And they’re making a tremendous difference.

YouTube is a platform where everyone can express themselves. When it comes to expression, Arabs are not far behind. Between billions of YouTubers, Arabs have managed to shine through. With the perfect combination of a great sense of humor, quick-witted intelligence and coolness, these YouTubers are constantly winning hearts of thousands of subscribers daily.

Here are some of the Arabs you just can’t miss this 2017:

Karim Metwaly

youtuber_Karim Metwaly

Karim is popularly known by his channel name, “AreWeFamousNow”. Before getting fame, Karim Metwaly had a hard time making friends in school, as he thought of himself to be the ‘nerdy type’ back then. Shocking isn’t it? Now, he is known for his caring, loving and peaceful nature, especially towards the world and his haters. He creates a variety of videos and all of them are comedic, inspirational and motivational. You’ll see plenty of social experiments on his channel through which he wishes to bring a good change in the world. Karim now has around 1.2 million followers on YouTube.

He assures to bring a smile to your face through his channel:

Are We KuKu Now  Are We Famous Now

Yousef Erakat


You must’ve heard of FouseyTube and Dose of Fousey. This American YouTuber’s parents are of Palestinian origin. It was his Middle Eastern videos that brought him instant popularity. His videos are mainly pranks, parodies, comical sketches, daily vlogs and sometimes, his songs (yes, he raps)! What most people don’t know is that in 2012, he got ranked at the third position on the list of “40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40” by MBMuslima Magazine and in 2016, he won 6th Streamy Awards’ entertainer of the year! He has around 9.2 million followers on his YouTube channel “Fousey Tube” and about 3.9 million on Dose of Fousey.

Check him out on: FouseyTube and Dose of Fousey

Adam Saleh

Screen Shot 1438-05-12 at 10

“What’s up Adoomy Gang? I hope you’re having an amazing day because I am having an amazing day, so if I am having an amazing day, you all should be having an amazing, happy day!”

Adam Saleh is one of the best known Muslim YouTubers out there. He’s an American with Yemini roots. He is the most well-known prankster on YouTube. Besides playing pranks on his family and friends, he also raps (one of the most popular song of his happens to be ‘Tears’ – a song ft. Zack Knight) and conducts various social experiments. He has about 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Enjoy his hilarious vlogs on: ASA vlogs

Hayla Ghazal


This Dubai based Syrian YouTuber is out on a mission to help the world! She started with motivational videos and went on to follow her dream of being a lifestyle and beauty guru on her brilliant YouTube channel, “Hayla TV”! Her determination and hard-work eventually led towards her ever growing popularity. She now has around 2.6 million followers! She also started her own bridal and evening gown fashion line called, ‘Hayla Couture’. Did I forget to mention that she is a part of the group of millennial influencers fighting for gender equality as a part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals? I guess I did.

Don’t miss her: Hayla TV

Njoud Al-Shammari


Talking about Arab bloggers, this lady hailing from KSA happens to be the most influential lifestyle bloggers in Middle East, with around 900k subscribers and over 53 million views. She is all about beauty, lifestyle and comedy. Her advices are usually in the form of light hearted jokes. She is a lot of fun to watch, too. She has come a long way from hate attacks and now aspires young YouTubers to invest in what they love and do the best, while simultaneously being inventive and creative!

Watch this inspiring lady right away:

I think I have said enough, it’s time you learn more about them through their entertaining YouTube channels.


Winter Fashion Runway Looks You Can Totally Personalize & Own Being In Riyadh

winter runway Collage

Searching for style inspiration? OOTD for the winters? Designers have sorted out your winter closet for you… Affordable outfits inspired by the runway!

“Winter is Coming.”

Thanks for the warning, Game of Thrones. *major eye roll*

Reality check: Winter is already here in Riyadh and by the looks of it, seems like it’s about to stay longer than usual! *Ugh*

Calling all Mango and Zara shopaholics! We have got the most amazing, spectacular and stunning winter fashion looks, hot from the Winter Fashion Show 2016-2017 runways. These runway looks are available online and in stores (how convenient, right?). Also, these outfits will not make a hole in your pocket, either.

