Soulful Sounds with Belle (the singer) 

One of Jeddah’s amazing local talents goes by the name of Belle.

What inspired you to start singing?
“The mother of all questions! Growing up, my house was always filled with music. My dad is a musician. I was exposed to music from a very early age. It was a great time to get my accent up and check.”

Talk about your influences:
Always a nineties kid so a lot of boy bands. So you’re talking Backstreet Boys, Blue, Westlife and then the cliché Britney Spears. All this got me singing and I’ve been singing for a very long time.

Performing though is something very new to me. I was very shy with my performances when I was younger and until recently I have never felt comfortable with my signing for audiences.

Singing and performing came gradually yet there was a moment, a spark as well. It was continuous practice and persistence that grew my confidence. Then I saw all these people my age reaching fame and stardom and doing what they do so passionately. Seeing that I thought to myself, I should do that too. I saw that at that time, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers all just came out and I thought to myself that I am the exact same age and I have talent, I can do it!

Being a female singer in Saudi:
Some people might think this step is not very good or acceptable in our society. But I don’t think I am doing anything wrong or something promiscuous.

After performing, the feedback is always so positive and I see so much encouragement from everyone.

Who are you listening to right now?

  • Jenny Aioko

  • Beyonce

  • Dre

  • Usher

Local musical scene is booming and it’s on fire. I am in the midst of it, the music scene is small enough so we all know each other and big enough that it is versatile.

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Travel Agencies: Plan It Better

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Anantara Hotels in Maldives

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All the above rates include the following perks:

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Al Tayyar offers unique tour programs and travel services with an objective to serve the diverse needs of global customers.

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Places: Boracay
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Sri Lanka

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Starting Price: SR 3,250 per person / Twin Sharing Room

Note: Airfares are not included in above prices.

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Art Jameel: Reviving Islamic Traditional Art & Design

House of Traditional Arts (HTA) is a collaboration between Art Jameel and The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London. It teaches and is simultaneously trying to preserve the methods and skills of local arts and crafts while gaining inspiration from Al Balad. Since September, they have been offering free short courses to the public.

Some of the foundational concepts of traditional art include geometry, pattern and symmetry. HTA aims to establish a community of cultural understanding so that knowledge about traditional arts and crafts can spread. Courses are taught by tutors from the london-based The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts’s , a local team of PSTA alumni and local masters.

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts originated as a department at the Royal College of Art.  The School’s courses emphasize the importance of integrating the theoretical study of the traditional arts with their practical applications.

This year, HTA is announcing a year long diploma with modules covering traditional and Islamic art; the diploma will be combining traditional arts with the contemporary.

Main modules covered through short courses:


  • Introduction to the Art of Mangour: Geometry and Craft

“Mangour” is an Arabic architectural element made of wooden lattice work. When crafted, the Mangour creates a net-like pattern between spaces. The beauty behind this architectural element is separation without isolation. The Mangour manifest itself in the Roshan, as an integral feature  of Hejazi architecture, which can be seen commonly in Al Balad, the old town of Jeddah.

  • The language of Nabati: Design and compositions

This module focuses on the formal Ottoman tradition of Islimi (lines, design and colour techniques) and moves onto the exploration of patterns and designs found in the Old City of Jeddah.

  •  Introduction to Geometry and Gypsum Carving / Islamic patterns  

Gain a solid understanding of the key principles that underlie the language of traditional Islamic geometry. Build a portfolio of beautiful patterns that unfold through the drawing of proportionally related circles, by using a compass and a ruler to accomplish drawings of various degrees of complexity. Patterns are explored further through color composition. Through practical learning; experience geometry as a contemplative discipline that nourishes the arts.

  • Introduction to Decorative Painting Techniques

This 4-week workshop delves into the profound beauty inherent in color by finding out all about its symbolic meaning and making paints from pure pigments according to traditional methods.

Diploma Core program: 
  • Geometry module
  • Ceramics module
  • Nabati module
  • Methods and materials
  • Color studies module
  • Woodwork
  • Gypsum module
  • Design module

Find out more about the courses and programs offered by emailing:

Email icon instagram



Jeddah: Parks for Days, Walkways for Miles

Over the years, Jeddah has made huge leaps in its development. Where there were empty lots, parks and walkways stand.

