Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Break-Fest Top Picks in Jeddah

Break-Fest Top Picks in Jeddah

We went on a breakfast food venture around town to recommend the best dishes.


Fatet HummusKalila-Fattet-Hummus

Why We Love It: Kalila excels at anything with hummus.

Nutella and Strawberry PancakesKalila-Nutella-Pancakes

Why We Love It: Just in case you want to have dessert for breakfast.

Instagram: kalila_cafe
Location: The Courtyard City, Rawdah St., Khalidia Dist.


Halloumi BagelBagel-Bar--Halloumi-Bagel

Why We Love It: The chewy grilled halloumi cheese and basil pesto mix is top notch.

Irish CoffeeBAgel-Bar-Irish-Cofee1

Why We Love It: It fills your morning void with much needed caffeine.

Instagram: thebagelbar.ksa
Location: Abdullah Al Arasi, U Shaped Center, Rawdah Dist.


Breakfast PlatterCookshop-BreakFast-Platter

Why We Love It: It encompasses all the basic components of breakfast.

Sucuklu Yumurta (Eggs with Sausages):Cookshop-Sucuklu-Yumurta

Why We Love It: This dish emits a variety of spices and flavors.

Instagram: cookshopsa
Location: Aster Center, Tahlia St.


Cheese Mana’eeshCP-Manakeish

Why We Love It: Bite into them and feel the cheese’s texture and soft pastry waltz across your palette.


Why We Love It: They are prepared right in front of you and have an assortment of toppings.

Instagram: cpjeddah
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Al Hamra’a


Croque MadamePaul-Croque-Madame2

Why We Love It: It basically has everything you would want, consisting of melted cheese, béchamel while stuffed with turkey or salami, with layers of toast squeezed in with a fried egg on top.


Why We Love It: The dessert looks like a work of art.

Instagram: pauljeddah
Location: Tahlia St.


Eggs and Labnah PieShobak-EggawLabneh

Why We Love It: A rich combination of flavors with the smooth labnah and cooked eggs.

Salmon PieShobak-Salmon

Why We Love It: Just in case you were not in the mood for typical breakfast food.

Instagram: shobakpie
Location: Aster Center, Tahlia St.


Turmeric Coffeebafarat-Gahwa

Why We Love It: Because of that kick the turmeric gives off.

Date KunafaBafarat-Kunafa

Why We Love It: It is a wonderful complement to the wide selection of coffee available.

Instagram: bafaratarabia
Location: Khaldiya Dist.


Sidi Hamza Foul (Spicy Foul with White Cheese and Chili)Ayouby-Foul

Why We Love It: Mashing up bits of cheese with foul is a creative twist and the spices gives the perfect taste nudge.

Al Ayoubi KebdaAyouby-Kebda

Why We Love It: The tender liver mixed in with spices was simply perfect.

Instagram: alayoubi_restaurant
Location: Al Rabiha Center, North Obhur



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