10 Dreadful Back-To-School Memes


Getting up early, finishing homework, studying for finals… all that isn’t the dreadful part of the first day of school. 

If you have already graduated from high school, consider yourself lucky, because you’ll never get the dreadful feeling of returning back to school and all its drama. After a long and comfortable vacation, the thought of school is like a stake through a vampire’s heart (you being the vampire). It’s like drowning in the swimming pool with no escape nearby. It’s similar to standing in a long queue at McDonald’s and finally after giving your order, you realize that you forgot your wallet. It’s insanely grim, awful, horrible… you know what I am trying to say.

Here are memes you can totally relate to if you hate returning back to school. But Vacations Just Started Yesterday

1. But Vacations Just Started Yesterday


When your parents start preparing you for school two weeks well in advance and you’re just like, ‘but, vacations started yesterday.’ You’re left thinking about how the time flew away. What makes it worse is the fact that you still have that ‘holiday reading’ left to do and more than half of your vacation bucket list hasn’t been accomplished. What a shame… How saddening.

2. Dreaming About School During the Break


The last one week of the vacations is filled with back-to-school nightmares, day dreaming about the monotonous homework and scaring yourself with the thought of impending exams. All those thoughts and nightmares end up getting you anxious. You turn nocturnal. The word ‘school’ sends your brain into ‘panic mode’ and stresses you up. You poor soul. 🙁

3. First day clothes vs. last day


On the first day of school, your mom forces you towards being the well-dressed and studious looking student. She takes you shopping for new clothes so that you look new and sharp. Well, the days followed by the first day see the decrease in the amount of thought you have given to your outfit. By the last day of school, you resemble a retard who has just escaped from the mental hospital.

4. The Endless Procrastination, Pain and Tears


A night before the “Big Day,” is a rush of mixed emotions. You are happy about finally meeting your bestie, but those emotions are over powered by the sadness of meeting all the other unwanted kids that you always try to avoid, the endless amounts of homework and exams. This meme is all of us before returning back to school.

5. How Parents Feel About You Going Back To School


The happiest humans about school beginning are the parents. The absolutely seem to love the fact that you aren’t going to be sticking around 24×7 anymore. For them, they can sleep in late, enjoy the peace and quietness of the morning and watch you be miserably loaded with homework (which gives them added hours of peace around the house). They even get to claim the TV remote and assign you on a strict time table.

6. Someone Asks: How Do You Feel About Going Back To School

Photo Credits: BlazePress

Photo Credits: BlazePress

Merciless are those relatives and family friends who happily ask you about your feeling on returning back to school. How can they have no heart? How can they be so excited about something as hectic as school especially when you are trying your best not to let your thoughts linger there? The very thought about school commencing is depressing.

7. And The First Day At School Reminds You Of A Sale At Hush Puppies


Everyone is greeting each other, fist bumps, handshakes, and laughter echoing in the narrow corridor, all eyes on you… OMG. The first day of school after a long vacation is overwhelming. The school looks so crowded with all the new students, the excited students who’ve just vacationed overseas and the creepily perfect popular girls staring at you and your awkwardness. It’s like a sale on Burberry or Hush Puppies, everyone there busy in their own world while suffocating you with their mere presence. *Gag*

8. The Moment You See Your Best Friend


Nothing makes you happier than the time you spot your best friend on the first day. You best friend is your light at the end of the tunnel. He/she is your cloud’s silver lining; they happen to be the hope you’re holding on to and the reason why you make an effort to wake up every morning and go to school. Without them, life and school would have no meaning, because, after all, if they weren’t around, with whom would you share your opinions on the worse outfit of the first day of school?

9. Forgot Everything Previously Learned


Photo Credits: Vitamin-Ha

When you return back to school, you realize that your brain has this unique superpower of picking up everything that you had studied, throwing it in the bin and setting it on flames. Not a bit is remembered or recognized. So, when the teacher asks something from the previous years, you try to make sense out of what you remember. F = MC^2 becomes K = FC^2 b… Because food is life!

10. And When You Get Homework On The First Day


Nothing beats the agony you feel when the teacher assigns homework on the first day. It’s just terribly unthoughtful. After the weeks spend doing nothing, at least the teachers should go easy on your poor souls on the very first day.

May the odds ever be in your favor, reader! *A salute to you my friend!*


10 Mesmerizing Universities That Will Make You Want to Study There


Warning: Already-enrolled-college-students discretion is advised.

‘A university is a place where students study for degrees and research is done.’ 

Well, when we go by the authentic dictionary meaning, it just sounds like a posh jail where you get locked up for four years and you spend hours on assignments and studying for this mentally excruciating thing called exams. That doesn’t mean that your ambience has to be boring. For future prospects: when you select your university/college, make sure that the surroundings excite you, too.

Here are the most beautiful universities that will make you transfer (or wish you studied there):

Berry College – Rome, Georgia

If you’ve watched the Princess Diaries, this college will definitely take you back to Princess Mia’s Genovian palace. It’s noble! The famous ‘House o’ Dreams’ is located on the Berry College campus on the summit of Lavender Mountain. It also has 80 acres of hiking, biking and horseback riding trails. If being surrounded by history and beautiful ancient buildings is your thing, then you definitely should consider studying here (or at least visit the place).

Trinity College – Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College is one of the seven ancient colleges of Britain and Ireland. It is the only constituent college of the University of Dublin. This college drips with heavy history. The most astounding part of this college isn’t its architecture, but, it is its library. The library is so ethereal, that it looks like something out of a Disney movie. Studying in the Emerald Isle with the luck of the Irish isn’t something everyone gets.

