Fun and Spiritual Activities for Dhul-Hijjah!

Happy family with several members in education process

The best days are here, so let’s dive into the ocean of blessings!

The month of Dhul-Hijjah is quite a vibrant one for the residents of K.S.A. We’ve been blessed to witness the beauty of this massive congregation right in front of us while for many, it is merely a dream. Apart from the blessed Hajis having to perform the rituals of Hajj, this month is a blessing dawning upon all of us.

Now that the month has waved at us, it is our duty to make the most out of the blessed first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah- the best days of the year! The blessings during these days are so massive that one can barely hold their excitement!

Here are a few deeds that you can do to have the finest 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah!

1. Fast


Fasting is the most recommended act that you can do during these ten days. While as adults, you may manage to fast somehow, it is quite crucial for your kids to know about this rewarding act too.

So, why not give these days a bit of Ramadan vibe?

Get those lanterns out, decorate and encourage your children to join you too. Let them know how rewarding this can be. Fasting on the day of Arafah erases the sins of the past and the coming year.

One way to get them into the act is by using positive reinforcement- get them gifts for these nine days, and if they complete their fast or recite Quran or do any good deed for the day, shower them with those gifts. This way, they know that rewards are not just massive up there, but it can come in tiny forms here too!

2. Dhikr

Remembering Allah, sticking to good deeds and forbidding evil are the most crucial acts we must hold onto during these days. Hence, along with your family, make a list of all the adhkar that you can do. Let your kids be creative, make a scrap book along with them. Write out simple adhkar with colors and glitters, and ensure that they keep repeating it when idle thoughts and devices keep calling them. Let Takbeer (Allahu Akbar), Tahmeed (Alhamdulilah) and Tahleel (La ilaaha ill-Allah) be the priorities!

When you blend colors, fun and our faith, nothing could go wrong! Be it flash cards, colored papers, drawings or recording, let their creativity play!

3. Have a Story Night

Photo Credits: Getty

Photo Credits: Getty

Even if some of us know about Prophet Abraham’s (Peace be upon him) great sacrifice and story, not many remember it in the long-term. Especially, if you’ve got little munchkins running around the house, the story behind it would be great for a story night!

So rise to the occasion and start reading the story of Abraham (p.b.u.h) and get to know about his massive sacrifice. If you’d like to be the funny maniac, then go ahead and make the story lovable for your kids. If you’re hesitant about being the storyteller, then rely upon authentic animated videos made for children to do the job. While they’re at it, watch along with them and make it a blessed and fun night!

4. Charity

Photo Credits: musliminc

Photo Credits: musliminc

It can never be stressed enough- but teaching children to give is the best thing you can do as a parent. In these ten days, you’ll be rewarded massively for everything you do, so why not give? Even if you don’t have much, it’s alright, every little thing counts.

Let your children know about charity, ask them to make a charity box or get them a cute piggy, lionie, foxy, or whatever bank (they’ve all sorts, so…). Give them a Riyal or more every day, and ask them to collect it all safely. On the day of Eid-al-Adha, ask your kids to give whatever they’ve got in there to a needy person. That smile they see on the needy person’s face, or that prayer will warm up their hearts boundlessly!

5. Seek Forgiveness and Count the Blessings! 


These are the days that are best for repentance. While fasting already cleanses our hearts, seeking forgiveness for all the sins which we accumulate knowingly and unknowingly is exactly what we must do.
While repenting is one of the elements of prayer (and yes, let your kids know about the importance of repentance too); being thankful is another beautiful element. Make a list of all the things you and your family are grateful for and praise Allah endlessly for all that you have. This will teach your kids that little things count, and to count the blessings at all times!




Because we all need a master Yoda.

Chris Myers, a contributor to Forbes magazine, hands-down claimed that procuring the right mentorship is the best path to having a successful career. In the evolving times when climbing the ladder of success has become the norm whether it be in the societal level, or the professional world, a few guidelines to paddle through can go a long way.

