Aviation Zone: Ever Wondered What it Feels like to Fly?

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By Mona Sabr

Have you ever wondered how it feels to fly a plane? Well now, in the Eastern Province, you can!

I took a field trip to Al Rashid Mall to try out the Aviation Zone flight simulator. The simulator is located near Gate 6 on the second floor (beside Paris Gallery).  Mr. Abdullah Alzahrani founded Aviation Zone with the vision of enhancing the aviation culture in the Middle East through education and full-motion experience.

Once you step into the simulator, you are shown all the aspects of the cockpit and run through all the steps that will be taken throughout the flight. You experience how it would feel to be a pilot of a Cessna 172 glass cockpit through testing your aptitude and practice flying skills in different scenarios. You are given the opportunity to experience how it feels like to be inside a real cockpit in different airports all around the world in various weather conditions. The simulator was very educational and a great experience.  There is currently a flying challenge competition where there are three rounds and participants must pass all three to win prizes.

Make sure to pass by and try out the flight simulator. It is an experience you do not want to miss out on!

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