8 Saudi Companies That Existed Even Before The Formation Of The Kingdom

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Saudi Arabia sure has come a long way since its unification/formation in 1932. The economy boomed, businesses sprang up, workers from all around the world were employed and the Kingdom became a major player in the world economy.

However, before all this happened there were companies that begun their operations much before, in fact, even before the official formation of the country. Many of these companies still operate to this very day and have grown multifold along with the country. So much so, that some of these have become large multinational conglomerates and are a vital part of the country’s rising global presence.

1. House of Alireza

Also known as Beit Zainal, it is considered to be the oldest commercial enterprise in the country with its foundation blocks being laid back in 1845. The founder, Zainal Alireza, began trading with the imports of foodstuffs, textiles and other merchandise in Jeddah. After the unification of the country the company’s growth rate increased drastically and today it is one of the largest conglomerates in the country. Considering its long business standing in the country, Haji Abdullah Alireza & Company was awarded commercial registration number 1 by the Saudi Arabian government.

2. Binzagr

One of the oldest companies in the country, the Binzagr group’s founding is traced back to 1881 when it began operating as a small trading company. Trading and distribution still forms the core business of the company and they currently hold the exclusive distribution and import rights for many international products spanning automotive, personal care, home care, food and drinks.


3. Yousuf MA Naghi & Sons Group

1911 was the year when a Jeddah resident, Mohamed Abdul Wahab Naghi, laid the foundation blocks for a company that would eventually became one of the most trusted and recognizable names in the Kingdom. The group has its headquarters based in Jeddah and has diversified operations throughout Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE.

4. Jamjoom

Boasting of operating in Saudi Arabia for over 100 years, the name Jamjoom is a household name in country today. Many subsidiaries under the Jamjoom umbrella operate in many countries across the Arab world. The group’s interests are wide-ranging covering automotive, medicine, real estate and manufacturing in addition to many others.

Photo Credit: jamjoompharma.com

Photo Credit: jamjoompharma.com

5. Saudi Hollandi Bank

When it started operations in 1926, it was the first bank in the country. It was operating as a branch of the Netherlands Trading Society to serve Hajj pilgrims from the Dutch East Indies. The bank then functioned as the de facto central bank of the country and was storing the Kingdom’s gold reserves and receiving oil revenues on behalf of the Saudi government. The Saudi Hollandi Bank is currently one of the largest and most trusted banks in the country.

Photo Credit: arabianbusiness.com

Photo Credit: arabianbusiness.com

6. Ittihad Club

The Jeddah-based sports club is famed for its football team Ittihad FC. Ittihad club was formed in 1927, making it the oldest club in the Kingdom. Till date the club has won 8 league titles and 47 championships – 3 of them were the Asian championship titles.

Photo Credit: greenvision.com.sa

Photo Credit: greenvision.com.sa

7. Saudi Bin Ladin Group (SBG)

Founded a year before the formation of the country in 1931, Saudi Bin Ladin Group is now one of the largest construction companies in the world. They have been involved with many critical projects of The Kingdom since their founding including the construction of the Abraj Al Bait Towers, King Abdul Aziz International Airport, King Saud University, Al Hada Highway and the expansions of the Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah amongst many others.

Photo Credit: saudiarabia.doingbusinessguide.co.uk

Photo Credit: saudiarabia.doingbusinessguide.co.uk

8. Al Bilad

The Arabic language newspaper started its production right before the formation of the country in April 1932. It was initially printed only once a week and was printed under the name of ‘The Voice of Hejaz”. Its name changed to Al Bilad 28 years later.

Photo Credit: alangari.com.sa

Photo Credit: alangari.com.sa


Traveling By Private Jet from Saudi Arabia

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Ease and comfort are two of the most important factors travelers look for, whether they are traveling for business or pleasure Everyone wants their journey to be devoid of any discomfort or problem. So whether you are taking a business trip, a summer vacation or going on a honeymoon, consider one of the following award winning luxury airlines based in the Middle East:

Chocks Away:

It offers private jet charter solutions for corporate and private clients looking for flexibility, privacy and luxury. And it has also been nominated for Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter for the past three years.
Tel: +44-1252-835794

Saudia Private Aviation:

Founded in 2009 by Saudi Arabian Airlines, SPA promises luxury, privacy and the highest standards of safety. SPA’s fleets can hold between 6 to 16 passengers and are ideal for luxury travel no matter what your itinerary.
Tel: 920013310
Web: saudiaspa.com.sa