University of Glasgow – Scotland

If you haven’t guessed it out by simply looking at the architecture, then you should know that the University of Glasgow is the fourth oldest English-speaking university is the world. It was founded in 1451 and its buildings are a pre-modern design. The campus looks like a palace. Imagining how it must feel living there. Like. A. Queen (or King)!

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology – Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah University portrays the perfect marriage of art and modern technology. It’s like a whole different world within itself. KAUST was ranked as the world’s top university in citations per faculty ranking indicator as per QS World University Rankings for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. The campus ambience screams ‘luxury’. Who wouldn’t want to stay in the most luxuriously-built, wonderful looking and hi-tech modern village?

Flagler College – Florida, USA

Have you heard of a hotel within a college? Well, Flagler College has a hotel within it. The Ponce de León Hotel is a luxury hotel and also happens to be the center piece of attraction of the college. The ambience of this college will make you feel like a royalty. If you don’t believe me, just look at the photos! 

Moscow State University – Moscow, Russia

Did you know that the main building of the Moscow State University is THE HIGHEST skyscraper in Moscow? (It is the highest of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers of Moscow.) The central part is 790 ft. tall; the roof is an additional 597 ft. which is topped with an 187 ft. spire, which finally ends with a 12-ton star. Besides its mesmerizing architecture, it also claims to be the highest educational building in the world! Moscow State University is rated among the universities with the best reputation in the world. Amazing, beautiful and eye-catching, indeed.

University of Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa

The beaches, the sun and the beautiful sun-kissed skin during the four years of university (and not just during spring break) are totally possible at the University of Cape Town. Everyone’s spring break goals can be lived every day at this university. With the Devil’s Peak located in the background, this university seems to have popped out of fictional novels. 

Stanford University – California, USA

If the idea of a huge estate, complete with lakes, greenery and modern technology at the reach of your hand, astounds you, then Stanford University is the place meant for you. Irrespective of the campus, it stands as the #1 university in the USA. Stanford University is often named as the “dream college” for many students, as well as, parents. You might as well apply here… or get a transfer to live the life of dreams.

University of Edinburgh – Scotland

The University of Edinburgh is Instagram – photos worthy university. One of Scotland’s most ancient universities and the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world. It started in the year 1583. The university’s first custom built building is the School of Law, and the college expanded from there. The university’s Institute of Geography was, once upon a time, a part of the Royal Infirmary. The university also uses some of its buildings to host the Edinburgh International Festival.

University of Coimbra – Portugal

Not everyone gets the opportunity to study at a UN recognized World Heritage Site. The University of Coimbra is the oldest university in Portugal and in the world. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was initially ratified/found in 1290. Pólo I, the main campus building, is the monumental ancient university core centre. It is active since the time the university was first found, that is, before the 16th century. Though, major expansions did take place. The most astonishing architecture is the university’s chapel, palace gate and library. The courtyard of the old palace has also been turned into a part of the university. You get to sit and study there! How royal is that?

Here is our list of the most stunning universities/colleges on the face of the earth. Which universities or colleges (besides the ones mentioned above) according to you, deserve to get the title of being the most beautiful university? Let us know by commenting below. Let us all swoon together!


If stress burned calories, we’d all be Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne through the four years of university.

University (or college) tends to build you up and tear you down. It takes a toll on your life… (I guess I am over exaggerating.) But, honestly, no matter how much stress the professors make you go through, you experience some of the most hilarious, embarrassing and awkward moments in university. Here are top 10 GIFs that will make you LOL and ROLF (and if you’re done with uni, then these GIFs will take you right back there):

1. Late? Might As Well Look Fabulous While Walking In!


The class starts at two, but, now its half past two, and you’re way past being late. So, instead of looking embarrassed (like you were when it happened for the very first time), you own that mistake and trot in like the mystical and majestic unicorn that you are. After all, it takes talent to be this late. Walk that walk, gurl! 😉

2. Making Friends for Dummies 101


Leaving all those amazing friends after high school was hard. What is even harder is making new, trustable friends in university, who you can send your most cringe-worthy snapshots to and someone who is comfortable with your weird side. And if you fail to make any by the end of the week, you start doubting your socializing skills and Google: “top 5 ways to make friends STAT!” or “I’ve no friends, will I survive?”

3. Pesky Minimum Word Count


Writing an essay is the most monotonous thing to do, especially if it is on a topic you don’t like. The first page is filled with extravagant information that will impress your professor, the second page will get dull, and by the time you reach the fifth page, all kinds of practicality is lost, so you just try to end it. But, then you realize that you haven’t touched the 2,000 words count, so you re-read your masterpiece and add an additional word (or phrases) where ever possible. Finally, you end up sounding like a retard, whose paper reads something like this (the 3rd page onwards): The long, flowy, wet and much bright and blue-sky-like river is now polluted.

4. Procrastinating All Day, Then Realizing That The Assignment  Has To Be Submitted In 5 Hours


University helps you experience the best (or maybe the most stressful) rush of adrenaline of your life! The moment you realize that you’ve to turn in your assignment or essay by midnight (which is a couple of hours away) is also the moment you become dedicated to experimenting with energy drinks, figuring out which one pumps your energy and which one crashes your systems down. You are willing to mix Red Bull with espresso to help you stay up all night and come up with some over-the-top intellectual thoughts to fill in your assignments with, while typing like a crazy maniac who’s keyboard might break any moment.

5. Due Date Confusion


After a 7 hours of Red Bull, espresso and typing (a lot of it), when you’re ready to submit a perfect assignment that’s capable of keeping your head held high respectably, your friend approaches and reminds you about the same assignment being due tomorrow. You’re standing there while staring at them, like, ‘wasn’t it due today?’, ‘did I waste a good Sunday eve doing this?’, ‘why didn’t I listen more carefully?’… also ‘AVADA KEDAVRA’!!!