Destination has summed up for you the topmost mentorship programs offered in the city that will indisputably accelerate your growth process.

ENDEAVOR Saudi Arabia

Having a team of refined, high-impact entrepreneurs as your mentors can certainly take you to great places. ENDEAVOR is a leading organization that is committed to selecting, mentoring and accelerating the growth of the finest entrepreneurs around the world. If you are looking to revive your business and accelerate its growth, check them out.

Get in touch:
Instagram: endeavorsaudi

Saudi Mentorship

saudi-mentorshipA group of Saudis who’ve received their degrees in the US came together to give back to the community by guiding young minds through the admission of US universities. With a team of brilliant mentors who provide hands-on training and familiarize the students with the academic settings in the US, they help make the process easier.

Get in touch:
Instagram: sacmmentors


InspireU is an STC initiative focused on mentoring idea-driven, hardworking and forward-looking individuals in the digital/ICT world. All they require is for you to have an idea worth building upon, and have a passionate soul that just has a thing for problem-solving. If you are in Riyadh, and are willing to build your novel idea, then get in touch with InspireU.

Get in touch:
Instagram: inspireu_stc

Alf Khair

alf-khairAlf Khair is a social enterprise initiated by Princess Reema Bint Bandar in 2013. Ever since its inception, they’ve been working stalwartly with the community to establish a better understanding of the organizational culture, and mentoring the next-gen entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that would have dual impact, that is, a Saudi and a global one. They have several initiatives, such as Alf Darb (which focuses on providing opportunities to craft the entrepreneurial journey by offering hands-on training and intensive mentorship), and Alf Hewar (a discussion held by optimum entrepreneurs to create networking opportunities and entrepreneurial awareness).

Get in touch:
Instagram: alfkhair

BADIR program

badr-2Business incubators serve as the ultimate support system that enables young minds to transform their creative ideas into an actuated reality. BADIR is a technology incubator program initiated by KACST in 2007. The word BADIR means ‘initiate’ and this program aims at helping startups accelerate their growth pace. BADIR invites all startups with innovative, vibrant, and phenomenal ideas, to get in touch with them so as to transform these ideas into successful enterprises.

Get in touch:
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A mundane holiday? Craving newness? Here’s your guide! 

Minopolis Saudi

The Pink Tarha

The Pink Tarha

This is the weekend getaway that we all had been dreaming about since our childhood. In Minopolis, your kids can try out various professions, from being a doctor, fireman, engineer, an architect to a chef. With over thirty establishments here, your kids can rush to be the hero wherever they want.

Location: Hayat Mall (See map)

Contact: +966-11-2058138

King Fahd Cultural Centre Planetarium



If you have ever been to a planetarium, you know how fascinating it can get. Imbibe yourself to the depth of our universe this summer by visiting the planetarium in King Fahd Cultural Centre. You are bound to be amazed by the stars that you see, and the planets that you gaze at! Got a kid who loves the solar system? Then send a request to the GM on +966-11-4800864.

Timings open: 12am-12pm

Thumama Sand Dunes


The adventure of Thumama sand dunes is a gift of time. It never gets old! Want to ride on a stunning Arabian horse? Fancy Quad Biking? Whatever your passion craves, celebrate it here! And ladies, the best part is that you’ve got just all the freedom that you crave for in Thumama.

Star City

star city

star city

If your child/children fancies/fancy the adrenaline rush that comes along with riding on exciting rides, then this place is the perfect one to go about! Star City is beautifully put together, clean and perfect for the adventure lovers! But, be warned, almost all the rides require your child to be 9 and above, so don’t be too disappointed after taking your under-aged kids!

Location: Eastern Ring Branch Rd, Al Hamra (See map)
Wednesday – Friday: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Open on mornings for field trips / private reservations.

Farm Touring

life in saudi arabia

Getting your kids familiarized with the roots of everything is an idyllic experience. Touring farms prove to be absolutely ecstatic because they get to see the process of making what comes to their tables. A bottle of milk is easy to gulp, but does the city life show us how it’s made? There lies the drawback. Riyadh offers you with the opportunity to tour the milking farms, and create indelible memories.