If you love spending time outdoors and discovering more of your city, here are some places where you can start:


Find out more about the walkways in Jeddah, in my friend’s article HERE.


During 2009- 2010, Friends of Jeddah Parks in collaboration with Jeddah Municipality and a few other organizations started an initiative to build 100 parks in 100 days, a garden per week at an average.

With the attendance of Eng. Ibrahim Bin Khalil Kutobkhanah, Deputy Mayor for Reconstructions & Projects and Dr. Bahjat Bin Hamou, General Manager, Gardens, Landscaping and Municipal Utilities, the opening of Al Nawras Park ceremony was celebrated on Wednesday 18th November 2009.

These are a few of the very well known, if not all the parks around town:

Amira Park for Ladies and kids:

This park is managed by Friends of Jeddah Parks and they frequently hold a variety of activities there. The aim is to provide the locals in the district, with a place to grow and connect as a community. My Library Jeddah recently opened a reading van program there; six local girls were taught reading skills and they in turn are teaching the district kids to read through a set program. Read more about it here.

Rawdah Park: 

This secluded park right behind Rawdah Street is the perfect barbecue spot. It offers privacy and quite a bit of ground to run around and have fun.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.32.32 AM

Corniche Parks:

There are a number of parks on the Corniche. One on Andalus, it is quite small and new. The design is quite unique; shade umbrellas and seating areas.

Then there’s a huge expanse of land while coming back on Andalus Road. It’s near the Lanterns’ roundabout. You see a lot of families there on the weekend, chilling and the kids playing on swings and slides and rocks to climb.


With all the developments happening, there’s a plan to have a park in every district.



Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to explore numerous areas of a park in a relatively short time.

You can also take a walk with a partner or even alone, collect fallen leaves and twigs and create a nature mandala. It’s fun yet meditative.


Classic Park Activities:

It’s always good to go out and have fun whether it’s with friends or with family. I remember running to swings and slides and monkey bars when we used to go out on the weekends. I still love the giddy feeling of going down a slide. These activities shouldn’t have to stop once you’re older.


Build Something Together

There is a strong sense of connection and fulfillment when you build something together. Next time you go to a park, try having a group activity where you can either build up-cycled bird feeders or houses for them. You can also try and revamp an old derelict park with your local community.


Challenges & Obstacle Courses:

Break up into teams for a relay race. Designate age groups for foot or bicycle races. Bring a few simple props and set up your own family field day. Here are some examples:

  • Hula-hoops or jump ropes for an endurance challenge
  • Eggs and spoons for a balance-testing relay challenge
  • Plastic cups and water for a balancing-on-the-head race challenge
  • Rope for tug-of-war and three-legged race



Remember to leave only footprints (not muddy ones). Remember to be mindful of your surroundings, other people who use the facilities and places, and of your environment. It’s the only way to give back to your community and city: being mindful.

To know more about parks near your place click here


Earth Hour: Your Voice Has Never Been More Important.

The consumption of fossil fuels at a rapid pace in the last few decades has taken a toll on the environment.Global warming, climate change, deforestation, landfills, air, water and soil pollution, are some of the problems from which our environment is suffering.


You come from Earth and to it you belong. Earth Hour belongs to you. Celebrate your commitment to the planet with your friendsfamilycommunity or at work – in your own way. A simple event can be just turning off all non-essential lights from 8.30 pm – 9:30 pm.

For one hour, focus on your commitment to our planet for the rest of this year. To celebrate, you can have a candle-lit dinner, talk to your neighbors, stargaze, go camping, play board games, have a concert, screen an environmental documentary post the hour, create or join a community event – the possibilities are endless. Have an event idea? Some initiatives that have been done:


  • Uganda: The planting of half a million trees in order to protest the deforestation of ecosystems across the globe.


  • Russia: Pushing a bill through congress with over 120,000 signatures, which focuses in on protecting the country’s seas from oil pollution.