Photo Credit: saudiaspa.com.sa


NasJet is the largest and fastest growing private jet operator in the Middle East and one of the top ten in the entire world. NasJet offers large and midsize jets with the capacity of 7 to 14 people. While NasJet is the ideal option for any business trip(city-to-city or transcontinental), they also offer Honeymoon, Summer and Hajj & Umrah Jetcards for varied travel options.
Tel: +966-11-2172070
Web: nasjet.com.sa

Photo Credit: nasjet.com.sa

Photo Credit: nasjet.com.sa

Vista Jet:

VistaJet was founded by Thomas Flohr in 2004 with the aim of redefining private aviation. He wanted to start a revolution in the skies that would offer clients unrivalled choice, luxury, a simple business model and, of course, safety.
Tel: +44-2070-605700

Air Charter International:

Established in 1994 in Dubai, ACI provides aviation services including aircraft lease and charter services. ACI believes in providing reliable, cost effective service and has been nominated for Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter award every year since 2009.
Tel: +971-4-8070707
Web: aircharter-international.com

Photo Credit: facebook.com/AirCharterInternational

Photo Credit: facebook.com/AirCharterInternational

Royal Jet:

It is an award-winning international luxury flight services provider based in Abu Dhabi. Royal Jet has been awarded as Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter and World’s Leading Private Jet Charter, and was named the Business Jet Provider of the Year in 2010. Royal Jet guarantees a matchless experience in luxury travel.
Tel: +971-2-5051777
Web: royaljetgroup.com

Al- Tayyar Group:

It is one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia with prominent local and international branches and has been awarded as the best tour operator in the Middle East. Al-Tayyar ensures competitive prices and prompt reservations.
Web: altayyargroup.com

Photo Credit: altayyargroup.com

Photo Credit: altayyargroup.com


Jeddah's World's Tallest Building Has Competition Already

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Just when we thought that Jeddah would build a colossal tower and hold the record for the tallest tower in the world for long, news comes even before its completion that a competitor has sprung up.

As expected it comes from a country in the Middle East, but not from any of the Gulf countries, but from Basra in Iraq. This planned vertical city in Basra is set to be taller than the under-construction Kingdom Tower in Jeddah by 152 meters. This sprawling tower in Iraq will boast of a total height of a whopping 1,152 meters.


Photo Credit: citylab.com

The building proposed by AMBS Architects, will be called ‘The Bride’. AMBS Architects has offices in London, Baghdad and Basra and comprises of founder of Ali Mousawi and partners Amir Mousawi and Marcos De Andres. The company is a consortium of international architects, designers and engineers dedicated to architecture and project management.


Photo Credit: tumblr.com

The Basra Governorate commissioned this megaproject as part of their ambitious goal of maximizing the city’s capacity by 2025. A tower of such staggering proportions is proposed to avoid the urban sprawl. The complex of ‘The Bride’ is made up of four conjoined towers that will total to 604 stories.


Photo Credit: dezeen.com

Many archaeologists believe that the region around Basra housed iconic architectural masterpieces of the ancients like the Tower of Babel and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. So keeping that into consideration it is rightfully that this ancient city will get another architectural masterpiece that will be a beacon of hope for future generations. But right now it is only in the planning stage, and no estimated time for its completion has been given.


Video: A River Of Ice In The Saudi Desert Mind Blowing


Yes, you read that right. A video has been doing rounds on social media in which an icy river is flowing through the Saudi Arabian desert.

With the winter having begun across the Kingdom, many regions across the country have seen heavy rains over the past few weeks. This particular river is believed to have originated from a hailstorm.

While the exact location of the river has not been identified, social media users suspect it to be in the region of Hail in Saudi.

This is however not the first time that a river has sprung up in Saudi, heavy rains create temporary rivers mostly flowing through dry river beds.  But a river made from hail, now this is something unique. Take a look for yourself.





The Top 10 Universities in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia has several centers for higher education, some of which regularly feature amongst the top universities of Asia.

The Kingdom has invested heavily in education since its formation and the number of centers for higher education has seen consistent growth over the years.

One of the main factors that students consider before enrolling in a particular university is the ranking of it. To make your search easier we present to you the rankings of Saudi Arabian universities as featured in the Saudi Arabia based Center for World Universities Rankings (CWUR).
The CWUR rankings are based on quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, number of publications, number of publications in high-quality journals, citations, scientific impact and number of patents.
Here are the top 10 universities in the country today.