Location: Al Kharj


Tips to become a Perfect Traveler


When you are in a locality, stay local.

Vacationing is a bliss for a plethora of reasons, but what I find to be the absolute pleasure is the ‘me-time’ that we all get to savor. This doesn’t particularly mean to the time when you reside with your solitude; rather it has to do with the little moments that you get to experience with a dash of contemplation.

Staying local when you’re out of town is the most crucial element, and how can one do that? No matter where you go, never miss out on the essence of a locality, and DR is here to tell you how to go about it.

Talk to strangers

It sure is comfortable to hop into a limousine and savor the luxury of it all. But being a lone truck, no matter how wealthy, can only be fun for a while. Get into a common bus, or a tram and blend in with the locals. Talk to the one beside you, or walk in the streets, stop by and initiate a conversation (even if you don’t know the language, try signing or anything of the sort). One conversation can honestly blow your mind!

Bored Pandas

Bored Pandas

Help the people

When you’re out of the comfy city of yours, you involuntarily carry your nationality. You represent your country and culture, so why not leave a little goodness in the touring site? When people struggle with their bags or while loading luggage, or are having any trouble which you could easily sort out, then go ahead and do it! Apart from having that euphoria in you, the bliss of conversing with them after that and making them happy is out of the world!



Eat local

Food is everything that makes a vacation a good or bad one. Pricey restaurants are surely a good deal, with multi-cuisine entree and what not. But, the essence lies in the traditional food, the streets, and the small scale owners who are pushing their days. While traveling, spend a good amount of time in finding the finest delicacies of the town, and more often than not, you are likely to find them in the nooks and corners of the city.



Read local

Libraries hold the finest of secrets. And guess what? You can become that mystery human being who writes those sweet little notes too! Even if you’re not an avid reader, get to the library, find the book with yellowed pages and dilapidated cover (it’d be the best one), leave a beautiful little note for the next reader. That can make someone’s day!



Happy Vacationing!


Lip-smacking Recipes that you need to Try this Summer!

What’s better about the lazy summer days than eating to our hearts fill and finally putting our good old grill and oven to use?

As much as summers are about tiring days, they are quite a fun time as we get to cuddle in our cozy places, lazing around and just having the time of our lives by snoozing till the sun shines bright. Not to forget, it is also majorly about eating till our stomach declares its happiness.

DR has got some fascinating ideas to get that kitchen of yours smokin’ and that heart of yours chilled up just the way you like it:

BBQ Chicken

Allrecipes Dish

Allrecipes Dish

The classical tangy, juicy and smoked BBQ chicken never goes out of fashion. A summer without these guys at home as your main course would perhaps be nothing short to a mundane one.

TIP: Pair this up with well-cooked white plain rice, or rice sautéed in butter and garnished with cumin.

Baba Ganoush

Serious Eats

Serious Eats

What would be a vacay without remembering our good old tradition? Especially, when it comes to food, having that one authentic food once in a while just blends the right amount of nostalgia. And could you ever go wrong with the master of eggplants aka Baba Ganoush? NOPE! So go ahead, and try this out!

Watermelon Salad

Serious Eats

Serious Eats

If there is one thing that we could never get enough of in this part of the world, then it has to be watermelons! While we love watermelons just as they are, when it is blended with the right ingredients to pop a watermelon salad, they become all the more enthralling.

Pro tip: Ensure the feta isn’t too salty.

Classical banana cream pie

Betty Crocker

Betty Crocker

Missing out on a delicacy like banana cream pie during summers is a crime! While the bakeries out there sell it for mind-boggling figures, we can get this done for a few bucks. So gather the ingredients and your saucepans, you are about to steal the hearts of your friends and family with this recipe!

