The Good, The Bad and Everything in Between With a Flight Attendant


We are going behind the scenes with this flight attendant.

The word “vacation” alone makes one go gaga over the thoughts of the sun, sand and waves. In all the hustle of picking out outfits, dragging stuffed suitcase across the marbled airport floor and getting loaded in your super packed aircraft, one tends to forget that some people are busting their energies to make your trip count, right from the moment you board your flight to the time you arrive back in your homeland: The flight attendants.

We got up close with a flight attendant, Pawel Matczak, Dubai-based flight attendant who is a frequent transit visitor of Riyadh, to know how they handle the situation during the vacation season:

Firstly, everyone is curious: How long does it take for flight attendants to look presentable?
We like to take our time to get dressed up. Most of us take 45 minutes to an hour… if we are left undisturbed during the process.
You keep visiting Riyadh every now and then during transit flights. Is there something about the city that you love? Something that you must see or do or eat whenever you land here?
Oh yes! I love the mutabbal here! It’s my favorite thing about this place!
There’s a popular statement: “A smile plastered on, like a flight attendant’s”. How true is it? Do you agree with it?
*Laughs* Very true! I do agree with it… it’s a part of our job. No matter what happens, you SMILE!
Every job has its annoying bit. What annoys you the most about being a flight attendant?
The passengers! Not all, but a few. They don’t understand that we are humans, just like them. If we don’t get you what you’d asked for on time, it’s because we were attending others. There are 200 passengers and just a handful of us. We also have our good and bad days. Please, understand.
What are the craziest questions that passengers have asked you?
There were plenty! These are the funniest, though:

“I’m sorry, but, can you please tell the chef that the food was awful?”

“Do you have happy meals?”

What are the five things that flight attendants won’t tell passengers?
A flight attendant never reveals their age, their address and… let’s keep the rest a secret? *laughs*
Is it all glamorous? Lately, it isn’t as glamorous as it once used to be. Why?
I think the glamorous days of this job are long gone. We work hard day and night to see bits and pieces of the world (and to get our pay, of course). Also the fact that, back in the day, not everyone could fly; now, everyone can afford a ticket and fly.

Anyway, I think there’s still a little bit of charm left, we get to travel the world!

Just like Tyra Banks started the new trend, “anyone can be a model,” do you think that anyone can be a flight attendant, irrespective of their height and weight?
I don’t think so. Not everyone can be a flight attendant. Even though the profile of candidates, that the airlines look for, has changed over the years, it’s still hard to meet. Two of the most important traits that the airlines look for are ‘health level’ and ‘good looks’. You have to represent the airlines; hence, you need to look the best you can! I think it’s easier to be a model than to be a flight attendant. *laughs*



Summer Lovin’ Lips


Your lips deserve a romantic affair with luxe products.

The color palette for your lips is out. This summer is all about unpredictability when it comes down to staining lips. Some of these colors require a good amount of confidence to carry, while the others just need you to be perky.

Here are the special colors for the hottest time of the year:

1. Rosy Nude

It’s time to upgrade to a superior level of nude: rosy nude, a.k.a., nude with a touch of blush. It’s perfect for a natural summer look.


2. Crimson Red

Do you dare to wear this sensuous color all day?2mac

3. Bashfully Pink

For feminine, coy and flirty lips.3mac

4. Bold Coral

This summer is all about peach (we aren’t talking about Kim Kardashian), for nothing compliments the gold skin tone like it.4mac

4. Fiery Fury

An orange color that represents the passion burning in your soul.dior-ornage-copy

Umm El MAC

Here’s a traditional Saudi method to tint and care for your lips. Use hibiscus powder, just like the locals do! Combine a little bit of hibiscus powder with vaseline jelly, mix and apply.

You can purchase hibiscus powder at Taiba. While you’re at Taiba, you can purchase the traditional Arabic pure kohl and go chemical free and it’s healthy for your eyes, too!


Middle East Music Fests


Pack your bags and get ready for some serious musical therapy!

Whether you’re a hardcore headbanger or sway to the beat at your own pace, there is a music fest for every kind of groover in the Middle East. Get your festival moves, OOTDs and stamina ready as its music fest galore for the rest of 2017 – all festivals are spread across different countries including Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE.