10. King Faisal University (KFU)

Established in the year 1975, the King Faisal University was set up in the Eastern Province in the city of Hofuf. Currently there are 14 colleges that operate under the university. KFU also has college campuses in Dammam and Al Khobar as well.


9. Taibah University (TaibahU)

The university was established in 2003 when the Madinah campuses of Muhammad bin Saud University and King Abdulaziz University were merged into on one university. There are currently over 63,000 students enrolled in the university. The total number of academic programs offered at TaibahU stands at 156. TaibahU also operates colleges in smaller towns outside of Madinah.


8. Taif University (TU)

Established in 2003, the main campus of the university is located within the confines of King Saud’s Palace in Hawiyya, an outlying suburb of Taif. TU does have a few colleges in other towns outside of Taif. It was originally founded as a college and was part of King Abdulaziz University and later on part of the Umm Al Qura University, before being made into a university of its own and began offering courses in multiple fields of education.


7. Najran University

Standing at number 7 on the list, the Najran University has a sprawling campus covering an area of 18 million square meters, making it one of the largest university campuses in the entire Arabian Peninsula. The university was formed by a royal decree from King Abdullah in the year 2006. The University has 15 academic departments offering 25 majors. The number of enrolled students is close to 12,000.


6. King Khalid University

The university has multiple college campuses distributed all over the Asir region. On 26 July 1998, King Saud University and Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University merged to become King Khalid University. It is one of the biggest centers of learning in the Arabian Peninsula boasting a large number of local and foreign students.


5. Alfaisal University

This is a private non-profit university that was established by the King Faisal Foundation in Riyadh. The university is made up of four faculties, Business, Engineering, Medicine, Science and General Studies. It has numerous partnerships with leading multinational corporations from around the world.


4. King Abdulaziz University

It was originally established as a private university back in 1967 by a group of businessmen. However in 1974 it was converted into a public university and a substantial endowment was setup for it. KAU is part of the Port-City University League, which an international league of universities located port cities across the world. The university consistently features in the top 300 universities in the world list, scoring high marks on the International Outlook criteria.

Photo Credit: hdrinc.com

Photo Credit: hdrinc.com

3. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

The public university is regularly featured in the list of top 3 universities in the Arab World. Based in Dhahran, the university was originally established as an educational institution to provide high-level education about petroleum and minerals, which are the most valuable natural resources of the Kingdom. Today, KFUPM’s engineering and science programs are renowned worldwide and its selection criteria is one of the toughest in the Kingdom.

2. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Though it is the youngest on the list, established fairly recently in 2009, KAUST has managed to attract hordes of international students from over 60 different countries. With an endowment fund of $10 billion, it has one of the largest endowments in the world. It has consistently ascended in the world university rankings.

Photo Credit: hok.com

Photo Credit: hok.com

1. King Saud University

Formerly known as the University of Riyadh, King Saud University is considered to be one of Asia’s best universities. Some other international rankings show it to be the best in the entire Arab World as well. This is a public university and comes with a large endowment fund of $2.7 Billion. KSU is the first university to be set up in the Kingdom, founded in the year 1957. The current student body consists of around 65,000 students.

Source: CWUR


14 Saudi Street Food Items That You Absolutely Have To Try


Street food is popular all over the world, be it a hot dog or a falafel, but nothing can beat the variety of street food we have in Saudi Arabia.

A mixture of different cuisines and cultures make street food from the Kingdom stand out. No matter where we are, be it a flea market or a mall, we love to gorge onto street food whenever we get a chance.

Here are some delightful street food items from around the country that you simply cannot say no to:

1. Yughmish

Leavened bread that is filled with the juiciest of meats is one of the most delicious way to indulge in Saudi street food. Yughmish is not harsh on your tummy, they rather serve a quick snack to have during the day. Filling and tasty at the same time, the piquant yughmish is one of those snacks that you just can’t say no to!


2. Mutabaq

This mouth-watering and popular dish is believed to be of Yemeni origin, but luckily for us has become one of the most popular appetizers in the Kingdom. This stuffed version of the pancake can be easily found throughout the country. Made from thin pastry layers wrapped and folded around a mixture of mincemeat, eggs, parsley, tomatoes, onions, and a bit of jalapeño pepper. Your first bite of the Mutabaq will burst into a plethora of a myriad of flavors in your mouth.