Homemade Sangria



Making the halal Sangria is quite a family affair. Gather your kids and spouse and get them all do one task. If one dices the peach, let the other deal with the apples. Gather everything together and blend them to have the finest Sangria you would’ve ever tasted!


Historical Fanatics, KSA calls you!

Ventures Onsite

Saudi Arabia is a land of culture, history and heritage that seems to take us beyond the present realms of the world.

How many times do we go through the pages of the past and wish that perhaps we could walk through the ruins of the nations succumbed to such a state, and have a glimpse into the past?

Being in Saudi Arabia makes all your historical fantasies easy to be fulfilled. Right from walking through the ruins of Mada’in Saleh to visiting the holy places and filling our hearts with tranquility, there seems to be no nation like this one.

This summer, make it a point to visit these places, and explore an entirely new realm of Saudi Arabia. After all, the more local we get, the better would be our lives!

Mada’in Saleh

Once acted as the trade link between Saudi and Petra, now a home to ruins and significant ancient history. This is one of the places that refers to a residential space of a community mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.  (The Story of Prophet Saleh, peace be upon him). This is also the first site to be declared as the World Heritage Site in Saudi.


Signature Hotels & Resorts

Signature Hotels & Resorts

Tayma is an archeological site/settlement located between Madina and Al-Jawf in Nefud District. It is known for holding some of the most ancient inscriptions including one of an Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramesses II. A large oasis with a large settlement, and an absolute adventure for the explorers out there. This is one place you would NOT want to miss out on;  ya Shabab, where are you at?




It is one of the most breathtaking historical sites in KSA due to its ancient heritage and cultural richness. It is said that the walled fortress had existed ever since the time of Messenger Muhammad (PBUH), but originally it was built by the grandson of Ibrahim (Peace be upon him). The fortress stands tall and proud, ready to be the national Instragammable sensation.

Rock Carving Site

Daily Mail

Daily Mail

If you’re that person that tends to get curious about what people actually did in the past, you know during those days, when our hands were free of these glistening devices that we hold today, then this place is for you. The Rock Carving site holds some of the finest rock carvings that represent the lifestyle of the primeval people and sheds a light onto the climatic alterations that has occurred over the years. You know this land to be a desert, but have you ever thought of it as something else? Well, visit the place to know the prosperous history of Saudi.

Al-Jawatha Mosque



While touring around the Eastern Province, it wouldn’t hurt in the least to visit this living piece of legend! Al Jawa Mosque is said to be one of the earliest mosques to be built and still exists in its dilapidated form. It is said that it was built in the year 692 AD by Bani Abd-al-Qays Tribe. Known for a couple of significant occurrences in history, this is a thriving historical site that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Eid-Al-Fitr, 2017- Festivals in Riyadh


The most awaited time of the month is here, and your nerves are on a frenzy as you decide to make the most out of this Eid-al-Fitr. Hence, planning time it is! 

If you are on the lookout for intriguing ways and places to celebrate this Eid with your friends and family, then we are glad to help you out! We have compiled the fantastic four festivals to be held on Eid-al-Fitr in Riyadh to make this special occasion a memorable one

1. Marching Carnival

Madellin living

Madellin living

A festival that is being held for quite some time now in Riyadh on every Eid, and undoubtedly leaves our spirits awakened. This festival would consist of kids’ favorite cartoon and comic characters marching forth in a captivating manner. With the spirit of carnival, and the essence of culture, kids and adults (who decide to accompany them), both are bound to fall in love with this festival. A plethora of shows such as military shows, Hajana shows, folklore shows and light and sound events will also be held at the same carnival. The main attraction of this place lies in the goodies that would be handed over to your little ones. After all, no kid has ever hated those tangy candies and exciting toys! Also, you can indulge in the finest traditional delicacies lined up here while you watch the shows evolve.

Place: Prince Turki Ibn Adulaziz St.