Here are the top five music festivals taking place in the next few weeks:  

24th Istanbul Jazz Festival, Turkey

July 4 – 20

istanbulThe Istanbul Jazz Festival, despite the name, features a myriad of music genres such as funk, blues, rock, world music plus jazz of course. The event will include over 20 concerts by jazz veterans, newbies and several popular musicians from across the world. The line-up includes American vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater, saxophonist David Sanborn, Syrian singer Lena Chamamyan and several famous names such as Nile Rodgers and Özdemir Erdoğan.

Jerash Festival for Culture and Arts

July 20 – 30

rola-saad-jarash-festival-2012-4-copyThis music festival is held amidst the ancient Roman sites of the city. The cream and most followed stars of the Arab music world come and perform here. The line-up this year includes musicians such as Kadim Al Saher, Nancy Ajram, Carol Samahy and Ayman Zeib who will be performing on their famous hits.

Baalbeck International Festival, Lebanon

July 7 – Aug. 15

toto_headerWith a line-up of some of the most prominent singers from across the Middle East and venues including some of Lebanon’s most mesmerizing historic sites, Baalbeck International Festival is more than just your regular music fest. It’s a symphony of history and modernity. The line-up this year includes Lebanese stars Ramy Ayach, Aline Lahoud and Brigitte Yaghi, Grammy-award-winning singer, songwriter and activist Angélique Kidjo, French musicians Trio Wanderer, Arabic pop singer Samira Said and American rock band Toto.

Unite with Tomorrowland, UAE

July 29

For those of you who couldn’t make it to Belgium for Tomorrowland, there’s always an alternative. Along with the live broadcast, you’ll also be entertained by top notch DJs like Robert Falcon, Siege, Tom Swoon and many more.

Sensation, UAE

Nov. 10

white-sensation-in-dubai-uaeSensation is back in Dubai to fill the empty space in your heart. Calling out all lovers of house music – if you missed other major music festivals this year, this is the one to be at! Last year, they had an epic line-up of Mr. White, Hard Rock Sofa, Roger Sanchez, Martin Garrix and DJ’s AN21 and Max Vangeli. This year, expect twice the madness.


Tame & Train Your Sleep This Vacation Season


Master your body’s sleep-wake cycle during and after your vacation.

Vacations are that time of the year when you have the most amazing time of your life, the perfect memories in-making and… the worse jetlag.

If you are a frequent traveler to dramatic time zones, you know how tough it can be to sleep during the night and wake up like a morning bird (it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE… almost)!

But, fear not. DR is going to help you get over the jetlag and make the most of your holidays abroad.

  • Make a Plan

You need to get your body used to the time zone of the place that you’re travelling to a week before your flight. If you’re going east, try sleeping earlier. If you’re traveling west, sleep a little later. This will help you sync your bedtime to the timings of the new place. Leave your home with proper rest and enough energy.

  • The Flight Plan

It’s recommended that you book a transit flight so that your body gets adjusted to the new time zone gradually. But, since that can be exhausting for some people, then you can train your body and mind during the lengthy flight hours. Try to get as much as sleep as possible in the flight. This will help you be functional when you land. If you aren’t sleepy, then don’t force it because that’ll be stressful. Instead, listen to your body and try to relax.

  • When in Rome, Do as the Romans do

Please ignore the time back in the country that you’re traveling from. Reset your watch and get used to the new hours. This won’t do any good and it’ll take you longer than expected to get used to the new timings. It’s a psychological thing. If you’re traveling to France, become French, already!

  • Be the Early Bird who Gets the Worm

Arriving during the day time and too tired to enjoy the day? Take a 20-minutes powernap and go through your day activities. The powernaps are scientifically proven to make you more productive and make better decisions. (Don’t overdo this.) Limit long sleep hours to night.

  • Your Body’s Your Diamond

Don’t let it go through harsh conditions and ruin its precious cuts. Eat sensibly, stay hydrated, avoid caffeine during the evening hours (so that it doesn’t mess up with your sleep), listen to nature (sea waves or a calm running river) to relax and sleep sooner and take a hot bath before bedtime to make you sleepy. Take care of your body.

Additionally, if you’re a frequent flyer, we suggest that you see your physician who can provide you with professional advice on sleep medicine.


Riyadh’s In-City Getaways


For the time you want to feel out of city, but, still want to remain in.

Everyone wants an escape, however small after a week of hustling and bustling. A weekend getaway is just what you need to kill the monotony. Luckily, Riyadh has a lot to offer when it comes to escaping the city commotion regardless of your budget. From the ones that offer you peace and harmony to the ones that are so luxurious that you feel like royalty, Riyadh has them all.

1. Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski Riyadh

burj-rafal-hotel-kempinski-riyadhWhen a place offers Arabian values of hospitality and warmth with authentic European flair, you know you’re in for the ultimate treat of your life! A peaceful oasis that offers distinguished lounges, exquisite dining, classic European spa and a beautiful swimming for a memorable weekend getaway. Kempinski’s warmth and soothing ambiance assures to get rid of all your work stress and leave you feeling like the king/queen that you are.

Location: King Fahd Rd. 7647, As Sahafah
Tel: +966-11-5117777

2. Al Faisaliah Resort

alfaisaliahresort-summer-july-2017-courtesy2Lush green oasis and eco-friendly water features make Al Faisaliah Resort a must-visit spot for a luxurious weekend getaway. Its high standards of hospitality will spoil you over your stay.  The resort’s rich Saudi architecture is enhanced with a contemporary flair that you need to see to believe. Location: Durrat Arriyadh

Location: Durrat Arriyadh
Tel: +966-11-4118800

3. Al Jawharah Chalet

3-4_aljawharah_chalets_july_2017_riyadh_shModern, casual and simplistic. Al Jawhara Chalet is perfect for a short weekend getaway with your family. We recommend that you go there during the hot summer days to take full advantage of the mesmerizing stone waterfall (yes, an artificial stone waterfall) and the very stylish pool.

Location: King Khaled Airport 4808
Mob: +966-547361111

4. Akwakhalmzraah

5-5_akwakh_chalets_july_2017_riyadh_shIf you can’t visit your holiday beach house for some peace of mind (because it’s too far away), then opt for Akwakhalmzraah’s chalets. It is warm, quiet and simply fascinating. We love how cozy their ambience is; from the lighting to the interior and exterior decoration, everything will make you marvel.

Location: Ar Rafiah
Mob: +966-544769777

5. Al Faisaliah Spa – by ESPA

al-faisaliah-spa-by-espaLuxurious retreat for the hardworking ladies, right within the heart of the city. The unique, exclusive and tranquil oasis makes it a perfect getaway spot for ladies to escape the city bustle with friends or on their own. The combination of Swarovski crystals and cascading waterfalls will ensure that your time spent here is magical and wonderful.  A welcoming haven of exclusive spa facilities, extensive treatments and the latest fitness offers provided by the best professionals to give you the ultimate spa experience (an experience that challenges international spas worldwide).

Location: Al Amiriyah, Al Olaya, King Fahd Rd.
Tel: +966-11-2732000


8 Fresh Sneaks for Sneakerheads


By Safa Hassan

Pamper your feet with these comfortable sneakers.

The thing about sneaker-fever is that… there’s no cure. With summers right around the corner, it’s time for you to frolic around in a pair of breathable, comforting and mesmerizing kicks. From Adidas to Nike to Air Jordan, and everything in the middle, here are our top 7 covetable picks for 2017. Pick a pair of sneakers that defines your personality.screen-shot-2017-05-17-at-1-54-20-pm

1. D’Lites Ultra

Skechers (For Women)
Price: SR 263

When it comes to Skechers, you know you can’t go wrong. With breathable fabric, air-cooled memory foam and very light weight, these sneakers will be your best friends during your shopping fiestas and your walking adventures.


2. Superstar 80s ShoesAdidas (For Men)

Adidas (For Men)
Price: SR 563

These Superstar 80s shoes will go with every color of your thobes, jeans, and even your shorts; you name it, and they suit it! Adidas has aimed to be your go-to shoes with its classic white sneakers and the standout gold logo.


3. Kyrie

Nike (For Men)
Price: SR 599

Make the world stop with these red basketball shoes which will look fancy with every casual outfit you put together or on days you just want to run out and play. It has excellent traction; it’s flexible to your needs and highly comfortable, too.


4. Classic Cortex NylonNike (Unisex)

Nike (Unisex)
Price: SR 459

The only three words that define these classy sneakers are: Evergreen, casual and simply admirable. For a smooth guy or girl, these Nike are the smoothest partners they can get. Be your regular, smooth self.


5. Floral Print Plimsolls

Price: 179

Fun and frolic through the spring and summers in these très chic and subtle-looking floral sneaks.



6. SK8-Hi Slim

Price: SR 225

Casual, legendary, and super comfortable; Vans is all that and a lot more. Opt for these flexible skater sneakers for an easy-going look that suits all your outfits!


