Shoaiba’s Spellbinding Shipwreck

shipwreck jeddah shoaiba beach

Shoaiba beach, a must-visit.

Shipwreck shoaiba beach jeddah

Take in amazing views of the sunset at an earthen yellow sand beach with a mesmerizing shipwreck jeddah right off the coast overlooking you.

A popular field trip location amongst some embassy run schools, this long stretch of perfectly swimmable beach is a must visit for beach lovers. Located around 70 kilometers to the south of Jeddah, this is one of the best spots near the city to view the breathtaking expanse of the royal blue colored Red Sea.

As we headed south on the Jeddah – Jizan Highway, we saw factories after factories that passed by us. Jeddah’s south has a few industrial zones, the first two of which are chockfull with factories. They go on for miles near the highway.

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Soon after the industrial zones ended, there was no habitation whatsoever; just a wide empty stretch of highway passing through the desert. I wonder how lone drivers keep themselves awake on journeys in which they have to travel for hours on this road. The only moments they get to see civilization again or so to say is when the occasional petrol station passes by. It was like we were in one of those Hollywood movies where the plot revolves around somewhere in the Nevada desert with classical Texan country music playing in the background.

We took the exit to Shoaiba and the road led us straight to a resort. We opted to go the place where we saw this gigantic shipwreck off the coast away from the resort. To reach the shipwreck site we had to go off-road, following tire tracks of previous visitors.


The sun’s light was shimmering in the blue sea creating a beautiful contrast with the giant ship leaning at a precarious angle on our side. It is commonly referred to as the Al Fahd Shipwreck. It stands grounded in reefs with much of the ship fully intact unlike other shipwrecks in the Red Sea. The waves were calmly brushing the sides of the ship before crashing into the shore.

The Al Fahd ship has a long history behind it. It was originally built in 1966 by the I.C.H. Holland, at that time it was referred to as the Ro Pax Vessel. It was then sold to the Maltese, followed by the Egyptians, who changed the ship’s name. Decades later and a number of owners and names later it finally ended up serving for 12 years in Saudi Arabia before meeting its untimely fate – being less than 50 kilometers away from its stopover point at the Jeddah Islamic Seaport.


We found a place nearby that had softer sand to plant our volleyball pole and net. It was extremely windy that day, putting our well thought of plan of playing beach volleyball in danger. As we served the gusts of wind lifted the lightweight volleyball out of bounds even with the slightest touch. Following which it continued to roll fast across the beach and one of us had to run at full speed after it as it kept drifting away with each second that passed.

After a somewhat failed attempt, we resorted to our second plan of the day, which was the good old barbeque. We sat till late night barbecuing and eating literally to the bone. There was no light around nearby whatsoever apart from the charcoal that was being used for the barbecue. It was so dark with the moon being in its crescent stage that when one of us would step away from the light it was almost like we went into the abyss. Even the shipwreck that stood so gracefully under the sun felt like it was no longer next to us. It was like we were desert camping except that this time we had the sea next to us, which was gently lapping the shore.


We had slight difficulty however in getting back to the main road as were so far off, in a place where there were no lights and tire tracks went in all different directions. But overall it was an amazing experience. While the beach is decent, it is the large shipwreck that brings the ‘wow’ factor to it.

Coordinates: 20.802017, 39.425578


The Top 10 Amusement Parks In Saudi Arabia

With the summer season here, what better way to engage in classic summer fun than to visit an amusement park? The new rides that are introduced in these theme parks, mainly during this season, are already setting hearts aflutter.  Here are the top 10 amusement park in saudi arabia today.

amusement park in saudi arabia

  1. Al Barajon Amusement Park, Riyadh
Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

The old-fashioned amusement park fits perfectly in the conventional Saudi amusement park image. Rides mainly aimed at children, a few food options and economical entry tickets.

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  1. Abha Palace Theme Park, Abha

Nestled in the scenic mountains of Abha, this theme park is open only during the summer. It has a decent number of rides and is a must-visit for tourists to Abha.

  1. King Fahd Park, Dammam

8King Fahd ParkThis is one of the most popular amusement parks in the eastern part of the country. The park is home to the iconic cobra ride, which is one of the most well-known rides in the Kingdom today. Some of the rides in the park offer breathtaking views of Dammam from high-above.