Here’s winter spelled out for you, by the designers. Have a look:

1) Turtlenecks

turtle necks Collage

This winter fashion 2016-2017 approved look by Tory Burch is taking over like a wild fire and is keeping ladies warm, all around the world! Turtlenecks can be worn in a classic way, paired with your favorite jeans, très chic with leather biker leggings and jacket or under your summer dresses to double up your winter wardrobe. Besides, there are plenty new styles turtlenecks are available in, like cropped tops, dresses, tees and even as sweatshirts.

Where to buy?

Mango:  Satin Turtleneck Blouse 

Price: SR 299

Zara:  Turtleneck t-shirt 

Price: SR 35 (On Sale)

2) Statement Coat

coat Collage

Tommy Hilfiger showcased how important a striking coat is. Whether it’s a midi coat or a maxi, cashmere or wool, red or black; every lady requires a signature style statement coat to wear to look chic and amazing during the windows, without looking like they tried too hard. When paired with your favorite jeans and tee, the coat will make you look simple, sophisticated and elegant. Besides, it keeps you warm and toasty.

Where to buy the trending coats?

Zara:  Striped Over Shirt

Price: SR 169 (On Sale)

3) Blanket Wrap Scarf

scarf Collage

Chanel came up with a cure for the days when you don’t feel like letting go of your snuggly comforter / blanket. A blanket wrap scarf or a chunky scarf will satisfy your love of wrapping a huge snuggly blanket around you and provide you with a sense of comfort through the day. You wouldn’t want to let go of this one until bikini season. It’s an addictive accessory and it never gets old.

Where to get affordable pretty scarves?

Mango:  Check Scarf

Price: SR 99

Zara: Double-Faced Square Scarf

Price: SR 59 (On Sale)

4) Leggings

leggings1 Collage

During the Winter Fashion Show 2016-2017, Phoebe Philo Celine introduced leggings for a cozy and chic look this winters. She also showcased how elegant, easy and comfortable they looked when paired with dresses, skirts, tees and jackets. You don’t need to be Kim Kardashian or Karlie Kloss to rock a pair of these! (Oh, and in case you didn’t know, leggings are so totally affordable… even if you’re living on a budget) *wink*

Where to get the chicest pair of leggings?

Mango: Faux Suede Leggings

Price: SR 39

Zara: Body Shaping Biker Leggings

Price: SR 35 (On Sale)

5) Platform Boots

boots Collage

Spike up your winters with something more than the regular boots, something with an edge and the oomph factor. Platform boots are approved by fashion designers from around the world during the winter 2016-2017 fashion shows. Stick to the mantra, ‘high and dry’ ladies and put on your tiger print or leather platform boots to help you get through the winters… in style.

Where to buy flaunt-worth boots?

Mango: Platform Leather Ankle Boots

Price: SR 129

Zara: Embroidered Detail Ankle Boots

Price: SR 479

Let’s relish the winters this year. *wink*


We’ve Lined-up 5 Powerful Arab Fashion & Beauty Bloggers!

Powerful Arab Fashion & Beauty Bloggers

They have inspired the world. (No kidding!)

Gone are the days when people were glued to their PC screens, watching the lush Europeans and Americans teach the world makeup techniques that’ll make them look like princesses. The tables have turned. The fashion and beauty industry is being defined by Middle Eastern standards these days: exotic, bold and beautiful.

We have picked out some of the most influential bloggers from YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, who are slaying for a living!

Here are some of the Arabs fashion and beauty bloggers you just can’t miss in 2017:

Huda Beauty

huda beauty blogger

Huda Kattan popularly goes by, ‘Huda Beauty’. Having the roots in Iraq, being trained in Hollywood and continuing her career in Dubai, this lady has taken the world by storm! She breaks down the beauty tricks into simple DIY videos. Besides being a beauty queen, she is one of the highly loved entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. Ask any girl whose lashes she has on and you’ll hear two words: Huda Beauty. We are obsessed!

Catch her on,

  • realhudabeauty

Dalal AlDoub

dalal fashion blogger

She is a Kuwait based YouTuber. For her followers, she is popularly known as ‘Dalalid’. Her specialty: all things that fall under fashion, beauty and skin care. To ease life for her followers, she provides them with honest reviews and product hauls. No matter what the weather, this hijabi likes to keep it classy.