6. Majoring in: Gibberish


Right after high school, you expected you would’ve already had the basic introduction to what you’ll be studying in university. But, then, unexpectedly, the first few classes of your major make you question the presence of your brain. The professor seems to be talking in a foreign language and you can already feel the stupid clockwork monkey banging on his drum in your head. MAKE IT ENDDDD.

7. Confidently Saying the Wrong Answer


The professor asks the class an easy question and after giving it a thought, you excited raise your hand to answer the question. When she picks you, you smile and confidently answer the question. But, then, she stares at you as though you’re an illiterate ape and says, “That’s wrong. You should pay more attention.” And the entire hall turns around to get a good look at the dunce.

8. Walking into the Library


If you’re not a nerd, you are definitely well aware of the horror of walking into the library, for the first time. It might be just for a pre exam group study or you might just be picking up a couple of books for yourself and your roomie/friend. The moment you step into that sacred bookworm world, every person (including the librarian) stares in your direction, making you want to turn around and run away!

9. Mid-Term Crises


Mid-terms is that time of life when your grades are insecure, your life is heading in no direction, you’ve gained 15 pounds and you have dark circles partying around your eyes. Technically, you have no life. At that point, when someone asks you ‘how are you holding up’ or ‘how’s college going’, you lose it. These people are sadists who enjoy watching you painfully answer such questions, despite knowing how bad your life is going.

10. Multiple Thoughts Disorder After Looking At The Question Paper


You know you’re in trouble when you don’t understand the first question of the exam. All the hard work of studying all night seems to not help you at all. You must’ve been a victim to the professor’s mean joke, which was: teaching how to make a salad in class and asking how to bake a cake in the exam. You stare at everyone around you pleading (with your eyes) someone to help; you stare at the ceiling asking God to help.

Despite all the ridiculousness of these moments, they are the most cherished moments of your life and you’d not exchange them for anything better. After all, what’s a university life without a bit of embarrassment? 😉



10 Essential College Survival Hacks

Photo Credits: June Sight Photography

This is a Survival for Dummies 101 for college students out there. (especially, the freshmen). 

For people, who are about to start their college life, please read this carefully; this article will give you more insight than your college prospectus. For those who are already university/college students, these hacks are going to help you live better. These survival hacks aren’t taught to you in class and only the ones who have been through college can advise you how to live smarter. So, take it all the tips that you can, appreciate every single hack, because it’s a jungle out there!

Eat, sleep, study… and repeat them smartly after reading this:

1. Ultimate GPA Hack


In the start of the semester, the tests held are easier to study for and easier to score on. So, before it all gets tougher (and you start getting *cough* distracted), start building your GPA score with the simple stuff. That way, your high scores can balance off the difficult classes/tests. Also, scoring straight A’s in the beginning will definitely impressed your professor.

2. Amplify Your Alarm


Do you have to keep a record breaking 7-10 alarms, with 2-5 minutes gap between each? This is the ultimate hack for you (especially if you have no one, besides your phone, to wake you up). Set your favorite song as your alarm tone (something that’ll make you shake it like Shakira?). Set three alarms instead of 10 and keep your phone in a mug or a glass (this will amplify the music). Wake up like you’ve had the best sleep of your life, every day!

3. Breakfast in a Mug


If you tend to wake up late and usually find yourself skipping breakfast because you’ve to rush to class, then breakfast in a mug is going to be your best friend! There are several recipes available online to help you prepare the perfect breakfast in your mug; breakfast muffin, fluffy scrambled eggs, oatmeal, cinnamon roll, quiche or pizza, name your breakfast dish and the microwave and mug can prepare it in 2-10 minutes!

Here are some yummy breakfast ideas for you to try and explore your palette further:   1 Minute Mug Cakes Made in the Microwave

4. Emphasize on Writing


Whenever possible, take a pen and start scribbling some of what the professor says in the class. Writing helps you understand and remember better. If you can’t write chunky information without making a mess, write on flashcards. If writing isn’t your piece of cake, then switch on your laptop and start typing (but, make sure that you’re using ‘Times New Roman’ font as it’ll help you read better). Also, you can use colors or highlighters to make it look attractive.

5. Treat Your Senses


When you lack the proper motivation to study, motivate yourself with candies. Keep a bar of chocolate at the end of every chapter that you have to study and a gummy bear in between every page. When you reach there, you can eat it. This will keep you going all night. Besides, chocolates are known to boost memory. Need I say more?

6. Make It a Rainbow


When you’re studying from your pre-written notes or from the textbook or even from the laptop, use colored pencils to circle around important words and different colored highlighters for important phrases. A different colored highlighter / pencil / sketch pen for every paragraph will make the paper look colorful. Your eyes will directly look at the details that are highlighted in a catchy color rather than looking at a plain black and white text. It also happens to boost visual memory.

7. Record the Classes/Yourself


While the professor is teaching, record the lecture. Or while going through the notes read it out loud and record them. Later, when you don’t have much time to read or if you are sitting idly in the car, play these recordings. You can listen to them at a faster speed while revising.

8. Pretend to be a Well-Prepared-Nerd


When it’s your turn to give a presentation in class, ask a close friend of yours to ask you a specific question (of your choice) related to the topic. That way, during the questioning session of the presentation, when your friend asks you a doubt, you’ll be well prepared to answer it. Also, you’ll score extra points from the professor for that confidence.