  1. Star City, Riyadh

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Though not all its rides are operational, the ones that are do offer good enjoyment. A good escapade for those in Riyadh.

  1. Jungle Land, theme park jeddah

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

A theme park jeddah in all its sense, a walk through Jungle Land is like walking through a set of a movie, set in the jungles of Africa. There are even lion roars that give the place more of a safari vibe. It has a decent number of rides as well, though not all work.

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  1. Al Hokair, Dammam

5Happy LandPart of the Arabian amusement giant, the Hokair group, this amusement park has some rides that are almost like exact replicas to Al Hokair’s flagship amusement park in Riyadh. Its go karting track is one the biggest attractions in Dammam.

  1. Al Kar Tourist Village, Hada

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Located at the base of a mountain near the city of Taif, the renowned cable car in Hada that carries passengers from the top of the mountain leads right to this amusement park in the flatlands below that is filled with water-based rides.

  1. Al Hokair Land, Riyadh

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

This amusement park located in the capital of the country has a good combination of rides, food and other entertainment options. The park has some days exclusively for females, which gives it an edge over other family oriented parks. The various themes depicting different parts of the world nudge this park to the top of the list.

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  1. Atallah Happy Land Park, Jeddah

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

How can we not include Atallah in this list? After all it is one of those that has defined and set the standards for amusement parks in Saudi Arabia. If you have a head for heights this is where you’d want to be.

  1. Al Shallal Theme Park, Jeddah

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

It receives over a million annual visitors per year, that alone will tell you how popular it is. Located right by the beautiful Jeddah Corniche, enjoy the fresh gusts of wind while your heart races in one of its thrill-seeking rides. From a double-loop roller coaster to the good old Columbus ship ride, Al Shallal has it all. The food options here are so good that you’d probably want to visit it just for that.

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On the Trail of a Natural Hot Water Spring

al lith hot springs

Following the stream leading to the water.

al lith hot springs

While many blatantly defy the chances of there being natural springs in KSA, much to their astonishment there are several of them dotted all over the country.

In fact, some local water companies boast of their water being sourced from natural springs. The specialty about the springs at Al Lith is that they are natural hot springs, something one would expect to find only in places like Europe or Japan.

Though they are commonly referred to as Al Lith hot springs in saudi arabia , the spring is not located in the town of Al Lith – it sits around 50 kilometers from there and a total of 250 kilometers from Jeddah.


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The Journey

The ride to the town of Al Lith from Jeddah was an easy one for us as it is located on the major Jeddah-Jizan Highway. This same highway goes all the way to Yemen as well.

Once at Al Lith we knew that we wouldn’t be left with many options for food to choose from on our onward journey towards the hot springs, thus we decided to eat at a massive food court in the main city. The place we stopped at has a plethora of restaurants and sits right on the main highway. It is also a popular stopover amongst buses carrying travelers to the southern parts of the Kingdom.


We had what Al Lith is known for – seafood. As expected we found the seafood to be delectable, despite carrying very little spices for our palette. We got off the highway and headed onto an adjacent single lane road. This road goes all the way till the hot spring, running through a number of small villages on the way. There were just two signboards on this road, which confirmed that we were heading in the right direction.

The road itself was flanked by small trees, and right before we reached the spring, the greenery in the surroundings seemed to increase. A final signboard marked the location and from there the springs were a stone’s throw away. We parked our cars and walked towards the water.


On the Trail of a Stream

It wasn’t a single stream, there were multiple streams gushing from the spring. We put our hands in the nearest stream to us and much to our surprise it was cold.

We couldn’t see where these streams started. We walked over them until we came across the biggest one. At that time we were told by a passerby that the hot spring was on the east of us. We decided to visit the hot springs later and explore the stream in front of us that meandered its way calmly into the abyss. Here it felt like we were in the middle of a tropical rainforest with all the lush green trees and luxuriant grass that surrounded us. The stream was flowing from the north and we walked by it towards its source.

I found it to be quite similar to a previous hiking experience I had in the jungles of Kodaikanal in India. The place felt so tranquil; a place where one could just want to lie down and hear the birds chirp and listen to the pleasant sound of the flowing stream.

