7 Saudi Loyalty Panda Membership Card You Need In Your Wallet

While loyalty Panda membership cards and membership programs/cards have been extremely successful in the West, countries in the Middle East are catching up to the trend fast. Saudi Arabia too has seen a slew of memberships being offered by companies.

In Saudi Arabia the most successful amongst these loyalty Panda membership cards or membership programs have largely been limited to the airline industry with popular frequent flier programs. With more and more businesses realizing the importance of loyal customers, they are churning out new incentives to hold onto their loyal base.

Loyalty and membership cards may seem like a way to keep you addicted but if used wisely, they can actually help you save money in the long run. Just an FYI before we begin, the benefits listed for each are just the prominent value-added services one can expect from these loyalty cards/programs. We have filtered out most of the loyalty cards out there and kept only the most useful ones on this list.


Panda membership cardPanda membership card has been advertising their Tawfeer cards left, right and center. They are definitely one of the most valuable loyalty programs, as the card allows you to buy many products at discounted prices. In Panda, some items will carry two price tags one for regular customers and one for tawfeer card holders.On top of that, Panda is almost everywhere across the Kingdom, so you can be assured that you are definitely saving on your weekly grocery shopping.

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Shukran | Panda membership card

Photo Credit: almrsal.com   -  Panda membership card

The Shukran loyalty program is one of the largest of its kind in the Gulf. The card covers so many stores and brands that you’d definitely want to have in your wallet or on your phone through the Shukran app. Part of the Landmark group that comprises of Centrepoint, Max and Home Centre amongst others; accumulating points in the Shukran card allows you to redeem them for cash discounts off your purchases.

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bkedzjkcyaa0lxrNahdi pharmacy is second to none when it comes to overall reach of pharmacies across Saudi Arabia. So holding its membership card likewise makes sense, especially as points on the Nahdeek card allows for cash discounts. What’s more is that the Nuhdeek program is not limited to Nahdi pharmacy, it also covers Daan, Saudi, and Sudais pharmacies as well.

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NaSmiles | Panda membership card

Photo Credit: 148apps.com - Panda membership card

The loyalty program of Fly Nas is pretty simple – earn a Smile point for every riyal spent. Every 100 Smile points can be redeemed for 4 riyals. With Fly Nas being the only alternative to Saudia airlines, holding its loyalty card can sure come handy.

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Photo Credit: saudiairlines.com -Panda membership card

Perhaps the most popular of all loyalty cards/programs, Alfursan leads the lot by a margin. With the Alfursan card, you’ll be earning miles for each time you travel with Saudia. These miles can then be redeemed for free flights and/or upgrades. Oh yes, and the card will also entitle you for extra baggage allowance as well.

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Budget Loyalty Card | Panda membership card

392770_461133410633060_1068538598_nHaving one of the largest numbers of car rental outlets in the Gulf, the loyalty card allows you for discount within Saudi Arabia and abroad. Points are earned for each time a car is rented from Budget. For every SAR 100 spent one reward point is earned and the points accumulated are valid for life. Plus, the card allows you for discounts when you rent a car through Budget.

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cdmnprkw0aav_fdThe rewards program of Magrabi Opticals allows you to gain points on purchases and redeem them later once you accumulate 1000 points. For the basic Blue Prism card, 100 points are awarded for 100 SAR of purchases. 1000 points entitle you to a 50 SAR discount. The Prism card can be used across the Middle East.

To enroll visit your nearest Magrabi Opticals outlet.

One more thing, regardless of which mobile network you use, all major network providers have loyalty programs, which you can enroll in and expect tons of rewards. Some more rewarding than others. So be sure to enroll in them.



The Mysterious Wells of Al Kharj

The history of Oyoun As Seeh and Oyoun An Najm.

The Mysterious Wells of Al Kharj

Deep in the agricultural city of Al Kharj that sits less than an hour drive from Riyadh, lie two huge natural wells that some believe to have formed due to a meteor shower.