9. Toilet-Roll-Desk Management

Photo Credits: Kids Wow Collector

Photo Credits: Kids Wow Collector

Here is a cheap and easy way to live off a budget. You can use the toilet tissue rolls to manage and organize the mess on your desk. You can store your pencils, stationeries or makeup brushes in it and wrap your wire cords and stuff them into the rolls.

Here’s a tutorial to help you get in touch with your creative gene:  How to Make a Pencil Holder Recycling Toilet Paper Rolls

10. Break Before You Break


Don’t study at a stretch! This is a major mistake made by students who study a day or two before the exam; they sit for long hours and plan on completing the entire semester’s notes in one sitting. Instead, give yourself a break of 10 minutes after studying for 25-30 minutes at a stretch. Set a timer to help you out with this. Try to set a goal and finish studying that much in the allotted time, before you let your smart phone engulf you.

With these helpful tips, make your college/university just that little bit easier.


10 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A College/University Student


College/University is a place where you Google, ‘how to sleep 8 hours in 3 hours’. 

College or university (whatever you call it) is the weirdest transition to a responsible adult. It’s during this time that you realize that you can breathe fire! Okay, not really fire, but, you learn to do the most unbelievable things like: learning how to study the entire semester’s education in one night, copy + paste and make your assignment look un-plagiarized or even how to survive 72 hours with Red Bull or coffee and no sleep. (You know that’s true because you’re going through it.)

Here are 10 moments you can relate to if you’re still a college/university student:



The professor asks you to take down notes because the subject is apparently really ‘important’. So, as a responsible student, you’re ready with your laptop/pen and pad. But then, the professor thinks that you’ve robotic fingers and an amazing memory to remember everything that he says in supersonic speed. He speaks faster than Eminem did in ‘Rap God’. Post lecture, when asked if there are any doubts, you know you surely have one similar to this: Can you please repeat the part of the stuff where you talk about all those fascinating things?

2. Consistency on weekends


Haven’t slept all weekend? No problem, you can make up for it on the weekend. Instead of completing your assignments and studying for the Monday test, you sleep. Procrastination takes the best of you. By the time Sunday is here, you try to complete your laundry, finish the assignment and study for the test over night before the first rays of the morning sun. Is it worth it? Yes. Will you do it again? Definitely. Do you regret it? Yes. Can you help it? No. Living the thug life.

3. The Exam Schedule Will Be The Death of You


High school was easy; there wasn’t a lot of stress to deal with back then. But, now that you’re a college student, the professors think that you can ace three exams a day, because, everyone assumes that you’ve been blessed with some kind of super human strength and have a lot more brain power than Stephen Hawkings, Batman and Mr. Peabody, all combined (or probably they just have a dark sense of humor).

5. Group Project By Me, Me, Me… and Me


Group projects are the most challenging thing that you ever do. It’s usually spent deciding what has to be done and who’s going to do it. The latter being the challenging part. A group usually has 4 kinds of people: The one who does 99.99% of the work (then goes highly insane towards the end of it all), the one who says they’ll help (and you know they’ll definitely help… towards the end), the retard who has no idea what the project title even means (nothing is expected from this person… besides print outs or getting food) and the one who disappears and doesn’t appear until the project has to be handed over to the professor.

You know you’re one of these.

5. Early Morning Class = Nap Time


You know a ‘9 AM Lecture’ is also known as ‘DOOM’. As a college/uni student, your morning starts after 12 PM, specifically after a cup of coffee. 9AM is considered to be too early to wake up, let alone, study. And if you’re forced to attend that early morning class due to attendance issues, you decide to rely on that intelligent-yet-neglected student of the class for notes and explanation while you sleep, like a baby.

6. College Starter’s Package


It’s a surprise when the Ivy League universities and regular colleges fail to advertise this aspect of the student college life in the prospectus. As a college student, when the mid-terms or finals are around the corner, you resemble a potato, which in turn, makes you inconsiderable for marriage. You lose thousands of dollars on textbooks (some of which are useless or make you pay extra for that special CD you can’t avoid buying). And social life? Ha ha ha, what’s that? *cue Kim K.’s sobbing*

7. The Time You Realize You Spent 1k on Books 


College is the time you realize that your books cost more than your week’s wardrobe or all your furniture, or both combined. So, why waste all that money? You come up with innovative ways to reuse all your semester’s books. Sustainability is the key to survival.

8. The King/Queen of Procrastination


College is the place where you learn to procrastinate like a pro. Your study period, assignments or tasks are ignored till the deadline is around. To cover up for your amazing skill, you tell people that ‘you apparently work better under stress, that’s why you prefer doing the work at the end, for optimum results.’ If the sun’s still out then it’s too early to study, if the sun is long gone and its midnight then it’s too late to study. What is life but an envelope of tough decisions; to do or not to do is the question.

9. It’s called ‘DE-STRESSING’, Not ‘Wasting-Time’


No matter how much work you have, no matter how drowned you are in assignments or how close is the upcoming test… when a friend asks you if you want to go out with them, one doesn’t simply say ‘no’. It’s a way for you to relax and study better. Right? *gulp* (Let’s leave the answer to that on the results of the test).

10. Not Plagiarizing… Like A Pro


Assignments are the dull part of college… they become your worse enemies when the professor says that 1/4th of your semester grades depend on the very assignment he just assigned. Initially, your brain goes in overdrive while desperately trying to read textbooks and research on your own to come up with original matter. Eventually, you cry your eyes out before you copy-paste and try to paraphrase in your own words. Also, you end up remembering your much forgotten best friends during such hard times: Spinbot, Paraphrasing-tool and Grammarly. You know what I mean.