3. French Fries (Batatis)

The name itself can make ones mouth water. But when it comes to French fries, the ones sold by hawkers in their small carts is unmatchable. The deep fried delicacy is sprinkled with a blend of spices and topped with hot sauce or ketchup depending on preference. The alluring aroma that arises from one of these carts is just too tempting to resist.


4. Malabari Paratha

This layered flakey flatbread just melts away in your mouth. A staple dish amongst the South Indian expat population, it has now become popular amongst all other residents living in the Kingdom. When served with curry you’ll find yourself gorging on this scrumptious flatbread.

Photo Credit: youtube.com

Photo Credit: youtube.com

5. Luqaimat

These doughnut-like dumplings are one of the tastiest sweet dish you’ll ever come across. Crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside, the sugary treat is what we instinctively turn to when we need a sugary fix. Luqaimat are a Ramadan favorite.


Photo Credit: daaniaf.wordpress.com

6. Kulfi

The scrumptious frozen dessert is a favorite amongst the Indian Sub-continental community living in the Kingdom and can easily be found in neighborhoods where they form the majority. Kulfis are made from full cream milk that is thickened with khoa and garnished with chopped nuts. Although a bit heavier than  regular ice creams, the rich and satisfying desert is a must try during the sultry summers.


7. Lahoh

Although a bit rare to come across, this spongy version of the pancake is thanks to the large African Diaspora living in the Kingdom. The gently cooked and mild flavored soft flatbread is commonly consumed with a honey or yoghurt based side dish. Light on the stomach and entirely satisfying, the saporous Lahoh is delicious without any side dish as well!


8. Sobia

A Ramadan favorite, this thirst quenching drink is exactly what we need after a day of fasting. The drink comes in many flavors and each flavor has a different color which makes the sobia stall look all the more colorful and appealing. This sweet drink is one of the things we miss about Ramadan.


9. Falafel

The aperitive falafel are the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of street food. These spicy, deep-fried delicacies are prepared using faca beans and/or ground chickpeas. They can be relished with a topping of pickled veggies, salads and hot sauce or as a stuffing for bread along with veggies and sauces of your choice. This street treat is easily one of the most devoured and preferred of all street foods in the country.


10. Mantu

The tiny tantalizing treasures are a form of dumplings that typically consist of a tangy meat mixture. Although originally central Asian, the mantu has been customized and adjusted to the Saudi palate with a combination of local herbs used in making the meat mixture.


11. Samboosa

Samboosas come with scores of appetizing fillings from cheese and veggies to even minced meat. The fried or baked flavorsome samboosa over tea are a quintessential snack for guests who pay a quick evening visit to an Arabian household.


12. Baleela

One of the easiest snacks in this list to rustle up when in a hurry. Made up of boiled chickpeas mixed with garlic and a pinch of salt, this hot and spicy street food is what many consider comfort food across the country. It’s the crunch and softness from the chickpeas that account for a milieu of happy memories.


13. Manaeesh

This Arabian version of the pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in the country. Though it is of Levantine origin it has integrated well into Saudi culture. Za’atar(thyme), labneh(strained yogurt) and minced lamb are toppings that you have to try. You can even combine them all in one!


14. Kushari

Originally  made from leftovers, this Egyptian dish is quickly growing in popularity with restaurants dedicated to Kushari springing up all over town. Kushari is made from a combination of all things yum – macaroni, chickpeas, rice, lentil, tomato sauce and several other spices adding up to make an appetizing meal.


So which one of these haven’t you tried before?


The Epitome of Hejazi Architecture – Bait Al Nassef


The temporary dwelling of King Abdul Aziz, this ancient merchant house in Jeddah is one of the city’s most prominent landmarks.

Nestled in the heart of Al Balad, on a location that gives the appearance of a junction of major roads, this is by far the biggest attraction in the area. Bait Al Naseef today is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Historic Jeddah.

Bait Al Naseef is often the last stop on tourist circuits, as it sits deep in Al Balad. One has to pass through the narrow maze-like lanes of Al Balad and witness its various architectural marvels before seeing the grandest of them all at the last stop.

One of the most noticeable features of the building are its elegant rawasheen. The rawasheen are the wooden latticed windows that are common features of buildings that sit in the older part of Jeddah. The specialty of these windows is that they provide ample privacy and allow the cold air breeze from the sea to enter freely.


