Best Flower Shops in Jeddah

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at and smell, but are also basically present throughout every step of the way; at weddings, baby showers, graduation parties, even hospitals (God forbid).

We have located some super successful flower shops that will definitely quench your thirst for flower nectar.


Gardenia has already established a name for itself in the world of blossoms. The shop is located on 4 spots; Arafat St., Prince Sultan St., IMC Hospital and Erfan Hospital. The price range of the store meets all budgets and depends on the type of flowers purchased of course. Gardenia also sells plants and home accessories. The store also caters to events such as weddings and baby showers.

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One of the famous flower stores in Jeddah, Petals is located on Rawdah St. opposite King Faisal Specialist Hospital. Oh, it also has a branch in Riyadh. It sells both natural and artificial flowers and offers its services to events like weddings and other parties.

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A wonderful store that sells only natural flowers. Ncubes is located on Prince Sultan St. in front of SACO.

It offers its services to not only individuals but companies as well. Ncubes can also set up a contract with clients who require flower decorations at their houses, in which the store will be responsible for changing up the décor of flowers every week.

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Rose Land

From selling natural flowers, making flower arrangements to wrapping gifts, this store encompasses everything you need. Located in A Fayhaa’ Dist, Rose Land will meet your expectations.

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Alwan Flowers

Whether you want to buy a simple bouquet or you are planning a party and need to fill it with flowers, Alwan has got you covered. The flower shop caters to parties and makes chic flower arrangements. It is located at Tahliya St. in front of Jeddah Mall and at Faysaliah Dist. as well.

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Sindiane Flowers

Sindiane sells fresh flowers and offers the service of making up arrangements up to your taste. If you are also looking for the right place to decorate your parties, then you have found it. You can find Sindiane on Prince Sultan St. by “Stationaery Fantasies”.

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Let us know of other flower shops you think are worth mentioning.

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