Check her out on,

  • Dalalid 

Saudi Trends

Fierce, fabulosity and fashion. These three words define the lives of three sisters who are running this amazing blog. Living a life in both, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Al-Khobar, these sisters prove that no matter where you live and how modest you are, you can lead a stylish life. Their Instagram feed is no less than a high-end fashion magazine. They like to maintain their anonymity by hiding their face in their blogs, to emphasize of the fact that, it’s not the celebrity that matters when it comes to fashion, it’s the style!

Wander into their sophisticated world on

Fouz AlFahad

fouz blogger

This Kuwaiti based makeup artist knows how to skillfully play with various makeup palettes! She knows her way with lips, eyes, face and even hair. Her tips can make bad hair day go good. Her luscious hair has made everyone curious on how she maintained them despite living in such a dry place, which made her reveal her secret recipe for a shampoo that she makes at home! She has also worked with famous celebrities like Khloe Kardashian and Jen Atkin.

Don’t miss her;

  • ffoouuzz

Dina Tokio

Dina Tokio Blogger

Talking about Arab bloggers, Dina Torkia (originally from Egypt; now living in London) happens to be the most influential (and fun) lifestyle and beauty bloggers, not only in the Middle East, but all around the world. Besides being a blogger, she’s also happens to be a great fashion designer. Her fashion blog “Days of Dolls” is filled with amazing photographs of her in modest, chic and modern clothing, all of which is designed by her. She states that she dresses up in a way to represent herself and religion. She wants to show the world that one can look amazing and wear a hijab.

Watch this inspiring lady right away on

  • dinatokio

It’s time for you to check these wonderful ladies for yourself. They won’t disappoint you


Battle the Winter Harshness of Riyadh with These Drugstore Swaps

Photo Credits: womenshealthmag

Gone are those frosty days when your lips are chapped and your skin loses its luster. It’s time to swap your daily makeup with winter friendly drugstore products, which you can afford easily!

With the temperature dropping almost instantaneously, no one really has the time to navigate the shelves of every store in search of beauty products that’ll protect their hair, lips and skin from the bitter coldness of the weather. To help you ease your load, we have created a list of exceptional drugstore beauty essentials that are classic, trusted and used by citizens of the world. Fortunately, these products are easily available and are pocket-friendly, too!

1. Baby Lips – Maybelline New York


Many lipsticks brands promise long lasting color and moisturizing properties. Though, by mid-afternoon, your lips start feeling dry, chapped and the lipstick color fades away. Maybelline New York’s Baby Lips is exclusively created for your lips’ winter care. With this lip balm, you can achieve up to eight hour hydration and intense lip repair. They also come in various colors that are both subtle and vibrant. A color to suit every personality!

2. OGX – Coconut Milk Shampoo

OGX_coconut milk

Organic coconut milk, essential coconut oil and ultra whipped egg white proteins available in this shampoo will battle against the winter frizz and dryness. It helps you keep your hair feathery soft, nourishes, repairs damage and also allows you control their unruliness. Additionally, the smell of fresh and tender coconut will intoxicate your senses and transport you to a beach in Brazil. Let the smell of summer keep you going this winter. A multipurpose shampoo, indeed!

3. St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Ives_Apricot scrub

One of the most common issues that one faces during the winter is dry, dull and irritated skin. Top that up with makeup and you’ll resemble your last year’s birthday cake. (No one wants that, right?) Say bye to dullness and welcome radiant, soft and smooth skin with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub! It’ll exfoliate, deeply cleanse and leave your skin glowing. Isn’t that a dream come true?

4. Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Nivea cocoa butter

The indoor heating combined with the harsh winter winds leave your skin begging for moisture. Listen to your skin and feed it what it requires. This winter, moisturize your skin with Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, which will hydrate your skin for 24 hours. Besides, you can smell exactly like the hot chocolate that you’re sipping on right now.

5. Olay Essentials Complete Day Cream

olay day cream

Olay is a classic favorite moisturizer that can hydrate, nourish skin with antioxidants and vitamin mineral complex and protect you from UV rays and environmental damage, without leaving a greasy feel on your skin. It’s a light weight formula for your skin, too! Besides, just like Bobbi Brown stated, “before applying foundation, prep your skin with a touch of moisturizer to make sure it’s smooth and hydrated”. Moisturize, girls, moisturize!

(This moisturizer also has a version created specifically for sensitive skin: Olay Essentials Complete Care Sensitive Skin day cream.)

Now you know that you don’t need to create a hole in your wallet for products that will pamper you.