Bidding Plastic Bags Farewell

Jeddah’s municipality to follow through on a new ban.

The Jeddah municipality has issued a ban on plastic bag usage in the handling of hot food items in restaurants and bakeries, due to take full effect on the 28th of February. This arrives in perceived extension of a similar ban that has been in effect in the Eastern Province, along with a similar issue taken up by the Omra branch municipality, during the fall of 2016.

The Why

The Consumer Protection Association has concluded, with sufficient scientific research, the proximity of heat to plastic items as harmful to consumers. Therefore, they have taken the necessary steps to ensure the implementation of the aforementioned laws with the aim of protecting consumers from dangerous toxins.

Environmental enthusiasts: rejoice!

The significance of consumer health is strategically paired with the positive environmental repercussions that this law promises. Saudi Arabia’s annual plastic bag use correlates to a number that is 20 times the global average: 40 kg. Which is a lot of toxic ruz bukhari.

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Through cracking down on the amount of plastic waste generated per annum, Saudi stands on the right side of history in a time of heightened environmental awareness.

Although not a particularly fascinating subject, environmental vigilance in a country that produces plastic waste that matches the weight of 2 million cars should be a priority. Plastic is not a biodegradable material, which translates into the aforementioned weight occupying landfills and sneaking into oceans and other ecosystems (where it proceeds to harm wildlife) for hundreds of years.

The transition into paper and eco-friendly containers represents a small change that could cause a huge difference.

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