Though, no matter how challenging college/university life may be, you cherish it… and stay and live through it for as long as you would like to, (as long as you keep paying the fees). Regardless of how much you say you hate college, you’re going to miss it. A lot!


10 Things You Face When You’re the Youngest at Work


Nothing is more cringe-worthy than that transition from being a reckless college student to trying to adult and to prove at work why you were hired… without being awkward. 

Once done with college, one expects life to go easy and smooth. Honestly, no, that’s not how it rolls. Without another chance to breathe, you’re pushed into the work atmosphere and before you can get the hang of it, you’re expected t give a presentation and attend a conference already! Phew, being the youngest employee at work can be tough… until the next year. So, hold on and read these highly relatable moments you face at work.

1. Phone Buzzes During the  Meeting


Fresh out of the university, everyone gives you major advices on what to do and what not to. What they forget to mention is the silent 3-seconds-humiliation-stare that you get when your phone rings in the middle of a meeting or during a brainstorm session. And don’t even get started on the horror of you getting a follow back call which makes you wish you could go invisible through the session.

2. Presentation Laptop Conflicts


Finally, the time is here, you’re facing your CEO, manager and colleagues. You connect your laptop to the projector and without another thought (or look), click the play button to start your slideshow… and everything goes something like this:

You: “I welcome you all here. Today’s presentation is about the importance of social media marketing for our applications.”

*Nicki Minaj starts singing ‘Anaconda’ through the speakers*

*Everyone looks disgusted, amused or angry and stares at you*

You: *turn around to see the screen to find Nicki Minaj twerking at your face*

You: Sorry for the inconvenience. Wrong window.

Inner You: Might as well kill myself now.

3. Office Gossip With Colleagues? *GULP*


Just when you thought you were free of all the high school and university drama of mean girls, you were wrong. At work, this is about 10 times worse, especially when you’re new. Colleagues brainwash you into giving some nasty comments to use them against you to get you vulnerable. Not everyone is as bad or good as they look on the on the outside.

4. Office Baby


Being the youngest of the lot isn’t that great. You’re expected to act like an adult while everyone around you treats you like a baby. Occasional pats on your head, ‘aww’ing at everything that you do and asking you if you really know how to deal with the task given to you or do you need help.

*Major eye roll*

5. Talking to Yourself


Nothing can be more embarrassing than someone catching you giving yourself the beautiful, strong and confident young lady/man speech on your work desk or in the cafeteria. They stare at you like you’re an alien and you aren’t normal, making you question your sanity and making you want to hide from them for the rest of eternity.

6. “Free” is Exciting!


The endless supply of scribble pads, pencils, sticky notes and rubber bands gets you excited. The pens that you’ve lost while in school and university can finally be replaced. Though, what gets you even more hyped up than a sale on Michael Kors is the time you hear that there are free donuts/cupcakes/anything that’s edible available in the pantry! (And you step in when no one’s looking to hide some in your bag/tissue paper and grab as many as your hands can hold).

7. And You Just Can’t Remember Names


Every single time a person introduces himself/herself to you, you tend to daze out and concentrate on everything except what they are saying. And after realizing that they’re done introducing, you smile at them warmly, while contemplating over asking their name again and decide not to… just to show that you were paying attention (and secretly hoping that no matter how awesome that person is, you don’t meet him/her again). All your future encounters sound like this: “Oh! Hieee… … … you!”

8. Pushing the Pull Door


Working in an office teaches you that, pushing a pull door (or vice versa) in public, while surrounded by a bunch of strangers whom you’ll never meet again, is not as embarrassing as doing the same while exiting the conference room or while getting out of your boss’s room. Add on embarrassment: when your boss tells you that the door says ‘pull’.

9. Conference Calls Over Skype


Most of the conference calls that you attend are so funny (before they get serious) that you try to maintain your smile and poker-face while your boss, CEO and the client start off like this:

1: “Hello, Ameena.”

2: “Yeah, hi, hello, Raj.”

3: “Hello, hi, can you hear me?”

1: “Raj, Ella, I can hear you both.”

3: “Hello, okay. Let’s start. What’s on schedule today?”

2: “Hello? Hi? Have we started? Hi, Ella, how are you?”

10. Someone Else Praised For Your Work


Nothing, nothing on earth is more disheartening than your boss and CEO praising someone else for the work that you’ve done! At that moment, nothing gets you more annoyed than that colleague, who stole all your credits, standing there beaming with happiness and pride. If they receive a salary hike because of that particular work, you go all berserk “Cash me ousside. How bow dat?” in their face.

Hang in there young human, you’ll learn some of the office survival 101s… and soon there’ll be a new, younger-than-you intern, that you can order around, treat like an intern, scare and gossip around with. *Wink*

Have you been through any weirder moments while at work? Comment and let us know!


10 Ways You Know You’re Raised in Riyadh


Growing up in Riyadh is a combination of events that make you SMH, say OMG, ROFL, NVM and Wallahi! 

Growing up in Riyadh is an adventure… the kind of adventure where you call your friend up at 1 a.m. and demand them to get out of the house so that you both can have the SR. 1 ice cream from McDonald’s (and maybe a cheeseburger, too). We all can proudly nod our heads to these memes and say, “OMG, I TOTALLY WENT THROUGH THAT!”

Here are some times that you’ve lived in and grown through:

You BBQ Yourself


In Riyadh, a de-tan lotion isn’t going to save you from the scorching rays of the morning sun (for crying out loud, the ‘morning’ sun!). That might make you think that the sun is just right and amazing for those who plan on getting tanned… think again. Tanning in Riyadh is equal to getting barbecued. If you step out in the sun too long, you’ll end up resembling the black burnt parts of the shawarma chicken (yes, the same bit that everyone picks at and flicks away).