Timings: 7:15 pm- 12pm

2. Layali-al-Eid



Attention, ladies of Riyadh! Layali-al-Eid is an exclusive event that will be held only for females and needless to say, is bound to leave you enthralled. Here you’ll find passionate female singers of Riyadh, and the hidden talents of the vibrant city that will leave you inspired. Apart from having performers, you’ll find a cozy place for your kids to have the time of their lives. Exciting events and games for kids and women are right on the bay! Layali-Al-Eid will be held from 25th-27th June, 2017.

Place: King Fahd Cultural Centre

Timings: 5pm-11pm.

3. Dinner in the Sky



This has been quite a sensation for a while, hasn’t it? Well, now that it has hit the capital city of KSA, why would it not be the talk of the town?! This Eid, gather your loved ones and ramp-up for an adventurous and memorable dinner in the sky, by which you can fill your tummies to its happiness 50 meters above the ground level! Exciting, isn’t it? Don’t miss out this wondrous opportunity that you can get to experience in the King Fahd Cultural Centre.

The offers will be open for the first three days of Eid, so rush to the luck quickly!

Place: Kind Fahd Cultural Centre

Dates: First 3 days of Eid.

4. Folkloric Performance


Every once in a while, letting our souls feel the essence of our tradition leaves us nostalgically impressed. Celebrate your Eid-Al-Fitr with the dazzling folkloric performance that would be showcased in Al-Jazira District. The Heritage Village in here will give you just the perfect glimpse of the culture, wealth, and richness of KSA. Apart from these, your kids can have an absolute memorable time by participating in the plethora of games and competitions that will be held there. Filled with grandeur and authenticity, the theater rooms and wide screens will keep your senses refurbished as they alternate between various shows.

Place: Al- Jazira District, Riyadh.



How to make your Eid a Perfectly Memorable One?


Eid is the day when one simply has no room for that frown. As the good old ones say, it is just the right time for you to turn your frown upside down.

Although we have been celebrating Eid according to our own tradition for decades, there are a few things that perhaps every tradition could try out. Or maybe even revive a few of our lost traditions? After all, this day is a day of joy, and a celebration of togetherness, so why not? We decided to do something different, so we tapped the essence of various traditions followed around the world, and channelized it for our community to have a gist of varying experiences.

The Orchestra Movement.



Undoubtedly, if there is one thing that kids love to do, then it has to be singing. It just comes off naturally! Discard the music, and the modern lyrics, gather your family, be a kid with the kids, get a Daf if you prefer, and just sing your hearts out by taking turns, or create a mini customized version of an Eid singing game.

P.S. keep it family-friendly.

Photograph Time!



Let’s face it, the busy bees we are, we hardly get time to meet up with our extended relatives and so on. Eid is a joyous occasion that needs to be remembered, then why not imprint this memory forever? Gather all your family members, get a good camera, and snap a beautiful family photograph. To print or not, let it be there as an attestation of beauty.




Eid isn’t like any other occasion to follow a monotonous routine. Be it the face or walls, let’s brighten up a little. Whether your family is really into lightings or colors, the choice is yours. Get the kids involved and let the creativity play in. No need of the perfectionist fanaticism here, mere happy work is enough to enlighten the abode.


Fashion nama

Fashion nama

Maybe this isn’t as trendy as it had been, but really, henna-adorned hands of women are the best thing to witness. Why not bring this back and decorate our hands just the way we love? From India to Arabia, henna seems to connect boundaries. If you can’t do it on your own, get a professional henna artist. Or if you are known to be a fine henna artist, then it is time to buckle up and get those extra bucks that women would shower you with for your art!

Foodie Peace Treaties



The delicacies of Arabia are endless, talk about the desserts, and one would attest that nothing could be better than the traditional food that we had been cooking for decades. But once we go beyond the borders, that’s when we know that some of the finest delicacies could lie on the other side too. For a starter, how many baklawa lovers have had sheer kurma of India or Melwi of Morocco? (Hope that provokes you enough!)



