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Best of Drake’s Hotline Bling

By Johara Almogbel, Duha Alhosainy

Unless you’re living in a rock somewhere without any internet connection or link to the outside world because you’re a rare species of human that can go without checking their twitter or Instagram for two days in a row, you’ve probably heard of Drake’s new music video.

And if you’ve heard of Drake’s new music video, then you definitely heard about the avalanche of memes that followed. It’s the best thing the internet has ever done. No, really, we are so in love with whatever’s going on in that music video, it’s not even funny. Behold, our favorites!

This perfect Wii Tennis mashup:

And this Pokemon one:

AH MAKE THIS A THING, DOMINOES. Or Maestro. Whatever, just get on it.

Drake’s moves got us- and the force- mesmerized.

It’s magical how any song goes with Drake’s dancing.





We had to get in on it too, of course.

Internet, you done well. Now stop before we’re sick to death of this wondrous miracle.

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