Aunt/Neighbor Knows All


From the time you step out of your house, to the time you return back, this aunt is a know-it-all. She knows the 5Ws (who, what, when, where and why) and 1H (how) about your whereabouts. She’s better than the journalists of the town and is the queen bee of gossip. Your mum might not like this lady, but they’ll meet for a kitty party every now and then to entertain themselves with the neighborhood dirt, just to end up saying “Astaghfirullah” or “Taubah Taubah” at the end of it all, before laughing it off.

You Remember This Phase of Riyadh


This tweet makes you reminisce back in the time when everything in Riyadh was cheap and affordable with your tiniest pocket money. You could hang out with your friends, have a hefty meal and enjoy a long ride, all just for a mere SR. 15. Or remember the time when your grandma visited you often and you never had a chance to miss her? Where have those times gone?

Post Tabbouleh / Molokhia Scenes


Throwback to this annoying and embarrassing moment. If you were at a party and were served molokhia or tabbouleh, you had to think twice before eating it, just to avoid having Grinch stuck in your teeth or looking as though your teeth are activists for Justice-for-Shrek movement. And, don’t even get me started on what them poor folk with braces go through. *smh*

This Makes Sense


You know you were raised in Riyadh (or Saudi Arabia) when such kinds of pick-up lines make sense, make you laugh and make your parents raise an eyebrow at your sanity. Oh, this isn’t the only pick-up line that you love, you also express a fondness towards comparing your crush/love to your favorite food, like:

  • Hey girl, would you like to be the pita bread to my hummus?
  • Will you be the batata to my maqluba?
  • There is no ‘I’ in ‘Hummus’, just ‘us’. 😉

There’s just no end to it and you know these pick-up lines sound much better and more romantic than the regular ones.

You Sly Deceit


No, don’t even try rejecting this! You’ve done this at least once in your life, whether with a friend or your sibling. The physical version of this is crossing your fingers behind your back and saying, “astaghfirullah” on repeat, over and over again till the lie is over.

And mom, in case you’re reading this: Honestly, I didn’t break the flower vase in the living room, mom, it was the cat!

Don’t Know Arabic, But Ace Placing Your Order in ArabicOver the years, despite saying, “ana maafi malum arabi,” you’ve learned and perfected saying your order in Arabic for your favorite shawarma place, khabsa restaurant or sheesha lounge. You’re so good at placing your order that no one can guess that you don’t know Arabic. Though, after placing your beloved order, when the waiter asks: “Fee shay akhir?” all you can do is respond by shaking your head like a mute person.

Hahahah *tears fall out of embarrassment and sadness*


You know you were raised in Riyadh when the only solution to your stress, depression or sadness is baqala food! (Or pumpkin seeds). The moment your friends get to know that you’re stressed, they take you out for some delicious shawarma, aseer mushakkal and the two riyal softy ice cream. What follows it is long conversations about what got you stressed and you won’t get your arse up until what’s troubling you is solved!

Neighbor’s Kids Were Your Role Models


Everyone’s kid is better than you, even the two years old kid your neighbor’s have. All of them apparently are perfect role models for you as they ‘pretend’ to be perfect little angels who have just descended from the highest levels of Jannah. *major eye roll*

And your life is spent by trying to convey your parents how pesky the same kids were over social media (and you’ve also tried to exploit them by showing your parents their social media profiles and relationship statuses). *tsk tsk* Shame.

Would Travel Miles for This


Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

You can literally here the Al-Baik singing for you, luring you in its direction. You know you were raised in Riyadh when you travel all the way to Jeddah to have one of these delicacies. In fact, it has become such a vital part of your life that every time you complete an umrah, you treat yourself with one of these amazingly affordable box of chicken (or fish or maybe a prawn sandwich?).

Well, that said, being raised up in Riyadh is one of the best times of your life and you won’t trade those moments and memories for anything in the world.

Do you have any such hilarious moments in your mind? Share your thoughts with us. We’d love to read.


Hop Your Way into IHOP Riyadhis


International House of Pancakes offers a breakfast menu you just can’t resist having for lunch and dinner, too.

The American multinational pancake house and casual family restaurant, IHOP (International House of Pancakes) has hopped its way to Riyadh and has opened its first branch in Rubeen plaza at Exit 2.

This wonderful restaurant is commonly known for its amazingly fluffy buttermilk pancakes that will not fail to amuse your taste buds. Though, their pancakes are just the beginning of the mouthwatering menu.

Exclusively meant for early birds, IHOP has a hefty, appalling and a broad array of delicious breakfast menu to offer. From delicious pancakes, to eggs (cooked in multiple ways), juicy steaks, burgers, milkshakes and a wide variety of coffees, they have got it all! If your new year’s resolution is to keep a watch your diet then don’t worry about it, IHOP provides you a range of great tasting salads and fruit juices, too. They’ve got various meals to cater to every palate, whether sweet or savory.

Though, the thing that makes IHOP extraordinary compared to other restaurants is the fact that they serve their breakfast menu all around the clock (shout-out to all the ‘afternoon is the new morning’ people out there).

Whether you want to catch up with family and friends over a plate of hot blueberry pancakes and steaming omelets for breakfast or grab a smoothie right before hitting the gym or just want to celebrate your favorite football team’s win with cheesy pastas and burgers, just visit IHOP and you’ll leave with a smile. Have a look at their logo; it’ll make you smile, too.

This place is going to be the most happening place in town. Drop by and get a taste of it! 