We continued walking, with the stream at times getting knee-high. There were areas where we barely made it through because of the thorny plants that blocked the way. We continued walking till we could go no further and the stream got visibly smaller. Nearby was a place where the dense forest rucked up to an open desert that had a beautiful backdrop of chestnut-colored mountains.


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At the Hot Springs

We then went on to where the hot springs were. From a distance we could see groups of people just standing by it and staring into it deeply. Some were even seen filling big plastic bottles with water from the spring, as hot springs are known for their high mineral content and medicinal properties.

Hot springs are produced when geothermal heated groundwater rises from the earth’s mantle. They are normally found in volcanic regions. In KSA, this hot spring near Al Lith is the only known one in the country so far.


However, this hot spring has higher than bathing temperatures, so hot in fact that we couldn’t place our hands in it for more than a second; perhaps just enough to get our feet and hands cleaned by quick taps on the water. The hot springs were muddy and had algae growing in it, which is surprising considering its high temperatures.

On the whole, I must say were left in awe by the hot spring, as it was the first time for us to see one in real life. But what we enjoyed more than that was the trail of the stream that we followed. A place definitely worth visiting before the hot Saudi summer begins.


The Indian Billionaire Who Made His Fortune In Saudi Arabia

richest indian in saudi arabia

Once a 14-year-old boy from Kerala trading coconuts to pay for his school books to becoming a construction mogul, the story of Dr. Ravi Pillai richest indian in saudi arabia is nothing short of extraordinary.

richest indian in saudi arabia

While Dubai is the base from where many self-made Indian billionaires started, it is a different story for ravi pillai company saudi arabia his success story has its roots in Saudi Arabia.

Starting on a small scale in his native Kerala in India, he ran a construction company that did sub-contract work. It was relatively successful until the locals in the area went on a labor strike. He left the business there and came to Saudi Arabia.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

He partnered 50% with a local businessman and established his business in 1978. He initially started with a trading company, selling goods to the US Navy. The profits from which, Pillai later used to set up his construction company, Nasser S. Al-Hajri Corporation (NSH), in Saudi Arabia, which to this day remains the flagship company of the RP Group. The group named after initials of the founder.

He recruited 150 workers, most of who were sourced from India. One of the company’s first big projects was the construction of underground aircraft parking for a French company.  He then landed a major contract outlining the construction of the Royal Terminal at the Riyadh Airport, which had a price tag of $50 million attached to it.

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Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Saudi Arabia during that era was in the midst of a construction boom, Pillai capitalized on it and by 1985 he had 5000 employees working for him. His company then progressed to megaprojects with companies like Saudi Aramco and SABIC operating mostly in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.

From 1990 onwards, the group went on expanding to other countries in the GCC and started focusing on constructions for oil and gas, petrochemical and steel companies.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Post-2000, he established a fabrication division in Saudi Arabia and by the end of the decade, he entered the hospitality business by acquiring a hotel in Dubai. Hospitality is a sector he expanded rapidly in by setting up multiple hotels in India and the UAE.

By 2015, he ventured into real estate and launched its flagship project, RP Heights, which is a multi-storey luxury tower in Dubai.

Today, his group operates in nine countries, employs over 85,000 people and has ventured into multiple industries including healthcare, education, IT, and retail. As per, his estimated wealth stands at $3.7 Billion, which makes him amongst the richest Indians in the Gulf.


Getting Fahas (MVPI) Done In Saudi Arabia

Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection MVPI

Motor Vehicle Periodic Inspection (MVPI), locally known as fahas, is an annual requirement that certifies your car to be safe for driving in the country.

Most people, however, get the certification done only prior to getting their vehicle registration renewed, which occurs once every three years.

The procedure is actually not that hard and can be completed in an hour or so (unless your car doesn’t pass in the first attempt).

Prior Check MVPI


Photo Credit: سعد-التميميBefore going to the center make sure that your car is fahas-ready. This includes checking your brake lights, headlights, hazard lights, tires, glasses and side mirrors. Look out for any dents and get it washed the day you are going there. Your car may fail the test for many other reasons as well, but these are some of the important ones.

Locate the MVPI center in your city. The coordinates for centers in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam are as follows:

Jeddah:  21.623574, 39.194449
Riyadh: 24.821097, 46.783861
Dammam: 26.372918, 50.029470

The timings for these are from 7 AM till 4:15 pm on the weekdays and 7 AM to 2:15 PM on Saturdays. Friday is a non-working day.

