When Destination is in the Mood for Bafarat

This time we decided to skip the typical breakfast that consists of eggs and foul and what not and have a serene breakfast with coffee and good music. This is why we headed to Bafarat.

The place gives off a really chill vibe with cool music and good service. An assortment of organic tea is available as well as food including sandwiches, croissants and cakes.

Goes without saying, we had several coffee variations.

Arabic coffee with cardamom and cloves: Very flavorful and gives off the traditional essence that Arabic coffee is all about.

Arabic coffee with saffron: A hint of color and a whole lot of taste!


Pistachio cake: We love the way this dessert looks; it cheered us up.


Lotus Cheesecake: The fluffy texture mingled with the crumbliness of the biscuit is off the chart.


Kunafa: What better way to get you ready for the Ramadan spirit?


If you’re looking to enjoy some good coffee (be it Arabic or any other type), then Bafarat should definitely be on top of your list.

Location: Al Khaldia Dist.


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