Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice: Was it Worth the Hype?

We present you with everything you need to know about the DC movie, along with a commentary on what we thought of it upon watching it. Check out the trailer right here:


  • Ben Affleck as Batman/ Bruce Wayne
  • Henry Cavill as Superman/ Clark Kent
    henry cavill
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
  • Amy Adams as Louis Lane
    Amy adams
  • Cal Godot as Wonder Woman
  • Jermey Irons as Alfred
  • Holly Hunter as Senator Finch
  • Diane Lane as Martha Kent

Zack Snyder


Fun fact: Zack Snyder is the man behind the 2004 reboot “Dawn of the Dead”; you remember the zombie movie who gave everyone the creeps.

Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer


This is the first battle movie where Batman and Superman go head to head. Apparently, Superman is now a threat to not only Metropolis, but also basically the world and Batman wants to stop him because he doesn’t want the universe to be at the former’s mercy. Enter Alexander Luthor aka Lex- to wreak havoc and try to get the superheroes to kill one another, so evil can prevail. Well either evil or psychosis can prevail, with Lex you never really know!

FYI: The movie is more related to the DC comics and Superman movies than any of the Dark Knight parts. So don’t watch it expecting it to be as serious and story oriented as those. Also, not to disappoint, but you will not find any of the Marvel wit. No snarky remarks from characters here. But that didn’t stop the movie from passing a net gross of $700million worldwide.


Things we loved:

  • Fight scenes: They were very well choreographed and who doesn’t enjoy watching explosions involving the Batmobile?
  • Ben Affleck as Batman: No one compares to Christian Bale, but Ben Affleck was a surprise. He wasn’t as terrible as we thought he would be. Sorry for doubting you Ben.
  • Jesse Eisenberg’s Performance: Although some critics stated that he was adopting some of Heath Ledger’s Joker antics, we thought he did a good job. The psycho persona really suits him.

Things we hated:

  • Plot: umm… A couple of times during the movie we wondered what was going on. We occasionally threw a few of “how did this happen?” “Why did this happen?” and “huh?” Refraining from any spoiler alerts, the huge fight between the superheroes is resolved due to something very minor and not worth being titled “the twist”.
  • Unraveling mysteries alluding to the upcoming Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman will be having her own movie out soon. To shed light on that through this movie, Batman discovers a USB with files about her and her entourage, as well as other superheroes. That’s it? A USB? Where’s the mystery? We were hoping for something more elaborate, but alas.
    giphy (1)
  • Jermey Irons as Alfred
    Not enough screen time! Not enough lines! This is Jermey Irons we are talking about.
  • No one recognizes that Clark Kent is in fact Superman Tale as old as time, but c’mon glasses can’t be all that confusing!
    Check out this video of Henry Cavill, hilariously hiding in plain sight.

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