Shobak-Labneh&EggA combination of textures that we absolutely adored. The smooth labna mingled in with the well-cooked eggs folded into soft dough.


Shobak-Faladel-1When did you see falafel folded in pie with mint hidden inside?

Akawi cheese pie:

Shobak-AkawyThis is a specialty that must be ordered every time. To top it all off the “black cumin” glazed on the pie gives it a kick.


Shobak-SalmonAlthough this is not breakfast material, this pie is one of the best Shobak has to offer. Its vibrant colors are a match to its deliciousness, with the soft and smooth fish on top of creamy pie slices.

So if you are in Jeddah, don’t miss out having breakfast at Shobak.

Tahlia Dist. near Lamborghini Showroom at Aster El Tahlia Center
Ahmad Al Attas St., Al-Zahra’a Dist.
Al Salam Mall
Aziz Mall


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