Located less than a kilometer apart, the wells known as Oyoun As Seeh and Oyoun An Najm are in a way a pride of the city and are one of the biggest attractions of Al Kharj. However, some shun the long established belief of the well forming due to a meteor shower, they suggest on the contrary that these are actually massive sinkholes; sinkholes so deep that they have reached the watery bed in the earth’s crust.

al kharj

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These wells have been used by the residents of Al Kharj and travelers for centuries, but of late the wells have dried up; though some amount of water can be seen in them after rains. While the exact time of the formation of these wells is not known, records show the area near the wells to be inhabited for over a millennium. Recently, the wells have been fenced but it still hasn’t deterred visitors.

al kharj

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At a time when Arabia used to struggle for drinking water Al Kharj had plenty of it, boosting of date farms and pastures that were unseen in the region. This oasis in the desert did not only have these wells as part of its water supply it was also blessed with a network of ponds and natural aquifers. Considering its rich past that is abundant with water, an iconic water tower was constructed in the city that even has a revolving restaurant inside it.


Handy Tips to Pass Driving Test in Saudi Arabia

tips to pass driving test in saudi arabia

While it is still unclear on how the tests for women will be, Tips to pass driving test in saudi arabia are some general rules to keep in mind while attempting the Saudi driving test.

The Process

To begin the process of obtaining the much coveted Saudi driving license you start by giving an eye test. Following this a simple test that will determine your basic driving capabilities is conducted; based on which you are assigned driving classes ranging from one week to one month or if you really good then you’ll probably be allowed to the main test directly. Having a license from any other country abroad helps, you will most likely be given the chance to give the main test directly.

The test is divided into two sections, the practical and the theoretical.

Generally, the practical test is given first upon passing which one will be allowed to give the theoretical computer-based exam.

The Main Test

Coming to the practical test the main skills which are being tested is your control on slopes, reversing skills and handling during bends and turns. You have the option of giving the test on an automatic car, but you’ll be awarded an automatic car driving license – i.e. you won’t be allowed to drive manual stick shift cars.

For the computer-based test, there are a set of 20 questions. They are given in a multiple choice format and are available in multiple languages of your choosing. road18-copy

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Handy Tips to pass driving test in saudi arabia

Now that you have a rough overview of the test, here are some tips to help you pass the test.

  • Get good control over the handbrake especially on slopes.
  • Test your driving skills on tight parking spots – it forms a major portion of the test.
  • Your practical test will most likely include what is called the 8 – it is pretty tough. The main thing you need apart from the necessary driving skills is confidence to clear this one.
  • Don’t forget the basics such as giving the indicators and wearing the seat-belt.

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9 Endangered Animals in Saudi Arabia You Must Know

Saudi Arabian Animals

By Mohammed Mirza

Saudi Arabia has already seen some of its indigenous animals poached to extinction in the past including the prized Arabian and Saudi Gazelles. The latter in fact was declared extinct fairly recently in 2008.

The animals in this list are taken from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), for mammals that have been classified under the Near Threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered categories. So take a look at these animals that are struggling for their survival.

Just bear in mind that most of the animals on this list are not limited to Saudi Arabia in general, they are spread throughout pockets across the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East, though in dwindling numbers.

1. Arabian Leopard

Arabian-Leopard Image courtesy of YemeniLeopard

It is believed to be extinct in the wild as there have been no sightings of it since 2002. However, there are Arabian Leopards which are currently placed in captive breeding in the Kingdom and plans have been made for their reintroduction in the wild.

2. Arabian Oryx


This prized mammal is believed to be extinct in the wild as of 1972. However many GCC member countries including Saudi Arabia have taken a number of initiatives to preserve the animal with careful reintroduction into the wild. Today, they can be spotted in the Farasan Islands. The Arabian Oryx is the national animal of Oman and is in the official logo of the Qatar airways.