In Bait Al Naseef these rawasheen protrude out from the edifice covering much of its plastered walls in the front. The beige colored walls along with the dark brown rawasheen create a striking contrast, whilst the coral structure gives the building an aesthetic look.

The first thing that one notices after reaching Bait Al Naseef is the huge neem tree that blocks much of the view for one coming from the arterial road. Many believe that this tree is the oldest one in the city and dates back to when the building was first constructed. There are 3 cannons dating back to the Ottoman era that sit in the front of the building.


The building was constructed by the Naseef family in 1881; it took 9 years to construct. In 1925, King AbdulAziz stayed in this house and received guests here whilst the Khuzam Palace was being constructed.

The house continued to remain in possession of the Naseef family, and in 1975, it was converted into a private library. The library housed over 16,000 books at one point of time. Some of these books have found their way to the library of the King AbdulAziz University.


Though the architecture of the house ascribes to typical Red Sea Coastal architecture, the interior is heavily influenced by Turkish elements. The ground floor has a huge rectangular hall that has 2 entrances, in order to create separate entrances for males and females during its initial days. However, when one accesses the building from the main entrance, they’ll first pass through a dilhiz, which is a smaller hall before reaching the main hall. There are many rooms on the ground floor that open into the central hall. The total number of rooms in the building tally to 106.

If one counts the pavilion and offset and mezzanine floors, the building houses 7 floors. Today however, only the ground floor of the structure is open to tourists. It contains black and white photographs from the early days of Jeddah. Sparsely populated wide roads with hawkers and wooden carts are to be seen in many of these photos.

There are also old artifacts from the city that are housed within the building. The building functions as a mini-museum. Speaking of museums, there is another museum adjacent to Bait Al Nassef that has a larger collection of artifacts.

The viral video of BBC presenter Kate Humble feeling emotionally moved by the sound of the azan blaring from multiple minarets all at once was shot on the roof of this building.

Please bear in mind that Bait Al Naseef is not open throughout the year. One can visit it only at select times during the year such as during the Kuna Kida festival. Or if one wants to visit it during the year then they have to go with registered tour groups such as Nomad Arabia or Explorer Tours.


Being a non Arab living in Saudi Arabia, I’ve been exposed to numerous Arabian foods. But many a time when I go to order these foods, the person at the counter can’t seem to understand my pronunciations.

Sometimes I even have to explain how it looks to get him to understand. So here are some common Arabian foods with their correct pronunciations.











Best Breakfast Joints In Jeddah


We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So why keep it simple? Check out these exquisite breakfast joints in Jeddah for a satisfying start to your day.

F6or Faris

During breakfast hours you could find yourself in the middle of an onerous task to get a table; that’s how popular it is. Arabian breakfast is a must-try here, the shakshooka, fool and Haloumi sandwich stand out. Their non-Saudi breakfast items are toothsome as well (the chocolate pancake and waffles are exquisite). Instead of coffee, end your breakfast here with Adani tea. This savory drink will make up for a good change. F6or Faris has rewritten the way breakfast joints operate in the city and it won’t be a surprise to see other similar local brands pop up anytime soon on the same lines.

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Mugg & Bean

An ideal place for catching up on your emails before you head to work or review your tasks for the day all while enjoying a luscious breakfast. Most of their popular breakfast dishes feature eggs, so if you are one of those types that need eggs in your breakfast, you’ll be in your zone at Mugg & Bean (Eggs Benedict is a must for you). And in case you don’t want to have eggs for  breakfast, then you can always try out their chicken sandwiches and/or their succulent Apple Banana Pie. They also have unlimited coffee refills, what more could one want for breakfast?!

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Tired of American or Arabian breakfasts, then this quintessential French bakery and café is a must-try for you. The names on the menu are a bit hard to pronounce, but then again who cares about the names, the food is the reason you are there. No? They serve a complementary basket of bread during breakfast. If you happen to have a sugar tooth, then this place will make you feel like Charlie on his trip to the Chocolate Factory; there are just so many dishes on the sweeter side to choose from (words can’t describe the awesomeness of its chocolate tart).

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Plenty of mouthwatering syrups along with typical American breakfast dishes served in large portions is what one can expect at this American franchise. Omelets, pancakes, crepes, French toasts – IHOP has it all. And if by any chance any of the dishes don’t match your expectations then you can always count on the sugary syrups to make up for a scrumptious breakfast.