  • Argentina: 3.4 million hectares of sea is being protected, raising the percentage of sea protection from 1 percent to 4 percent – a huge leap for the country.

In 2010, Jeddah joined the list of countries that participate in this annual event.

“The Jeddah Municipality will join the cities of the globe on Saturday in the universal event, Earth Hour, where people of the Earth will unite to protect the planet by switching off the lights for a whole 60 minutes.”  — Arab News

As the world stands at a climate crossroads, it is powerful yet humbling to think that our actions today will decide what tomorrow will look like for generations to come.

To do your part, join us in shining a light on climate action by donating your social power.


How To Stargaze Like A Pro

Stargazing is the perfect hobby for anyone who’s looked up at the night sky and marveled at the wonder above.


  • Clear, dry night with a subtle breeze
  • Moon-less night is you want to avoid the glare of the moonlight for your telescope
  • Moon-full night if that’s a part of your stargazing experience
    You can check whether the conditions are good for stargazing here: Weather Update


  • Suburbs or small cities
  • Rural areas without lights
  • Outskirts of the city like Moon Valley, Bahra Desert etc.

Things needed/Preps:

  • Warm clothes: A jacket, cardigan, long pants, long sleeved shirt, and layers depending on the night temperature.
  • Flashlight
  • Bug Repellant
  • Observation Furniture: Folding/Reclining Chair, Picnic Rug, Blanket
  • Backpack
  • Equipment:
    • Binoculars and Telescope: Available at Toys R Us and Online Saudi Souq
    • Compass
    • Star Chart/Map
    • Camera
    • Snacks and Drinks

Whom To Go With:

Identifying constellations and clusters in the night sky can be a rewarding yet humbling experience. Apart from a dark night sky (far from city lights), a sky map might prove useful and for extra visual aide, a pair of binoculars and/or a telescope.


Here is where you can download a Skymap

Sky guide apps are also useful and full of informative stuff about outer space. One of the best sky guide apps is Skyguide, which is available to download for both iOS and Android. Sky Guide functions without a Wi-Fi, data, or GPS signal. In the classroom, camping or overseas, everything is always at your fingertips. If you want to learn day, Sky Guide is the best app to do it with.

The planets are a favorite among stargazers.  The two planets closer to the sun, Mercury and Venus, appear bright and fast moving in the sky.  You’ll usually see them around sunrise or sunset.

Recognizing different stars takes some training. Try to become familiar with one group of stars at a time. One group easy to identify is Orion due to its unique shape. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Scorpion is also another group that’s easy to familiarize yourself with.

Look Out For:

May 14 – International Astronomy Day.

An annual event intended to provide a means of interaction between the general public and various astronomy enthusiasts, groups and professionals. The theme of Astronomy Day is “Bringing Astronomy to the People,” and on this day astronomy and stargazing clubs and other organizations around the world will plan special events.


How to develop your skills with Suplift

Suplift: Learn new skills from experts in your city.

Based in Jeddah, Suplift was founded by Fadi Yahya, whose mission is to help one million people make sustainable income by 2020 by creating innovative online marketplaces. The name Suplift itself suggests, “uplifting” each other.

Suplift is a startup seed incubated at the Startups Catalyst. Startups Catalyst is easily described as a private startups incubator. When they grow, they become standalone startups.


They now have two seeds:

  • Montaj: an online and offline training course with an online ecosystem that helps people turn their ideas into products.
  • Suplift: an online marketplace that matches people who want to learn skills with experts who give face-to-face classes.

How does it work?

There are two ways Suplift works.

First, a learner submits a class request on the website and an expert in the skill is assigned to that class.

Second, a class is advertised and people request that class on the Suplift platform by including the class code in their request.

Suplift also allows coaches to easily create and schedule their classes, accept payments and communicate with learners. All submissions are reviewed before being published on the platform. In addition, Suplift also helps the coaches in designing and marketing their classes to ensure good quality of classes.


