Azure: A Spanish Culinary Journey Newly Launched at Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya

The launch of an authentic Spanish dining experience in the heart of the city with Ramon Cantos, the Spanish Chef de Cuisine.

Hyatt Regency Riyadh Olaya has launched a new Spanish restaurant called Azure.  The menu is mainly comprised of exquisite, heartwarming, and traditionally-inspired Southern Spanish cuisine, mainly focused on premium seafood prepared using Spanish spices and recipes, creating the ideal venue for locals and guests looking to enjoy a culturally rich journey through Spain.


The restaurant’s culinary team, led by newly recruited Spanish Chef Ramon Cantos, created the menu whilst being inspired by Southern Spanish culture and the tradition of Chef Ramon’s home country.  He curated the à la carte menu using the best Saudi and Spanish ingredients; it features rice specialties like seafood paella, slow-cooked octopus, grilled tomahawk, and a colorful and tantalizing fiesta of tapas. The desserts, like rice pudding, torrijas, and churros, are original recipes handed down from Chef Ramon’s grandmother, giving Azure a home-style touch.


The restaurant’s ambiance is inspired by the tropical weather and hues of the Southern coast of Spain, and the décor closely resembles an authentic Spanish dining experience at a seaside restaurant.

Ramon Cantos, Chef de Cuisine at Azure, said: “We created Azure to allow diners in the city to indulge in a home-style Spanish experience that is inspired by generations-old recipes.  Alongside the perfectly paired signature mocktails and drinks, the culturally-rich menu is a testament to our commitment to deliver a memorable culinary journey de España.”

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