67. Signature Court Classic

Saint Laurent
Price: SR 3360

Nothing (I repeat, nothing) will make a statement better than these sparkly sneakers by Saint Laurent. I mean, just look at them, they literally speak for themselves, while leaving everyone else speechless!7

8. Nike Air Jordan 15 RetroNike (For Men)

Nike (For Men)
Price: SR 899

These Jordans are so loud that you don’t even have to speak about them to get them noticed. They are sleek, smooth and perfect, and they have personified the term ‘premium comfort’. Such beautiful sneaks will suit all your outfits (irrespective of thobes or any of your western wear).


Sacred Stories


By Haifa Al Owain

Changing your life through the power of story.

When people mention Noha Al Omari, they can’t help but gush over her charm and what a master storyteller she is.

We’re not talking about just any stories though. She’s specifically passionate about sharing the story of the Prophet and his Companions, and her “Khuta” project is all about presenting their stories in a fresh way that connects with the younger generations.

“Khuta is a platform of courses and online content focused on instilling values within society and promoting positive change in our community,” said Noha.

Her always full classes are unusual to those who attend Islamic gatherings, and the crowd is different as well, coming from a range of social standings. She engages the attendees due to her understanding of the journey we must take to be connected.sacredstories_drnoha_khobar_2017_aa-2

“I believe everyone has seeds of good, if they have the motivation and ambition to be better,” she said.

Back in the day, Noha didn’t expect to be doing this at all. After earning her second black belt in Karate from the finest dojo in London, she began a deep inner exploration by attending Islamic classes and learning from scholars. Somewhere on her journey of studying Islam and its stories, something just clicked.

“This is what I want to do with my life!” she exclaimed, face beaming with joy and confidence.

She was self-taught and worked to understand Islam as a whole, without having a formal higher education in it. A loving wife and mother of four girls, throughout her journey her family was her backbone of support and understanding.

“Knowledge put a full stop to my confusion.” screen-shot-2017-05-11-at-3-16-23-pm

When asked about the challenges she faced, most were what everyone faces when building their connection with God. The confusion and pain, the social isolation and paradigm shifts. Noha wanted to be reborn, and persevered to find answers. Strengthening her Arabic was also a regular challenge in understanding Islam from the scholars and the Quran itself, and she still strives to build up her skills.

“Unmeasurable joy in sharing.”

She sees herself as a lifelong student, and truly enjoys sharing what she learned.

Her advice for our readers is to always ask God for complete guidance, to pray without letting your pride get in the way and to persist and open your hearts.

“Quran is the guidebook to life,” said Noha, and by studying it with her students and sharing those lessons in classes and online, she works to give that statement the commitment it deserves. She believes it’s important to study Quran, the life of the Prophet and the lives of his Companions and apply all of their teachings within our own lives.

By the way, Noha’s Khuta team is launching a special Ramadan mini-series on social media, so don’t miss it!

Instagram: KhutaNet
Twitter: KhutaNet


10 Things You Do That Make You A Cat


In cat-tionary, it means you are ‘purr-fect’.

Cats are totally adorable and most of us wish we were cats because, come on, cats a freaking pawsome and honestly, they live a life most of us only dream of.

A popular myth once said that cats live 9 lives. Well, time to find out whether you are a cat or not. Here is a way to know. Below are 10 GIFs and if you find them highly relatable and they make you say, “OMG! That’s totally me,” then you are a cat!

1. You are needy for attention from bae


When you need it, you need it, okay. Nobody judge.

2. And when you don’t need it, you won’t stand having bae even touch you


“Don’t do it human. Move away. Ew. Cooties!”

3. Your squad is as crazy as you… or even crazier


The squad that does crazy together will stay together forever!

4. The moment you hear “Work” by Rihanna, “Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj or anything you can shake to


Werrrk it, gurrrl!

5. And when someone is eating without you, you totally feel like this


“That looks so tasty. Please, just one bite.”

6. But when you forget your diet and overeat


And you are more stuffed than a stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving.

7. You basically sleep whenever possible


That’s your hobby.

8. And wherever possible


And you’re gifted with the talent of sleeping wherever.

9. You don’t care what people think about your incurable laziness


You just won’t move… unless the house is on fire and you’ve to save one of your 9 lives.

10. And you have a small threshold for drama. Oh, all that unbearable drama!


Hooman needs to be punished with the mighty paw!


Hilarious Tweets on Riverdale For Anyone Who Has Watched it


Because nothing caused a bigger sensation than the season finale of Riverdale… And we can’t even deal!