We have built a simple website with an easy UX and we will develop it along the way. Our biggest asset is the community. As we are building this platform, we are thinking of it as a community of people who want to find more interesting things to do in their cities. I believe that learning a new skill with a coach can bring a lot of joy to someone’s life. Thus, our startup is built around core values that put the benefit of the coach and learner first. Fadi Yahya

The Suplift launch event on 9th February took place at Nawa Space, a community‐oriented space that aims at enriching the well‐being of people in Jeddah.

Suplift team interviews all the coaches in‐person to ensure that they meet all the criterion set internally for a coach, as well as, fit the culture of Suplift and its standards. Suplift coaches are skillful and passionate about teaching their skills to new learners.


The featured coaches during the launch event were:

  • Khaled Alfaydi Become a Home Barista
  • Diyala Azzony Learn How to Play the Guitar
  • Shame Malaika Dive and Explore the Underwater World ‐ Female Only
  • Houssam Jameel Keep Calm and Learn Tai Chi
  • Jode Learn Roller‐Skating with a pro
  • Alaa El Nizri Speak with confidence
  • Raman Aldrees Learn How to Play The Piano ‐ Female Only
  • Sultan Alyazeedi Blogging as a habit
  • Hanaa Sabban Have fun and learn Zumba ‐ Female Only
  • Fadi Yahya Attract the right opportunities is now available for people in Jeddah only. Those interested in using Suplift must become a member on


JISH: A Voice That Must Be Heard

JISH on raising awareness for those with communication disabilities.

Established in 1991, Sultana Alireza and Waleed Zahed co-founded Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing (JISH), the first freestanding specialty clinic in the Gulf region. We explore their mission and the subsequent journey they have embarked on to guarantee communication disabilities’ sufferers have access to quality services regardless of their economic situation.

Zahid and Alireza recruited two highly respected professors in communication disorders and speech sciences from the USA to help them set up and operate the institute according to the standards set by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). Over the years, Alireza worked closely with the couple to learn how to run such the Institute.


Setting the Bar

Board certification was necessary to work independently as a therapist, and at the time none were available in the Kingdom, so Alireza and her husband set out to create their own. A contract was signed with the University of California, San Jose. “It took us four years and in that time we graduated 13 people with Masters degrees. That was the first group of many JISH scholars that were to follow over the past 25 years.”


Professional Development: Teaching and Training

The institute is by default a training and teaching center as well as a clinic and research center. Several senior staff members are also associate professors at Dar Al Hekma University; they helped found their SSLH (Speech Sciences Language and Hearing Division), which still runs strong.

“We provide symposiums accredited by the Saudi commission for specialties by the Ministry of Health so when you receive training during our conferences, you can get continuing education units.”

Charities and Non-Profit

Being a non-profit organization, their well-received Patients’ Sponsorship Fund only subsidizes for families in need. In the past, they had an initiative with the Amal School for The Deaf where teachers were trained to provide services, which ran until they became self-sufficient.



JISH supports the work and standards set by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in an effort to improve the quality of clinical practice in the Kingdom. One of their initiatives is lobbying with SSSPA (Saudi Society Speech Pathology and Andrology Association) to expand services and make them accessible through insurance companies.

“We need more graduate programs in KSA, because then we begin to do research on a much broader scale. Material is developed in Arabic because there are no diagnostic or therapy materials specific to the fields in Arabic language.”

Reaching New Horizons

“Our heart is set to expand our services to the rural areas.” JISH has produced 50 clinicians over the past 25 years – a great feat. The aim is to continue providing educational opportunities.



Autism Services and Applied Behavior Analysis

The ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) clinic is the first of its kind, founded about seven years ago. It is about to undergo a complete restructuring again as JISH has signed an affiliation agreement with the world re-known scientist and researcher Dr. Vincent Carbone, NYC, USA. Dr. Carbone follows the Verbal Behavior model of treatment which focuses on research and evidence based treatment.

Early Intervention Division

The JISH Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a language-based intensive service for toddlers with language delay. “Typically we would get 30 children; 20 percent of them spend six months here and then school. Often it’s the lack of stimulation at home. Children should not watch television or be exposed to electronic devices under the age of two. It’s all about human contact and socialization that encourages them to develop their language.” Human contact and socialization is the most important factor in language and social development in babies and toddlers. JISH is also affiliated to Hanen as a training center for parents, providing intensive training to parents.


