6 Dream Jobs For Travel Junkies

Jou Pabalate

Regional Editorial Manager at Destination Riyadh


By Jou Pabalate

Who wouldn’t want to be paid to see the world? We’ve gathered the top jobs that make this possible.

1. Travel Writers and Bloggers

Getting paid to travel, dine and chill. These are but the perks. Pair that with being able to pursue your passion and just write.
Not everyone gets paid for writing about their travels; in fact, full-time travel writing jobs are sparse and usually come after funding your own trips and developing your portfolio.

Photo Credit: rahamoharrak.com

Photo Credit: rahamoharrak.com

2. Pilot

Oh those uniforms alone are enough to convince us! How many people get to spend their 9-5 straddling on different time zones?
Reality check: Becoming a pilot takes time – a lot of flying time. Commercial pilots have the most hoops to get through. Luckily, there are two in the Kingdom for those wanting to get a commercial license. SAFA and the Saudi Airlines Aviation Academy.


3. Cruise Line Employee

From trainers, entertainers, translators and even on-board HR personnel, luxury cruise ships are always looking for on-board people. You’ll get to travel widely and have port stops, which gives you the time to really take in a place. Being in the front line, you’ll be sure to meet fascinating people from all over.
Reality check: Be prepared for long legs of seafaring.

Photo Credit: foxnews.com

Photo Credit: foxnews.com


WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, an organization that matches volunteers with farms across the globe in need of the extra hand. In exchange, your WWOOF hosts provide you with free food and lodging. It’s a great way to travel deeply while being on a budget.
Be prepared though, there’s nothing touristy about being a WWOOFer, it’s tough laborious work but promises to be a rewarding experience.
How to get the job: You have to pass the examination through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or whichever country you’re hailing from). Don’t expect to be an Ambassador to country X on your first assignment; it usually takes time and going through the ranks. And need we say it; you have to be politically correct all the time.

5. Construction Managers and Engineers

This is most applicable for engineers who specialize in infrastructures, urban development and road projects. The pay is apparently really good and you get to move on to different projects one after the other every couple of years.
Perks: The great thing about being asked to relocate is they usually provide you with free housing and everything else. Just ask the engineers working on the Riyadh metro.

Photo Credit: mmenterprises.co.in

Photo Credit: mmenterprises.co.in

6. Diplomats

One of the surefire ways to be a global citizen is to get into foreign service. You get to represent your country, learn the ins and outs of cultures and carry a cool passport and immunity, which we hope you’d never have to use.  With your assignments lasting five years at a time, there’s a good chance you’ll be uprooting your family every couple of years.

Photo Credit: gettyimages.com

Photo Credit: gettyimages.com

So are you considering to change your career?

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