3. Dugong

what-is-a-dugong-2 Endangered Animals in Saudi Arabia

It is the only strictly marine herbivorous mammal, but unfortunately due to a slow rate of reproduction the dugong today is vulnerable to extinction. In 2013, Saudi Arabia has become the 26th Signatory State to sign the Dugong MOU in order to protect the Dugongs in its waters.

4. Striped Hyena


The global population of the Striped Hyena is estimated to be under a meager 10,000 mature individuals, thus it has been classified as near threatened by the IUCN. Diminishing numbers of the Striped Hyena exist in the country today. It is quite ironic as the Striped Hyena is believed to have much larger numbers in the past as it is a popular feature in Middle Eastern folklore.

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5. Sand Gazelle

DSC_9533 sand gaz Endangered Animals in Saudi Arabia

Known as Reem in Arabic, limited numbers of the Sand Gazelles exist in the wild today. Saudi Arabia has developed conservation plans along with other countries in the Middle East that has achieved limited degrees of success.

6. Sand Cat


Generally found in the western deserts of Arabia in pockets of the Rub Al Khali desert, the Sand Cat is believed to be the only species of the cat family to live in a true desert. It is listed as Near Threatened and their numbers have decreased chiefly due to habitat degradation.

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7. Nubian Ibex


Some estimates put the numbers of this species of Ibex as low as 1200 currently in the wild. This is despite many countries in the Middle East allocating a decent amount of resources to preserve them. In Saudi Arabia, they are found in the mountainous parts of the country, particularly in the Sarawat Mountain Range. An interesting fact about the Nubian Ibex is that they can reach speeds of around a whopping 90 km/h.

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8. Euphrates Jerboa

3-euphrates-jerboa Credits Roland Wirth

Found in many locations across the Middle East, the Arabian Jird is a species of rodent that is classified as Near Threatened in IUCN’s Red List. It is declining at a rate that is estimated to exceed 20% over the last 10 years.

9. Mountain Gazelle

mountain-gazelle-male2 Endangered Animals in Saudi Arabia

Already extinct in many countries, the Mountain Gazelle has survived in Saudi Arabia in the Farasan Islands, which is surprising as it cannot tolerate a desert habitat. This species of Gazelle is considered to be vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN and the Kingdom has taken considerable steps for its preservation.

In most cases it is us humans who are responsible for the scanty numbers of these animals today. It is time for us to spread awareness about them, to bring to light their plight and do our bit so that even the generations that come after us can get a chance to see them.


10 Top Restaurant Chains in Saudi Arabia We Want To See Going International

top restaurant chains in saudi arabia

There are Top restaurant chains in Saudi Arabia we want to see going internatioanl. they’ve satiated our taste buds for years and it’s about time that they start expanding beyond the Kingdom’s borders and give a taste to the world of what our own versions of pizzas, burgers and other fast foods taste like.

The nuances of finding a local partner and supply chain teething problems aside, some of these restaurants can be assured of sure shot successes internationally.

Al Baik

Photo Credit: albaik.com

Photo Credit: albaik.com

It doesn’t need any introduction abroad as well. Even many international fried chicken biggies tried competing with Al Baik but failed in their endeavors. One store abroad and the crowds that we see in Saudi can be expected right from day 1. After all, we tried all those international fast food chains as well, but our Al Baik is in a league of its own. It is one of the top restaurant chains in Saudi Arabia we want to see going international.

Jan Burger

Photo Credit: makan-me.com

Photo Credit: makan-me.com

The homegrown grilled burger brand has been around since 1975. But it has been only in recent times that the brand has rebranded itself and become a big success. It now has outlets in many parts of the Kingdom and it’s about time that the world gets to taste it delectable burgers that we have become so fond of.


Photo Credit: shawermatac.com

Photo Credit: shawermatac.com

Because, why not a good Arabian shawarma served in hygienic and clean conditions? Plus, Shawermatac comes from a family whose dealings with the food industry date back to 1830, so one can be assured that their food is in good hands.