10 Things Most Riyadhis Cry About After Leaving Riyadh


Whether you’ve lived in Riyadh for 2 years or all your life, once you leave Riyadh, no matter which country you go to, Riyadh is gonna make you want to return back. 

Leaving Riyadh is not easy. I repeat, ‘Not Easy’. It’s the toughest task. Riyadh is a second home for expats and no matter where we travel to next, (Paris, America, Canada, India), no place fills up the empty space that Riyadh once occupied in our heart. That’s how special Riyadh is.

Here are 10 things most of the expatriates/foreigners misses once they leave Riyadh:

1. Match Made in Heaven


Going for a walk? King Fahad Medical City is the best place for that. You’ll find plenty of walkers, joggers and runners there who will motivate you, too.

But, before that, you had always allowed yourself to get distracted by the bright lights of Mama Noura for some shawarma and aseer mushakkal… because later on, you can walk and lose all those calories… right? *gulp*

Your health-conscious walks were turned into a casual stroll and occasional stops for sitting on the grass with family or friends to complete your hearty meal! From there? Yallah, too tired, let’s go back home.

2. You Don’t Go To The Bakhala, The Bakhala Comes To You


Shout out to all the ladies in the house! If you required something from the bakhala, even if it is just a sack of potatoes or a bebsi, you call up the bakhala and ask them to deliver it home (and they rarely say ‘no’). If they denied your request, then you guys negotiate and agree to place the grocery in a grocery basket, which you artistically tie to a rope and carefully drop it at the entrance of the supermarket from your window (in cases where the market is on the ground floor of your residential building).

3. Sandstorm is Coming


Even before the schools gave you a warning regarding it and cancelled classes for that day, you got the alert from friends and family spread across social media. Most of you were excited about the sandstorms so that you didn’t have to go to school the next day (officially declared by the govt. Hurray!). Everyone was apparently in an unknown, unofficial competition to come up with the best ‘sandstorm arrival’ photographs to be featured or shared maximum number of times on Facebook or Twitter.  Those sandstorms were highly memorable.

4. Hot Tap = Hot; Cold Tap = Hotter


During the summers, the air cooling systems seem to make life easier for everyone living in Riyadh. But, then, there’s this one annoying, unmanageable broblem you tend to face, that never lets you live in peace. The water in the tap is hot! The hot side is hot and the cold side is even hotter. Don’t even get me started on the washroom (toilet) sprays / bidet. And during the winters, it’s the opposite; everything is freezing cold! There’s no happy “ending” for us. Though, after leaving the city, you tend to miss that and laugh over all the times you were tortured… from the behind. *wink*

5. Salaam Park


This park is the most happening spot in Riyadh, for people of all ages. It is a Friday afternoon picnic spot for friends and family to sit for long hours and enjoy their meals peacefully, while admiring nature. As kids, you had the most fun there. The train rides, the spiral/curly fries on the stick, slurpee, boat rides and the all the other fun activities this place provided, made it one of your favorite spots to visit almost every other weekend.

6. Sun Top Fruit Juices


Long before Tropicana, Minute Maid and Raw Cold Pressed Juices even had importance in your life, there was Sun Top. The very sight of the juice box was enough to help you imagine the irresistible orange juice smell and taste. The childhood memories of running to the bakhala to select the Sun Top juice box with the sticker that you haven’t collected already are bittersweet (“bitter” because you wish you were 10 again, “sweet” because life was just so easy). And who could forget the collectable sticker booklet you got with these that helped you win amazing gifts?

7. Eid, Unlike Any Other Country


Eid in Riyadh (the entire Saudi Arabia, tbh) is celebrated grandly, with utter bliss and excitement. Though a few days before Eid, as a child, you would’ve scrolled through the newspaper and asked your friends if they had any idea about the locations where the fireworks took place, informed your parents immediately and made sure you reached the location as early as possible, (well prepared with your snacks), to ensure you get a good spot to park your car, see the fireworks and enjoy your evening snack with your family and friends. The unforgettable fireworks show amused everyone!

8. We Will Do ANYTHING For Warak Enab!


Everything you see reminds you of warak enab… even Adele during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards! If her dress wasn’t enough to remind you of it, the song she won the Grammy Award for, that is:
“Hello from the Araaab side, I must have had a thousand viiiines,” will definitely make your love for warak enab obvious and make you shed a tear or two while reminiscing about it.

9. Mama Noura, Yamal Asham, Abu Kamaal… ANY PLACE THAT SELLS SHAWARMA!


While leaving Riyadh, there’s one specific thought that leaves you depressed: All the shawarmas that you’ll miss. This is equal to a breakup. Worse than a heart break. And when you miss BAE back home and decide to give these “foreign” shawarmas a try, the taste drives you insane, because, NO SHAWARMA FROM ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD COMPETE WITH THE ONES BACK HOME. WALLAHI!

10. Malum Arabi?


Last, but, not the least, many expats, living / not living in Riyadh (or KSA), proudly state that they’ve spent majority of their lifetime in Riyadh… and then embarrass themselves by saying four astonishing, mind-blowing and life-changing Arabic words: Ana mafi maloom Arabi.

(While simultaneously grinning shamelessly).


I know there are plenty more things to miss about Riyadh (the list just can’t end at 10). Comment below some of the things that you miss after leaving Riyadh, we’d love to know!