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This café has an amazing breakfast offering – anyone who has tried it can testify to that. Enjoy your breakfast while looking at the sea from the floor to ceiling glass wall. The food served here is a delectable mix of Arab and Western favorite breakfast meals. Plus, the food served is very pleasing to look it -the presentation is spot on. And while you are there don’t miss out on its fresh juices.

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Located right in the business district of Khalediyah, Kalila is a popular spot as a breakfast joint amongst the working class. Boasting of an extensive menu, the dishes at Kalila are well-presented and the strong flavors from the Levant region give traditional meals a nice flavorsome touch. They also have Western favorites as well. With a nice ambiance and decent crowd this is the perfect place to start your day.

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Cappuccino Jeddah

Offering unparalleled views of the Red Sea, this classy café is the kind of place where you won’t mind it even if the food is not great. But, luckily at Capuccino the food is great as well. It has a Mediterranean touch to it (considering the brand originated in Majorca, Spain). The prices are on the higher end, so it’s for those who are willing to splurge on breakfast. Their Indian tea is a must-try. In case you’re a coffee person then try their cold cappuccino. Another worthy of mention is their lemon juice, which is absolutely refreshing, helping you kick off your day with a renewed zest.

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Brioche Dorée

If you are curious about what you might find in a French patisserie? Brioche Dorée in Arab Mall is the place to be. It is perfect for breakfast because it offers a wide selection of sandwiches. Whether you want cheese, eggs, beef or chicken, you will find that with a variety of bread as well. However, what makes this place very special is its selection of cakes or gateaux to be more specific. All are typical French with the signature Mille Feuilles (custard filled puff pastry), white chocolate tart and mouth watering raspberry and chocolate tart that would look perfect for a food shot on Instagram. 

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Simit Sarayi

Yet another magnificent breakfast spot nestled in Arab Mall and also Jeddah airport.  Simit Sarayi, the Turkish restaurant/bakery, is probably best known for its sesame-covered bagels. Buns that are filled in plain cheese (white or yellow) or cheese with olives along with fresh boreks are also available. The fresh smell of baked goods will engulf you in a warm and pleasant mood.  Of course all these goodies would taste even better with tea.

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Photo Credit: foursquare.com

Photo Credit: foursquare.com

The Bagel Bar

This is not just your normal coffee bar, it has a lot more to offer. Located on Rawdah Street, The Bagel Bar, as the name reveals, has a variety of bagels ranging from ones filled with Philadelphia cheese to chicken and beef. Enjoy their wraps and their paninies stuffed with any of the bagel fillings. To top it all off, have a cup of Irish coffee that is specially roasted for you. Their website features the calories their dishes contains in what they call a “nutritional breakdown”, especially in the panini and toasties’ sections.

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Tao Lounge

If you make the decision to have a fancy breakfast in a sophisticated place that will dazzle you with its magnificent decor and delicious food, then you have decided to visit none other than Tao. Tao, at Bougainvillea Plaza, offers delicious breakfast selections. For those with a sweet tooth, the pancakes, waffles, and French toast are the way to go. If you would like to deviate from sweet dishes and more into savory ones, try their Egg Benedict. Breakfast starts from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. except on Saturdays where it is until 2.

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Shobak puts a twist on the traditional idea of pies. The restaurant has managed to establish a large fan base due to its new and modern taste. All the pies are perfected using the “shobak” aka the wooden rolling pin, hence the name. Widely known pies such as those with cheese or spinach are available, however Shobak brings all that is new to the table with cauliflower pies, mushroom and for some sweetness, halawa tahini, and that is only to name a few. It also presents you with a selection of wraps such as the tuna or the cauliflower and hummus one. You can visit Shobak in Aziz Mall, Salam Mall or Khaldiya.

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On Tahalia Street you will come across a great place with a unique menu of flavorful dishes, CookShop is your breakfast stop. If you crave a hot plate of eggs, why not try the spicy egg dish. If you want to add some veggies to your eggs choose the one with spinach or pick out the Turkish dish Menemen with eggs, onions and green pepper. The fried sausage is the dish to kick start your day. If you are looking for a variety of meals, go for their breakfast platter containing, Ezine cheese, string cheese, aged yellow cheese, grilled Halloumi cheese, cheddar cheese, spicy Turkish sausage, veal, boiled egg, black olive, honey, milk cream, jam, Nutella, cucumber and Turkish black tea.