Photo Credit: maestropizza.com

Photo Credit: maestropizza.com

Their outlets have been springing up, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before across the country with close to 100 outlets already! Their pizzas and prices are giving even established pizza chains a run for their money. The brand has mastered the art of pizza making and the crowds thronging it are proof. Oh, and in case we forget to mention they also have mouth-watering appetizers.

Al Seddah

Photo Credit: maestropizza.com

Photo Credit: maestropizza.com

Though they still haven’t expanded nationwide, they do serve Arabian favorites unlike any other restaurant. Of course it is one of the Top Restaurant Chains in Saudi Arabia We Want To See going international. From delectable mandis to scrumptious madfoons, this is Arabian food in probably what is their tastiest form.

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Hummus Refi

Photo Credit: h-refi.com

Photo Credit: h-refi.com

Hummus Refi offers Levantine meals just the way we love them. Light and healthy, high in nutrition and good to taste – need any more reasons?

Century Burger

Photo Credit: jeddahfood.com

Photo Credit: jeddahfood.com

A youth favorite, the luscious burgers and cheesy fries served here are what make those long queues outside this burger joint on the weekends. The ambiance, taste, prices and just the overall vibe that the place has can guarantee the restaurant chain success internationally as well.

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Photo Credit: taxifoods-sa.com

Photo Credit: taxifoods-sa.com

Forget Kingdom-wide, they are worthy of an international expansion. With 17 branches in the Kingdom’s capital and more in the pipeline, they have capitalized on the city’s quick service food craze. Their offerings and prices can pit them against even established quick-service restaurants.


Photo Credit: shawarmer.com

Photo Credit: shawarmer.com

Despite starting just under 2 decades back, Shawermer now operates close to 50 branches across Saudi Arabia. It is one of the top restaurant chains in Saudi Arabia we want to see going international. The best part about their shawarma, as opposed to others, is that they come in a variety of enticing flavors like tikka and pomegranate molasses. You can also ask for dips, to add to the already amazing flavor the shawarma holds.


Photo Credit: eruvi.com

Photo Credit: peruvi.com

The restaurant has been a surprise success. Peruvi already has 7 branches under its belt, all opening in a short span of time. Grilled chicken served with Peruvian sauces – it is hard to find a combination better than this.


15 Stunning Photos About Top Green Places in Saudi Arabia

There was a time when most of the Arabian Peninsula was a verdant green carpet that had several rivers and abundant with wildlife. But due to a climate shift that is believed to have occurred 5000 years ago, much of the Arabian Peninsula along with the Sahara has become a harsh and barren desert, so here areTop green places in saudi arabia

However in Saudi Arabia, there are some pockets that remain so luxuriantly green even so many years after the climate shift that you’d confuse them for some place in Sub-Saharan Africa. From large bodies of water and flowing streams to luxuriant grasslands and fertile savannahs, these photos will show you a completely different side of the Kingdom. For those who haven’t seen the ‘Green Side’ of Saudi Arabia yet, prepare to be flabbergasted.

Jabal Souda

Jabal Souda green places in saudi arabia

Fifa Mountains 

green places in saudi arabia

Photo Credits: www.almrsal.com

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Photo Credits: www.alshirazi.net

Photo Credits: www.alshirazi.net

Rijal Alma

green places in saudi arabia

Photo Credits: www.albrari.co

Wadi Lajab

Wadi Lajab

Photo Credits: farm8.staticflickr.com

Al Lith

Photo Credits: www.silvija.net

Photo Credits: www.silvija.net


green places in saudi arabia

Photo Credits: sedty.com


Photo Credits: al-jazirah.com

Photo Credits: al-jazirah.com

Photo Credits: Y.E Photography

Photo Credits: Y.E Photography


green places in saudi arabia

Photo Credits: v.3bir.net

Photo Credits: wikimedia.org

Photo Credits: wikimedia.org



Photo Credits: www.s-taif.com


Photo Credits: sauditourism.sa

Photo Credits: sauditourism.sa

Al Ahsa

Photo Credits: AbdulAziz S AlAbdullah

Photo Credits: AbdulAziz S AlAbdullah


green places in saudi arabia


We Bet You Don’t Know These 14 Facts About Mecca

facts about Mecca

Despite being the spiritual heart of Muslims around the world, there are many facts about Mecca that many do not know – until now.