Message: Public Awareness

“It’s crucial that the moment a mother feels anxious about her child’s language or development, she doesn’t wait. There may be a delay in language and eventually they do speak even without intervention, but the longer they take the more it impacts learning. If I have any message it is that early detection leads to early intervention and saves time.”



The theme for this year’s art week was Earth And Ever After. The annual art exhibition started off at Gold Moor (Shataee District) which showcased several renown artists works as well as a few emerging artists. The whole theme revolved around how we can be kinder to our mother Earth.

Opening-ArtGallary-19-1200x800Earth And Ever After

Curated by: Mona Khazindar & Hamza Serafi

“The Earth is the collective memory that is bound to our subconscious. She is a reflection of ourselves, manifesting herself as a constant flow of images that teem with scent, taste and color.”


Many of the pieces were recycled or upcycled. As you walk in, you are greeted by Pascal Marthine Tayou’s Clouds suspended above Ayman Yossri Daydban’s formation installation. Daydban’s work focused on these essential questions:

“How does earth retain its eternal memory as an absolute truth without even having an image? How can a handful of soil simply become an immortal, eternal and invincible soul in an imaginary body with no image or form? How can the past become the present, the future, and an eternity as though it were one solid entity that doesn’t end or wither away?” His work speaks of historical, political and deeply personal issues. In the piece exhibited at Earth And Ever After, he created a circular cave of sacks made of Umrah garments filled with sand from Makkah.

The exhibition was partitioned into 4 sections: Earthly Heritage, Lay of The Land, Beautiful Earth and Ever After.
These are some of the highlights of the exhibition.

Earthly Heritage:

Works of prominent artists reminded us of our roots and earthly heritage here. A huge expanse of cave painting style work was displayed on paper in acrylic and pen on a wall. This was done by Ola Hejazi and was titled, Life & Survival.

“Between the Beginning and the End lies love, conflict, war, and peace. The secret of the human is to survive these.”

Then Madeha Al Ajroush’s work on prehistoric rock art in Najran. It explored the relationship between humans and landscape: prehistorically humans used the landscape and rocks to communicate by drawing human figures and animals.

A collective artwork adorned the far side wall and was labeled “Al Ghat” which s an expression of an art arisen out of the villagers feelings, enthusiasm and deep passion for fields of wheat, plains and valleys. It is the expression of ardor between purity of spirit and generosity of harvest. It was supervised by Artist Fatimah Faya’a with participating Artists: Fozya Mohammad, Salha Yahya, Habiba Mohammad, Seham Youssef, Shareefa Mohammad.


One of the most notable works was titled “Sidelines” by Manal Al Dowayan.

It is a hand woven Sedu made of wool and cotton thread on a metal frame, 2015. This project focuses on a social group on the brink of disappearance. Women who work in crafts in the various regions of Saudi Arabia today face extreme poverty and societal exclusion. These artisans in one generation have been pushed from the center to the sidelines of their communities. This artwork is hand made by beduin women. The weave was never completed and unravels at the bottom and remains hanging in piles of thread. The shape is also of an unraveling circle, a representation of the idea Sidelines.
Opening-ArtGallary-16-1200x800Lay of The Land:

This part of the exhibition focused on the geography of earth.

In “Earth and Ever After”, the artists’ interpretations of mapping the world are connected more to the interior realm of the mind than to the exterior realm of the world.Aya Alireza

Suha Shoman’s ‘Bayaritna’ is a work inspired by the love and loss of her father’s land which was in her family for many generations.

Plotting Table by Mona Hatoum

Plotting Table, is a table-top with hundreds of holes drilled through and illuminated by green fluorescent light from beneath, which reveal very well Hatoum’s earlier interests in nationalist troopes and reflections on boundaries and identities.