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Photo Credit: Anwaruddin Mohammed

Required Documents: National ID and Vehicle Registration.

At The MVPI Center

There will be multiple queues ahead of you, just put your car in one of these queues. You will eventually reach a counter where you’ll have to pay a fee of 73 SAR and present your iqama and vehicle registration.


11 Creative Slogans Of Saudi Brands

The development of commercial advertising in the late 19th and early 20th century has seen the slogan come to the forefront. slogan in arabic Being used left, right and center, from state-owned companies to foreign multinationals selling almost every possible thing under the sun.

Our very own homegrown Saudi brands, have not stayed behind and have come up with some creative slogans. Some of them went way too creative, some kept it simple and direct and some came up with a slogan that has a lasting effect on you, so much so that when one thinks of that particular brand their slogan pops up instantly in our minds.

If you are one of those who are fascinated by advertising and marketing, then this article is what you’ll definitely relate to saudi slogan, especially on the thought process that goes behind the writing of what seems to be a simple sentence.

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Saudi Brands

  1. Jarir: …not just a Bookstore
  2. Nadec: As Good As It Gets
  3. Petro Rabigh: Enriching Life
  4. Saudi Electricity Company: Empowering Energy
  5. Tokyo Games: Always The Best, Always Original
  6. Abdul Samad Al Qurashi: The House Of Oud, Amber And Perfumes
  7. Almarai: Quality You Can Trust
  8. SABIC: Chemistry That Matters
  9. Petromin: Performance From The Heart
  10. Extra: Your World Of Electronics And Home Appliances
  11. iZone: Listen . Create . Live

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10 Most Followed Saudi Twitter Accounts

Most Followed Saudi Twitter Accounts

With Saudi Arabia having some of the highest number of social media users it is not a surprise that many Saudis have followers running into the millions saudi followers. Some of them even have huge followings on Twitter across the Arab World and are not just limited to Saudi Arabia.  

Most Followed Saudi Twitter Accounts

But who amongst them have the highest following? To get the answers for that we turned to Social Bakers and the results are quite interesting. See for yourself!

 10. King Salman Bin Abdulaziz


Starting off the list we have the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman. His first tweet after being announced King was one of the most retweeted tweets in Twitter history.

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9. Abdulrahman Bin Musad


The Saudi Arabian – French businessman is famous for being the former president of Hilal F.C. During his tenure as president, Hilal F.C. has won the Saudi league title twice. Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz is also a prominent member of the royal family.

8. Dr. Tariq Al Habeeb


Famous psychiatrist Dr. Tariq Al Habeeb is on the 8th spot with a following of close to 6.5 million on Twitter.  He appears regularly on talk shows and is known for his works on religion and their effect on mental health.

7. Hashtag Saudia


The account covers the latest trending hashtags in addition to loads of other viral-worthy stuff related to Saudi Arabia.

6. Akhbar Saudia


Following this account alone should suffice for being up to date with the latest news from around the country.

5. Sabq


It is one of the most popular online news websites in the Arab World and regularly features in the top 5 of the most visited sites in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 2007 and its popularity swelled soon after for bringing a breath of fresh air in the cluttered news industry.

4. Salman Al Oudah


He heads the Arabic edition of the Islamic website Islam Today and appears on a number of TV shows. He is a noted author and has penned over 50 books. Salman Al Oudah is one of the most prominent clerics in the Muslim world.

3. Aid Al Qarnee


Saudi scholars have some of the biggest followings on social media and Al Qarnee is amongst the top cream. His self-help book titled ‘Don’t Be Sad’ has been a bestseller and has been acclaimed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

2. Ahmad Al Shugairi


He was formerly the most followed Saudi on Twitter. He became uber famous for his show Khawatir that met with huge critical and commercial acclaim in the country. Emirati magazine Twenty Youth (Magalet Shabab 20) placed him first in its list of the most influential people in the Arab world. Al Shugairi has amassed over a whopping 16 million followers on Twitter. 

1. Mohamed Al Arefe


He is one of the most followed Islamic scholars in the Arab World and has a huge Facebook following as well with over 16 million likes on Facebook. The scholar is known for his amazing oratory skills and has also written a bestseller titled ‘Enjoy Your Life’.