14 Facts about Mecca

1.  Makkah is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world.

The Zamzam well alone is believed to be around 4,000 years old.

2. The city was never the capital of any Islamic empire.

But Muslim rulers did regularly contribute to its upkeep.

Photo Credit: flickr

Photo Credit: flickr

3. Not all of Makkah falls within the Haram boundary.

There are many neighborhoods of the city, like Sharaya, which falls outside the Haram boundary.

4. The city used to be called Bakkah.

Nevertheless, some scholars suggest that Bakkah refers only to the Kaaba and the immediate areas surrounding it.

Photography by Norah Alamri

Photography by Norah Alamri

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5. Apart from Bakkah, the Qur’an refers to the city as Umm Al Qura.

Umm Al Qura is Arabic for “Mother of All Settlements.”

6. Another fact about Mecca: Nowadays it is called Makkah Al Mukarramah.

This literally translates to “Makkah The Honored.”

Photography by Rayan almsaodi

Photography by Rayan almsaodi

7. While Madinah is known as the city of the Prophet (peace be upon him), it is Makkah where he spent much of his life.

The Prophet spent around 50 years of his life in Makkah.

8. Makkah’s population is estimated to be between 1.5-2 million.

This swells to close to 4.5 million during the Hajj season.

Photography by Khaled-M-K-Hegazy

Photography by Khaled-M-K-Hegazy

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9. Another fact about Mecca: Saudi Arabia receives the highest number of tourists in the Middle East.

This is largely due to the millions of pilgrims that flock the cities of Makkah and Madinah.

10. In popular English usage, “Mecca” refers to any place that draws large numbers of people.

11. The city centers on the Masjid Al Haram area, which is lower than most of the city.

This made it prone to flash floods in the past.

facts about Mecca

Photography by Sajjad Al Kadhem

12. The Black Stone hasn’t always been in Makkah.

In 930 AD, it was stolen by the Qarmatians, who took it with them to Eastern Arabia.

13. British newspaper The Telegraph listed Masjid Al Haram as the most expensive building in the world.

Its total cost of construction was at $100 billion.

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14. No. 2 on the same list of the most expensive buildings was Abraj Al Bait, which is also in Makkah.

Abraj Al Bait holds other world records, including the records for having the tallest clock tower and the largest clock face.




10 Makkah Royal Clock Tower Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Makkah royal clock tower facts

By Mohammed Mirza

Standing right next to Islam’s holiest site, the awe-inspiring 76-storey hotel rises like a beacon from the mountainous Holy city. Towering over Makkah, the Royal Clock Tower is full of superlatives and there are many interesting facts about it that you probably didn’t know about, here are 10 of Makkah royal clock tower facts .

Makkah royal clock tower height

Boasting a height of 601 meters (1,972 feet), the clock tower building is the 3rd tallest building in the world.

It is also the world’s fourth tallest freestanding structure.

cost of the entire tower

The cost of the entire project is believed to stand at around a whopping $15 billion.

The project also includes 6 other buildings which house an array of luxury hotels and apartments, perched above a multi-storey slab of shopping malls.

tallest clock tower

The Makkah clock tower is the tallest clock tower in the world.

The time from which can apparently be read over 17 kilometers away.

Makkah royal clock tower facts

Makkah royal clock tower facts| Tower floor area

The soaring tower is also the largest building by floor area on the planet.

Covering a colossal area of 1,500,000 m2 .

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construction time

For a building of gargantuan proportions it was constructed in record time.