5 Weird Things That Are Super-Normal During Ramadan


Before we begin stating anything, it can be clearly established that there is anything barely normal about Ramadan to the part of the world that looks at this month with those I-am-judging-you goggles. People are going to judge you anyway, so why not give the world a glimpse of our revamped nightlife and the weird habits that we adopt now? You know, to get those extra eye-rolls and stares?

Let’s ride now, shall we?

The Arabic Potion


Ever considered drinking a mixture of Laban (Buttermilk) and 7up/soda? Half of this and half of that just makes the perfect drink for Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) for many in the Arabian world. Weird? Well, not for us!

Disclaimer: I’m NOT promoting this as a healthy drink, but it is way too refreshing to be ignored.

Being a nocturnal 


While people would’ve blamed it on their insomnia earlier, sleeping at night during Ramadan is a herculean task around here. We are nocturnal feasters and workers. So if you haven’t been around here for a while, know that our productivity is at peak perhaps at 2am when the world usually slumbers.

Being hangry


Now, Ramadan is about peace and tranquility. Many of us are hangry people (angry when you are hungry), but when Ramadan’s crescent moon smiles at us, we draw out that little halo and place above our heads, grit our teeth, and just pray that no one blows our space. If they do, May God protect them.

P.s. When you are fasting, and someone infuriates you, say ‘ana sayim’ (I’m fasting).

The growling stomach


See, we don’t usually starve while fasting. There are days when we do feel like our stomachs have been too lonely, but not when we get used to it.

BUT, but, our tummies tend to embarrass us in front of… it doesn’t care who or where, by echoing the noise of the insides. It is empty, has got nothing to digest, so what’s better than playing that embarrassing tune? Feel your tummy vibrating, see, that’s what I’m talking about.

To Sleepy Drive. 


Sleep-walking is quite a common occurrence, but sleep driving, and that too an entire population together doing it, now that comes off as a shocker! But honestly, most of the men have the maps embedded in their heads. So every morning, they kick start the engine, and car rolls on, but their eyes, well, let’s just hope for the best, shall we?


How to Ramp-Up for the last 10 nights of Ramadan?


Years roll on, only to halt at one place. At least, for many of us. We all bookmark Ramadan to be that go-to place, and perhaps the showstopper of it all. But even in Ramadan, we have got those last 10 days which seem to be showering His Mercy and Compassion.

Without a doubt, the last 10 days of Ramadan are precious, because we never know when that one night which is better than 1000 months is going to fall upon us. But the burning question is, are we really making it there enough? Chances are for us to have been strolling in the malls, and munching away on delicacies (which is FINE), but ya know, a little bit of dedication can go a long way!

Here are five feasible tips to have the best ten days of the year:

Don’t fill up the vessel! 


The last ten nights are when you’re likely to stay up all night dedicated to worship. Attending Qiyam-ul-layl, or reading Qur’an requires wakefulness. So go a little easy on those premium delicacies cooking in the kitchen, and the shawarma shops lined down the street!

Du’a it all. 

Photo Credits: Little Muslimah

Photo Credits: Little Muslimah

This is the BEST time to make du’a, attain forgiveness and get what you want. Have been craving to reach the moon for a while now (not literally, or maybe?), well, try praying about it during these nights. It works wonders! Also, who doesn’t want to start over? Recite that one special Du’a from your heart, and feel the difference!

Give Away!


This is the best time to practice empathy and increase the amount of charity you give. After all, your deeds tend to be multiplied in rewards on the precious night. That little boy who comes to you with a bunch of towels and chewing gum? Perhaps, we don’t need to shoo him away. Instead get a few from him, and give a bunch in return. There you go, a win-win situation!

Cutting down idle stuff.

See, Netflix has got a bunch of series rolled up in line. Social Media is decked with the finest things on earth. YouTubers are going to Hona Lulu, but you know what? There is enough time to watch it all during the ENTIRE year!

Ten nights are the only thing that you’re being asked, so devote your time, and be the best and the most productive person you can be. If you work, give your best (YES! Don’t shy away from responsibilities), and at worship, be the superhero you can be.