10 Most Popular Saudi Websites

top Saudi arabia Websites

Saudi Arabia has one of the largest internet-using populations in the region. While it may be obvious that international giants like Google and Facebook top the list for the most popular Saudi arabia Websites
in the country, but what we wanted to know is which ‘Saudi’ websites are the most popular.

We turned to web traffic and ranking website Alexa to help us with our ordeal and we ended up getting some interesting results and most visited websites in saudi arabia.

The list includes a healthy dose of news and government related saudi websites . Some of these local websites that have been giving many of their international counterparts a run for their money. They have been consistently reinventing themselves to stay relevant. There used to be a time when local forums dominated the list, but international social media websites have taken away the flare from them. In the rapidly changing world of the internet, these lists can change within days, but as of now here are the most popular Saudi arabia websites.


top Saudi arabia Websites


Al Rajhi Bank is the largest Islamic bank in the world and rightly so. Two of the bank’s websites feature in the top 10. This website has grown almost double in the global websites rankings; from being close to 12000 to under 6000 where it currently stands.



Originally a television news station, the majority of Al Arabiya’s shares are owned by Saudi broadcaster MBC. Al Arabiya’s website is not only limited to a Saudi audience, it attracts millions of visitors from other countries across the Arab world. The revamped English version of the website has helped boost the websites ranking.



Al Riyadh was the first Arabic newspaper to be published in Riyadh. The newspaper continues to have good circulation of its print version. Of late, the website has matched the print version’s popularity and has retained many of its loyal readers.


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The national flag carrier airline’s official website is leading the way for e-commerce in the country. The interactive website is easy to use, brings amazing offers every now and then and offers easy payment options for tickets. Airline tickets purchases form the majority of all online purchases in the country.



A one stop shop for most governmental services that a national or an expat counters on a regular basis is what makes the website a regular in the top 10. Almost every citizen and working expat are registered users on the website.



The internet banking service of Al Rajhi Bank offers a plethora of services to its customers. Many of the features it offers are unrivalled by other banks.



It is the most popular free classifieds website in the country. Though the website features many classifieds from diverse fields, it’s mainly known for its car classifieds. is a regular in the top 2000 global websites list in terms of number of visitors on Alexa.



A surprise member on the list, this forum features the latest from the technological world. Tech-savvy or not, it has something for everyone.



It is the leading business news portal in the country. provides real time updates on financial markets and is available in English and Arabic. The website has a good database of financials of companies and is becoming the go to site for many looking for a local insight into Middle Eastern markets.



The online newspaper has been making waves ever since it launched in 2007. For many, it’s a ritual habit to visit the site daily – no wonder is by far the most viewed Saudi website. Close to 95% of its readers come from Saudi Arabia and it doesn’t look like it will be losing its top spot anytime soon.


how to download pokemon go saudi arabia

pokemon go saudi arabia, Most of us have heard of the Pokémon GO game that has become a phenomenon in many places across the globe, but unfortunately, they haven’t made the game available in Saudi Arabia as of yet – officially that is.

So if you are one of those who can’t wait for the official release of the game in Saudi Arabia, then worry not, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can get it on your phone.

It may sound a bit complicated and requires a bit more effort than downloading any other app, but once you start playing the game you’d be ready to go through an even lengthier and irksome process just to get it.

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pokemon go saudi arabia

Android Users

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Security.
  3. In the security tab, allow permission to download from ‘Unknown sources.’

setting android

  1. Search for a Pokémon GO APK file on Google.
  2. Download the APK file from a site such as APK Mirror or APK Pure.
  3. Once you click on download, a popup will appear citing a warning message.
  4. Click OK on that. (But be sure that you are not downloading a virus/malware ridden file as there are many virus infested files doing the rounds in the name of the game. Be sure to read the reviews first).
  5. Once it has downloaded, scroll down till the bottom of the screen and select ‘Install’ on the Pokémon GO file.
  6. Once it says app is installed, click on ‘Open’ and start playing.


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iPhone Users

  1. In the App Store, scroll down and select your Apple ID.
  2. Select ‘Sign out.’


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on ‘General.’
  3. Then click on ‘Language and Region.’
  4. Change region to New Zealand, Australia or US. (As there are the only places where the game has officially launched so far.)