In just 6 years from start to finish.

largest clock face in the world

The dial, which is on all 4 sides of this thrusting pastiche, is the largest clock face in the world measuring 43 meters in size.

The minute hand alone measures 23 meters in length.

Makkah royal clock tower facts

clock face of tower

The clock face of this towering giant is 35 times larger than the legendary Big Ben.

The 4 clock faces combined are illuminated by around two million LED lights.

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Tower adornation | Makkah royal clock tower facts

The complex is adorned with over 98 million glass mosaic tiles with 24-carat gold leaves.

And the 23m crescent mounted on top of the tower, is made of fiberglass-backed mosaic gold.

The pinnacle of the mega structure

The pinnacle of the mega structure is adorned with 26 searchlights capable of shooting 10km into the skies.

During special occasions the bands of vertical searchlights shoot up, sparkling the Makkan night sky.

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Makkah royal clock tower facts | superstructure

10. The skyscraper houses Saudi Arabia’s highest observation deck at 558 meters above ground level.

Along with it the superstructure also houses an Islamic Museum, a Lunar Observation Centre and a large prayer room with a capacity for more than 10,000 people.

Sources: makkahclocktower.com


A Guide To Buying Gold In Saudi Arabia

buying gold in Saudi Arabia

Small trinkets or ornate wedding jewelry –a guide to it all.

Many visitors to Saudi Arabia, including those on a religious pilgrimage, inevitably end up buying gold in Saudi Arabia.  After all, there isn’t sales tax or VAT that is charged in Saudi Arabia and on top of that locally designed and manufactured gold is sold at cheaper rates than one would find in many other gold jewelry hubs.

Whether you’re an investment savvy investor who wants to invest in gold ingots or a blithe shopper who wants to buy gold in forms of articles of jewelry , these tips can help you with your search for gold in Saudi Arabia. What’s more is that you don’t have to be in a specific city to purchase gold; almost a major cities in the country have enough of the glitzy metal to pander to your wishes.

Jewelry & Investment

Jewelry? Investment? Or an investment that you can wear around your neck?

Based on the purpose, potential buyers can be divided into these 3 broad categories.


If you want to buy gold solely for jewelry purposes then buying 18 or 21 karat gold jewelry would do just fine.  An 18 karat jewelry item though of lesser value and lesser purity in terms of gold is actually sold at much the same price to that of the 21 karats one. This is mainly due to the complexity of design, as even thin 18 karat gold chains are much sturdier and thereby help in producing complex designs without weighing more. Plus, 18 karat ones seem less glitzy and are favorites amongst the youth, who don’t want the bling and the flashiness that a bright yellow 21 karat brings with it. There is also white gold that is becoming increasingly popular in the country.


Most gold shops sell gold coins and gold bars that are made of 24 karat gold. Some even come with a 999.9 purity standard. These bullions can weigh from anywhere between 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Investors can just hold on to these coins or bars and wait for the gold prices to increase and then sell it to make a profit or they can always save it for a rainy day as gold is a very liquid and relatively stable investment.  Bullions issued by internationally recognized brands such as Valcambi and PAMP  are available in Saudi Arabia. Some Middle Eastern based jewelry brands like Malabar Gold and Joy Alukkas also sell their own branded bullion coins and bars through their outlets in the country.

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An investment that you can wear around your neck:


Photo Credit: eremnews.com

For this purpose, it is recommended to buy 21 or 22 karat gold that has little or no stones in it. Depending on the design the prices vary; Saudi or Bahraini designs are cheaper than Indian or Italian designs. At the time of resale, the design, premium or the number of stones doesn’t matter, all that matters is the final weight and the purity of the gold.

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Buying Gold In Saudi Arabia, where?

Souks are better than malls in terms of prices. However, in terms of high-end jewelry and precious gemstone based ornaments, it is the malls that offer the best variety. Every major city in Saudi Arabia has its own gold souk, Kandarah in Jeddah, Batha in Riyadh and so on and so forth.