10 Super Awkward Moments Every Arab Has Been Through. GUARANTEED!


If you belong to an Arab family, it’s safe to say you have had a streak of awkward and embarrassing moments. Let’s just hope our parents read this to know what we’ve gone through… 

Being raised in a Saudi family is not easy! I get it pals, we have the toughest childhood, weird teen years and as soon as we step into our 20s, we are talked into getting married… for the sake of our family’s respect. *MAJOR EYE ROLL*

Though, such melodrama isn’t only limited to Arabs; if your family lives in Saudi Arabia (or any Arab country) and your parents’ besties are Arabs, your mom tends to get free ‘child raising’ tips from them Arab moms. What happens next is what you 80s-90s-2000s kids have faced.

At some point, you all have been through these super awkward phases:

1. Greeting Someone New? Might As Well Kiss Them


Well, in the Arab world, they shake hands, hug and kiss on cheeks. Usually, it’s two kisses on alternating cheeks. But, some people like to go that extra mile, show extra affection and make it three or four! That’s when things get messy. You try to push back, your friend tries to pull you closer for another kiss, while you both awkwardly stare into each other’s eyes and at each other’s lips (to literally avoid a lip lock)!

2. Arriving Back Home Later Than The Deadline


When teens don’t return back home on the aforementioned deadline that was negotiated in a serious conversation with our parents, it’s our mum who gets worried the most. Often, in Hollywood movies or our non – Arab friends’ families, mothers are really “happy” and “relieved” to see their kid back home safe and sound, no matter what the time is. In an Arab family (or an Arab influenced family), if you get back home a little later than mentioned, you get chased around the house by your mum, while she simultaneously throws her shabashib and cusses you.

3. Oversized Clothes Because… ‘Habibi, You’ll Grow Into It’


Regular moms (when they go shopping): *Calls up daughter* Sweet heart, can you tell me your size, I’m buying you some clothes.

Arab moms: *gets back home with oversized clothes* Habibi, you can wear this for the next 5 years. When it grows small to you, you can give it to your brother. Understand, Habibi, please!

And then you roam around in an oversized coat that looks as though it belonged to Big Bird.

4. Stressed? No Broblem, Lets Have Pumpkin Seeds.


“Sadeeq, if you are stressed, you eat!”

Though, you don’t just eat anything, you specifically eat “pumpkin seeds”! You can have them roasted, salted, plain, whatever your taste buds desire. That’s the way people handle stress in Arab families. We don’t have no fancy stress balls or putty and goo.

Legend says that once you start eating these, you can’t stop. You. Just. Can’t.

*munches on the seeds while typing*

5. “Inshallah” = “No”


Firstly, no matter how old you grow, you need to ask your parents for permission to spend time with your friends, even if you’re hanging out with your cousins, or you’ll face the wrath of your mum’s shabashib. *cringe at the thought*

Secondly, after seeking for permission, a response that says “yes” means “yes”, “no” means “no”, “will think about it” means “no” and “Inshallah” means “no”, too. Though, in its true context, “inshallah” means, if God wills… Sadly, we all know that’s not the case here.

6. Never Reaching the Party on Time


If, God forbid, you reach to the party on time, you’ll find yourself standing in an empty hall with no caterers or event planners, either. Dead silence and empty.

There is like an unsaid rule in the Arab Kingdom about arrival time at a party: Always arrive two hours later that the mentioned time. This rule is not applicable anywhere outside Middle East (except with Arab families scattered around the world) and during Iftaar time in Ramadan.

(And if you’re returning back from the Americas or Europe, you’ll be a victim of this super awkward and utterly embarrassing moment).

7. “Get Married Soon Or No One Will Marry You.”


Are you in your early 20s? Do you have a lot of relatives, too? Have you answered ‘yes’ to the past two questions? Welcome to the ’20, Arab and Unmarried’ club! Every person you meet, your grandma, mum, aunt, mum’s friends, your mum’s sister’s third cousin’s grandma’s niece, all of them want you to get married. And if you were me, you’ve tried your best to run away from all the drama by avoiding all kinds of family gatherings, because: if you grow any older, you’ll lose your youthful skin, get wrinkles, and no man will marry you.

Oh, and they don’t care if your friends are listening or if you’re in the washroom, this topic can and will take place anytime, anywhere.

8. “Why Do You Have A Plastic Bag Filled With Plastic Bags?”


Oh, don’t even get me started on this one. Every time your friends visit your house or your dorm, the sight of the plastic bag hanging behind the door or in the cabinet fascinates their mind!

What goes through your friend’s mind: Is collecting plastic bags like a thing now? Just like collecting coins?

What goes through your mind: Of course, like it’s simple to say that it’s a family tradition passed down the generations.

But, really guys, this is very useful, like whenever you need an extra bag to wrap something in, or carry something, or use it in the trash-bin in your room, or whatever.

9. The Mighty Shabashib


Who hasn’t ever faced the wrath of the shabashib? The time you misbehaved in front of the guests, or maybe the time when you back-answered your mum in a mall, your mum/dad must’ve whispered to you, “wait till you get back home”… and once back home, there’s no telling what you might have to go through.

What about the time your teacher complained about your undone homework and your bad performance in her class? *cringes at old memories*

Let’s just move on to the next awkward moment.

10. “But Baba, I want to be an actor.” – “You mean a doctor.”


Nope, you can’t choose a career all by yourself, if you are an Arab. Either you become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or join the family business, or you hear your parents, their parents and all your relatives rant about how uncontrollable you’ve become. If you’ve chosen to become anything besides these, you must’ve been labeled to be a rebel, a ‘bad-example’ or even called a ‘fool’.

Though in the end, parents can’t always be upset with you. So, they try to understand your point of view and accept you for what you’ve become… after making you go through that super awkward and intense phase.

Well, no matter what your parents have made you go through, you can’t deny the fact that growing up in an Arab environment is the best thing ever… especially because of all that food!

Have you had any such experiences? Comment below and let us know.