Here is Damascus by Boutrous Al Maari

In this work, Boutrous tries to document his interpretation of the world by jotting down all his thoughts and reflections that remind him of his home city, Damascus. From the names of its streets, neighborhoods, markets and archeological artifacts to simple private places like restaurants, coffee shops and gardens that have surrounded him as he has grown up. In addition to these larger headlines, he has written down names of famous men in Damascus such as authors, thinkers, fine artists, politicians, including Kerd Ali, Zakariya Tamer, Karkoutly, Kaliea, Yusuf Al-Adama. The work represents some sort of nostalgia to the city he fears to lose through oblivion; a memory on canvas.

Beautiful Earth

HANGING by Dalal Ibrahim Jaroudi


The leaf is a metaphor here as it changes from its confined environment with one spark of imagination, expanding into a wider horizon. The tree leaf falls for two reasons, either because its virtual life has expired or because someone has deliberately plucked it off. We are all like leaves born to live a certain amount of time where we acquire our individuality from creation.

Kaleidoscope of Life

Saudi artist Rashed AlShashai utilizes found objects and appropriated imagery as a conceptual means of identifying the signs of the everyday, creating what he describes as a ‘semantic field’ through which philosophical questions, primarily the purpose of human existence and the functions of society, can be explored.

The Ever After


“B” is the initial letter par excellence, because it opens the basmala (In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful), the formula with which all the Suras of the Qur’an.

ANOTHER PLANET by Mohammed Abdel Rassoul

The artist created another planet that has it’s own life and creatures, that are related to it , using a preserved memory from the features of the Earth and it’s soil.

THE OTHER by Zaman Jassim

This idea is based on the satellite dish. I was at a large building one day when I saw this large collection of satellite dishes. I realized how much we differ in our gathering of information and knowledge. These dishes remind us of how we grew up and alert us to the effects of education and data that we first absorb at home, and then from the society we live in. Every home and environment are regarded as incubators where ideologies are fed. They soon become a way of life with convictions that differ from the others.


These and many other art works are waiting to be appreciated at Gold Moor: 21, 39 Exhibition Space.


Aytamuna 13: Years Of Giving

Aytamuna is an annual festival hosted by The Taif Orphanage and a few other local charities. Founder of Aytamona is Hanan Alnowaiser who is also the president of Aytam Altaif Orphanage Organization.

Children’s activities are held over an expanse of land. This year broke all of the previous events’ records in terms of location as well as the participating local initiatives. Media played a big role in reaching even a wider audience this year. A lot of major initiatives helped out in any way they could to make this event a success. One thing that set this event apart from all past Aytamona fairs was that the International Diabetes Care Center provided free blood sugar tests along with machines to the participants. Medd Cafe, was also a participant, providing everyone with artisan coffee. This is the biggest kids’ fair in the kingdom to date.

Mawakib Al Ajr, the second-hand charity shop in Jeddah, was a huge sponsor. The organization also falls under the umbrella of Aytam Altaif Orphanage Organization.

We found the fair equally enjoyable for adults along with kids. The pleasant weather contributed to the overall great vibe. Many of the volunteers were students who had set up stalls and stations; they mentioned how they enjoyed taking part in the fair every year. This year, the space was divided into various entertainment segments.

Outdoor Themed Activities: 

Jungle theme:

Songs and tracks from The Lion King and other jungle tunes led the way towards a jungle gym, an obstacle course, wall painting and many other games.

Ocean blue:

Kids were encouraged to collect healthy food during one of the games. The entire section was set up with different sea activities; a pool with rowing boats, fishing games, a sand pit with a beach theme.

Arts & Crafts 

The main ground area was dedicated to kids’ crafts and activities which included upcycling collages, mixed media art, making magnets and perfumed creams along with many other creations.

Young film enthusiasts were also encouraged to create their own stop-motion animation creations through @aytamona_films.

Kids were enthusiastic about planting their own flowers and taking them along with them.

Then there were bouncy castles and slides for kids, supervised by volunteers at all times.

Guest children and orphans all played together.

All proceeds and profits from Aytamona events go to Aytam Altaif Orphanage Organization.

Photography: @mokophotography by Mokhtar Chahine

Instagram: @Aytamona

Twitter @Aytam_altaif⁠⁠⁠⁠