Bargaining on gold?

Yes, yes and yes. You will not find any shop willing to negotiate on the gold rate, what you will find, however, is that they will be willing to negotiate on the making, wastage and premium charges.  If they don’t budge you can always go to another seller who is willing to cut into his margins. After all, competition is cut-throat in the souks.

Know the Gold Rate

It definitely helps in haggling with the shopkeeper and may also help in deciding on when to purchase based on historical values and forecasts in case you are looking into gold as an investment. You can check the day’s rate on websites like Goldrate24.com or Livepriceofgold.com

Buying Gold In Saudi Arabia, when?

Gold prices are volatile. To minimize the variances in rates one should buy gold on Saturday or Sunday, as it is during these days that gold is not being traded on international exchanges.

Say No To Credit Cards

Cash or via a MADA debit card is the way to go. Credit cards charge extra fees that the store will not be ready to bear, so expect your price to magically increase if you are planning to pay by credit card. Someone has to bear the costs that the credit card companies charge and it’s not going to be the gold seller – well not in Saudi Arabia.


The 8 Coldest Places in Saudi Arabia (In Winter)

The 8 Coldest Places in Saudi Arabia (In Winter)

Yes, there are many cities in Saudi Arabia where the mercury dips below zero.

If you are the type who just can’t tolerate hot weather, then these are the coldest places in Saudi Arabia that you may want to resettle to (only in winter) as most of these experience blistering hot summers.

Turaif | one of the coldest places in Saudi Arabia

Photo Credit: @rashed_700

Photo Credit: @rashed_700

The city on the northern border of the country holds the record for recording the coldest temperature ever in Saudi Arabia, that being when the mercury dipped to -12°C. This made it one of the coldest temperatures to be ever recorded in the Arabian Peninsula as well.


Photo Credit: hiveminer.com

Photo Credit: hiveminer.com

Even though the south is where the tallest mountains in the country are, it is the northern part of the country that sees the lowest temperatures.  Sakaka is no different with temperatures hovering at sub-zero levels. so this city is considered one of the coldest places in Saudi Arabia


The 8 Coldest Places in Saudi Arabia (In Winter)

Photo Credit: zawaayaaa.blogspot.com

Sitting at an elevation of around a whopping 2,270m, Abha is one of the highest inhabited cities in the country. Nestled in the midst of the Sarawat mountains, the city has some of the most pleasant climates to be found anywhere in the Kingdom. As opposed to popular belief, it is not the coldest place in the country.

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Photo Credit: bani-issa-edu.com

Photo Credit: bani-issa-edu.com

Rafha lies close to the Iraq border. In some instances the city even witnessed deep snowfalls. so this city is considered one of the coldest places in Saudi Arabia


Photo Credit: alriyadh.com

Photo Credit: alriyadh.com

The Kingdom’s capital has seen a decent share of chilly nights over the years. The temperature dips below zero for a night or two during the winter. This winter, however, Riyadh didn’t witness sub-zero temperatures. Global warming maybe?


Photo Credit: sada-tabuk.com

Photo Credit: sada-tabuk.com

When news of it snowing in Saudi Arabia comes on the news, this is the place where you should be heading to. As it is near Tabuk, where thin layers of snow carpet the sand. Temperatures here can reach up to -4C. so this city is considered one of the coldest places in Saudi Arabia

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Photo Credit: sa.arabiaweather.com

Photo Credit: sa.arabiaweather.com

The city is relatively new with its foundations dating back to 1951. Arar sits amidst the heart of a vast rocky limestone plain and has a decent climate, with temperatures not even crossing the psychological zero mark. And like other places in the northern part of the country it occasionally snows as well though mildly.

Hail | one of the coldest places in Saudi Arabia

hailSitting at an elevation of over 950m, Hail enjoys pleasant weather throughout much of the year largely due to its location on high ground.  The historic city is largely agricultural and has witnessed temperatures of a bone-chilling -10C.