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Loved the burgers? Then you’ll love the McMuffins as well. Lip-smacking eggs, flavorsome sausages, crisp bread – what a start to the day. And ever since they started serving their world renowned coffee at their outlets in Jeddah, it propelled McDonalds in the big league with the city’s other favorite breakfast joints.

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American Corner

Jeddah seems to be in love with American breakfasts and that is why perhaps they make up most of Jeddawis favorite breakfast spots. American Corner is a typical American joint and once inside you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a restaurant in the States. If you are looking for a hearty breakfast then this is the place for you to be at. The pancake platter is highly recommended.

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Though it does not offer many items to choose from, the ones offered are flavorsome and come with good prices. There are various breakfast meals that you can choose from depending on your taste. The breakfast items are similar to what one can expect at typical American fast food joints. The well-priced waffles are noteworthy here.

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10 Things You Can Do Over The Weekend – Apart From Malls & Restaurants


Jeddah has so much to offer – anyone who has lived in the city can testify to that. But with the weather continuing to stay on the hotter side, it makes our choices a little limited. However, we still managed to compile a list of fun things that you can do this weekend apart from the regular visits to malls and restaurants.

Take A Boat Ride

Enjoy the entire day (or night) on a boat; diving, tanning and dolphin spotting. The boat ride takes you deep into the Red Sea; so much so that you won’t be able to see the shoreline in the horizon. You can rent the boat from Kanz Obhur or Al Andalus Marina.

Rent A Villa By The Beach

There are copious resorts near Obhur. You can spend the entire day away from home, in a seaside villa. An ideal weekend getaway for families. Plus some resorts have decent restaurants as well, so you won’t have to worry about food.

Enjoy The Amazing Weather At Taif

Travel up in the mountains to this city that has for long been a favorite weekend getaway for Jeddawis. This is perhaps the most ideal time to visit Taif – the nights are not freezing cold and the days are nice and warm, allowing you to experience it at its fullest. You can even expect some nice fruit harvest at this time of the year, so don’t forget to visit the fruit market at Hada.


Host A Game Night

Call your friends over the weekend, put the phones away and bring out the good old board games; let’s try to stay away from the PlayStation over this game night. All you have to do is prepare some amazing dishes (you can order them from outside as well) and ready the games that you plan on paying with your friends beforehand. You can try some Saudi games on your game night such as Saudi Deal or Sheesh.


Go On A Fishing Trip

If you have never been on a fishing trip in Jeddah then you are missing out on a lot. The Red sea is known for its bounteous underwater life. You can rent a boat from Dream Marina, which has a variety of boats that come fully equipped with fishing gears and assistants to help beginners. Expect some big catches on this one.


Get In Touch With The City’s Rich History

Tayibbat city, Abdul Raoof Khalil museum, Bait Al Naseef – Jeddah has no shortage of museums. Most of them hold artifacts from a time that witnesses the transition of a city totally dependent on trade to a modern metropolis. You can also tour the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Historic Balad, dedicate at least 2 hours to fully appreciate the rich architecture of the place. While in Balad don’t miss out on the Al Shafei Mosque, which is the oldest in the city and has recently been restored.


Checkout Jeddah’s Vibrant Art Scene

The art scene in the city is booming and has become one of the most promising hubs for artists in the Middle East. You can check the various art galleries in Jeddah; some of the most noteworthy ones amongst them are Athr, Naila Art, Darat Safeya Binzagr and Atelier Gallery.


Go Scuba Diving

Jeddah is blessed with many fabulous diving spots that have abundance of rich coral life and mesmeric shipwreck sites. You can take a short diving course and start exploring the marvels under the Red Sea. Get in touch with Desert Sea Drivers if you’re interested.
Web: http://www.desertseadivers.com


Camp At Moon Valley

Sitting at around 50 kms from the city, Moon Valley is an idyllic camping site. Bring your grill along and enjoy a BBQ in this enigmatic valley. At night, look out for constellations in the star-studded sky.


Let Your Adrenaline Rush On A Thrilling Ride

With a myriad of amusement parks mostly located near the corniche, one can simply not complain about there being limited choices for entertainment in Jeddah. Atallah , Shalal, Jungle Land, Qalzam, Dhaban Marine Park – the list just goes on. However, bear in mind that most of these parks are for families only.