  1. Create a new Apple ID for whichever country you have selected. You can do this by going to – if you go through a desktop, you will be spared from entering your credit card details.
  2. You’ll have to use a separated email address for your new ID.
  3. Click ‘Continue’ and proceed with the verification steps that follow.
  4. Now sign into the App Store through your new ID.


  1. Search for Pokémon Go and download it.
  2. You can sign back into your original Apple ID after it has downloaded and still enjoy the game.



Prophetic Etiquette Of Iftar And Suhoor

iftar and suhoor

Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam, and iftar and suhoor are vital junctions of it. When it comes to etiquettes of an ideal Muslim, we have the best example in the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Similarly, when it comes to the etiquettes of iftar and suhoor, we can learn much from what the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself did or commanded us to do.


Intention Of Fasting

The intention of fasting has to be done from the night beforehand as the Prophet (peace be upon him) is reported to have said,

“Whoever does not resolve to fast before dawn (fajr), he has no fast.” (Reported by Abu  Dawood).

He (peace be upon him) has also said,

“Whoever does not intend to fast during the night, there is no fast for him” (Reported by Al Nasai).

The intention does not have to be verbalized; it has to be in the heart. This is a prerequisite of all other acts of worship and is not only limited to fasting.

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Duration of Suhoor

In the Quran, Allah says

“Eat and drink until you can distinguish the white thread from the black thread of dawn” (2:187).

In another report Zayd  Bin  Thabit (RA) narrated, “We had suhoor with the Prophet (peace be upon him) and then he stood up for ṣalah. He was asked, “How much time was there between the adhan and the suḥoor?”He replied, “The amount of 50 ayahs” (Reported by Bukhari).

The mentioned hadith, indicates that it is recommended to delay the suhoor, but before the adhan of Fajr and by the time one completes the suhoor. Ideally there should be a time gap that amounts to the recitation of 50 verses from the Quran.
iftar and suhoor

Importance of Suhoor

It is sunnah for the fasting person to eat suhoor, as reported in the hadith of Anas ibn Makik (RA) Anas ibn Maalik (RA) “The Prophet the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

‘Eat suhoor, for in suhoor there is blessing.’”(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

The suhoor also works in differentiating our fasts from the people of the book. The Prophet (peace be upon him)  said,

“The  difference between  our  fast  and  the  fast of  the People of  the Book  (i.e.  Jews  and  Christians)  is the  taking  of  the saḥr (i.e. saḥoor)” (Reported by Muslim).

Even if one is full or having difficulty to wake up, he should at least have water to follow the sunnah as the Prophet (peace be upon him) has said “Take suhoor, even if it is only a mouthful of water” (Reported by Abu Yahya).

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Supplication Upon Breaking The Fast

As always before eating the first morsel of food one should begin by saying which is to say Bismillaah (In the name of Allah).

The supplication, which is one is to say open breaking the fast as reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him) is:

ذهب الظمأُ، وابتلت الروق و ثبت الأجر إن شاء الله
(Thahabath-Thana’u Wabtallatil-‘Urooqu Wa Thabatal-Ajru In Sha’ Allaah.)
“Thirst has gone, the arteries are moist, and the reward is sure, if Allaah wills.”

Narrated by Abu Dawood. Ibn Hajar has said in AlTalkhees AlHabeer: AlDaaraqutni said, its isnaad is saheeh.

There is another supplication often associated with breaking the fast that is narrated in Abu Dawood.

اللهم لك صمت و على رزقك أفطرت
(Allaahumma Laka Sumtu Wa ‘Ala Rizqika Aftartu.)
“O, Allah! For Your sake I have fasted and with Your sustenance I have broken my fast.”

However Shaikh AlAlbaani has classed it as daeef (weak).

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Hurry To Break The Fast

It is the sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to hasten to break the fast. He (peace be upon him) has said:

“The people will continue to be fine so long as they hasten to break the fast.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

Food To Break The Fast With

In a hadith, as narrated by Anas (R.A.)  “The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him.) used to break his fast with fresh dates before praying; if there were no (fresh dates) then with dry dates, and if there were no (dried dates) then he would take a few sips of water. (Narrated by Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi. It has been classed as hasan in al-Irwa.