If you’ve watched the finale of Riverdale, you’ll totally agree with me when I tell that it was NOT expected… at all. It had you at the edge of your seats, quivering, gasping and hooting at the climax (and at Bughead and Varchie). *wink*

Irrespective of the seriousness of the whole season and who you love more (Archie OR Jug OR their daddys), here are 10 hilarious tweets that exactly described how we felt through the entire season. Keep reading:

Archie made us all gasp within the first few episodes! Like really Archie, you didn’t see or consider us? We choose you over Jug!



Archie’s issues were so basic. *eye roll* Though, he was the touch of realism in the world of unbelievable.



COME ON, ARCHIE. GROW UP. *girl with the palm up*



And despite being a fan of Archie, your heart went out to Bughead. *heart in eyes*



And didn’t you just hate it when everything was going against Jughead and his world seemed to be crashing down? *tear eyes*



And it seemed as if Veronica was fulfilling her dad’s quest of being the ‘most popular kid’ in high school. He got all the attention… for every crime! *face palm*



When they revealed that the Coopers were Blossoms. *gasp*

screen-shot-1438-08-21-at-12 ezgif-3-f5f9cde139


And the moment you realized Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper had committed a horrible crime unknowingly! LIKE REALLY RIVERDALE? *puke*






And after watching the entire season, you know nothing get realer than this apt description of Riverdale. *laughing with tears*



8 Cat Toys That You Can Buy From Souq


Here’s how you keep your cats amused 101

If you’re a working person and you own a cat, you may already know how difficult it is to be around with them all the time and entertain them or play around with them. During this difficult time of yours, we have come up with some products from that will keep your cat amused for hours and hours amidst your absence. Have a look at them; we are sure you’ll be tempted to buy one of these by the end of the article.

You’ll find them stuffed in the most unexpected corners doing the most surprising thing.

1. Cat Tunnel


If there’s one thing cats love more than sleeping, it’s sneaking and exploring the new corners of your house. This tunnel will keep them engrossed for hours. It’ll never tire them. With an additional peephole in the middle, they’ll never stop exploring the various possibilities of playing with this.

Cost: SAR 150

Buy it here

2. Catnip Chaser


If you’re worried about your cat being bored when you’re at work, here’s the perfect toy to keep them engaged while trying to get a glimpse of the hidden (and happy while they’re at it).

Buy it here

Cost: SAR. 55

3. Mouse On A Spring


Mouse and catnip are the best combinations your cat can ever get. With the catnip keeping your cat active and the mouse, which is located on top of a spring, attracting your cat, play time doesn’t get more entertaining than this! Also, you get to enjoy the amusing sight of your cat jumping up and down while trying to catch the mouse.

Cost: SAR. 25

Buy it here

4. Pounce Rotating Teaser


This automatic rotating and moving toy comes in four different speeds. Your cat will try to hunt it down, hit it and eventually sit on top of it accepting their fate of going wherever it goes (& trust me, nothing is more comical than your cat sitting on top of this teaser).

Cost: SAR. 150

Buy it here

5. A Bank For You Where Deposits Are Made By Your Cat


When you’re too tired to do your own work, make your cat do it, and since your cat is the most trust worthy living thing that you live with, why not let them handle your bank accounts, too? This mini bank is a place where you can get your cat to deposit all kinds of loose change that you’ve lying around, while you enjoy their hilarious reaction to the mini cat that takes all your money.

Cost: SAR 78.46

Buy it here

6. Catch The Mouse?


An active lifestyle is very important for your cat’s health. So, while you are not around 24×7 to play with your cat, here is an easier, affordable and suitable solution to your problem. This attractive mat consists of a wand that resembles the tail of a mouse, right below it and it keeps revolving under the mat. And you know that automatically translates into endless amusing hours for your cat!

Cost: SAR 100

Buy it here

7. Robotic Laser… for the times you are lazy


For the days you are busy to hold a laser and move your hand around just to keep your cat entertained, here is a robot to help you with it. This robot will throw around a laser (in a circulating motion) while you sit and stare at your very fascinated cat enjoying itself.

Cost: SAR 150

But it here

8. Turbo Racing?


No, your cat isn’t going to run on a track. Don’t worry. But, she’s definitely going to whirl around one. This track involves a ball that runs up and down it, while capturing the attention of your curious cat and making it run around the track in a desperate attempt to just touch the ball.

Cost: SAR 95

But it here