Desk Snacks That Won't Ruin Your Diet


Most of us work at our computers for long hours. Some of us even skip meals while writing reports, researching, and replying to emails among many other digital tasks.

And who doesn’t plead guilty to munching on something while sitting at the desk. But snacking can be a good habit, and when done correctly it can help you achieve your health as well as weight loss goals. After all, it is essential to maintain healthy balanced blood sugar level if we are to be successful in our eating plans. For when blood sugar drops, we feel hungry and will power is usually the first sit down.


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Most of us have dieted at one point in our lives. What we eat is very much a part of our identity.

And very rarely does a waiter in a restaurant receive an order as is, without having to eliminate something from the dish. There are dozens of weight loss regimens and programs to follow, some more known than others. The health industry hasn’t reached its peak yet, with diets, exercise programs, supplements, books, and so on catering to our needs as we push ourselves away from sedentary lifestyle habits. In this piece, I have summed up a list of the most well known weight loss diets and their key points.

If you choose to follow any of those listed, I always recommend that you check with your GP first.

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How to Make Your Own Home-Made Healthy Sports Drink


When we sweat during our workouts, we lose a combination of water and electrolytes, mostly, sodium, chloride. potassium, calcium, and salts like, urea.

It is very essential that we replenish these levels after or sometimes during a workout (especially when very intense). They are needed for healthy muscle functioning, transmission of nerve signals, controlling the amount of water in the body, easy blood flow, other necessary functions. With these running smoothly, you’ll have a better chance of good sports performance.

However, most commercial sports drinks contain, in addition to the electrolytes, added sugar and coloring. This is done to make the drink mimic a certain fruit taste and to make it taste better than it actually is. This beats the purpose of working out to burn calories, if you’re going to get them back so quickly and without much added value.

If you still want the added benefit of replenishing your electrolytes and water supply, naturally, without the added sugar, then below is a recipe with a video of how to do it yourself.



How To Waste Your Time At The Gym


The days when going to a gym was a luxurious choice are long gone.

Nowadays, making active healthy choices is a way of life. After all, looking good and feeling good are a reflection of how well one is doing in life. And, in case you didn’t really care about health for its own sake, your social media profile demands that some of your news feed be dedicated to exercise and nutrition.

However, some of us really do seem to waste our time at the club. Whether it’s because we simply don’t like working out or are not yet convinced of the need to, we are masters of inefficiency.This way, we can claim that we actually have done the work, without feeling guilty. Could this be why you have nothing to show for it despite showing up for a workout 6 times a week?

Like I tell my clients, learning something and showing up to school are two different things.

So here are sure ways to inefficiency at the gym.


Reading a book, doing homework, or sending an email to a client while working out could be a great way to get more done. However, the result is a guaranteed negative effect on your workout. After all, it is another way to tell if you’re really putting in the energy needed for positive physical change.


Whether you spot a friend across the gym floor or mingle with the floor staff, interrupting the rhythm of your workout for social purposes is the surest way to lose the motivation to continue your sets.


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Ah, yes. You knew this was going to make the list. Need we say more?

Waiting for your turn (equipment)

This can go unnoticed. AS you stand awaiting your turn, your heart rate and your body temperature start to drop. Training methods focusing on less rest time between sets will particularly be affected by this. Plan and design your workouts to avoid this or do some burpees while you await.


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Moving at snail’s speed

Your workout also includes the time between when you’re not doing a move. Moving from one move to the next, make sure you keep the tempo. (Imagine how you feel when you’re waiting at the supermarket’s cashier, and the lady in front of you seems to be moving like she has all the time in the world)


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Drying your sweat

This will be a problem if you’re doing it like you just had a moroccan bath session. Pat dry, and move on.


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Leaving the workout to get something from your gym bag or the cafeteria

Keep your water bottle (or whatever you might need) next to you. That long walk to the locker room or cafeteria is another way to slow the pace. (Unless you’re running or lunging on the way)


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Doing the same workout every time

I thought I’d remind you once more that variety and new challenges are essential for your body to adapt in a new way overtime.


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Happy Training…


Solving The Top Issues Facing Expat Women


Like any teenager who fusses and complains that things aren’t going as they’re supposed to be, my father used to tell me “wherever you go, you take yourself”.

I believed like many do i suppose, that changing a geographical location is usually the answer to my set of problems. I didn’t quite comprehend till my later years. I see now my childish desire to run to a fairy land away from my problems.

I’ve travelled enough to know that every place carries with it a set of goods and bads, and that what may seem good to you is quite the opposite for others.

Complaining about the way of life in Saudi may come as second nature for many, but there is no denying of the many perks that this country has offered so many. After all, expats make almost a third of the population. They have blended their unique cultures to the mix, enriching Saudi Arabia and making it their new home.

Below, we offer tips to some common struggles expat women may face in Saudi. After all, a change of perspective is often what is needed.

It gets lonely, being new in town.

You’ll need to be proactive in this area. As we grow older, it becomes easy to isolate oneself and to be lazy towards meeting new people. However, you’ll find that it’s easy to make friends here because there are people from all over the world. It’s not long before you find someone from your community that you click with. Saudi’s in general are well travelled and well informed of other cultures. If you speak English, it doesn’t really matter where you’re from. And if you’re from the Middle East, it won’t be long before you immerse yourself so much that you begin to speak Arabic with a Saudi accent.

Our take:
Join communities and find Facebook groups (like book clubs, hiking groups, horseback riding clubs) for activities. Gyms are a great place to meet active people. If you have kids, meet other like-minded parents at your kids’ school.

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I miss my family back home.

True, very true. But, if you’re married, being in foreign land usually strengthens the bond and friendship which you build with your husband. Also, unlimited internet subscription is quite cheap in Saudi Arabia. You’ll find you just might stay on skype all day if wanted to. If you’re from the Arab world, you can always buy a cheap ticket and fly over for the weekend.

Our take:
Like other expats who miss their family, you’ll find comfort in each other’s company.

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I miss home’s authentic meals.

If you’re having trouble in this area, it means you’re not aware of the food scene in Saudi Arabia. There are authentic restaurants from all over the world scattered around town. Use Destination Magazine’s restaurant guide to stay on top of the latest places or those hidden from the scene. Many local websites ( or list restaurants based on cuisines from around the world.

Our take:
Now’s the time to learn how to cook. Don’t get lazy. Pick a local cookbook from Jarir Bookstore and start cooking.

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I’m a single woman and need to rely on my driver or a male relative to drive me around.

Expat or not, Uber and Careem have made this easier for all women in town.

Our take:
Plan your trips in advance if you can; download these apps. They’ll come in handy.

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I miss the pedestrian walks.

When the weather allows it, you’ll want to make use of the new pedestrian walkways popping up around town. If it’s too hot outside, the megamalls are a great way to co-join walking and shopping, the beloved activity for many women.

Our take:
Tahlia walkway, Cornishe walkway, and…. are just some places you can use to exercise your legs. They’re well-kept and safe to stroll alone.

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The abaya is difficult to get used to.

We promise you this: after a while, you’ll wonder why they don’t have Abayas back at home. They’re very comfortable and trendy if you shop correctly. They relieve you from the effort and budget planning needed to put together outfits for work, casual outings, and formal events.

Our take:
Have at least two abayas: one elegant abaya, which you can match with heels, and one casual abaya that is light and easy to move in, has arm tight sleeves, can be zipped or buttoned, and has a short train (not touching the floor).

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I miss Cinemas, Theater, & Live Shows.

When it comes to cinemas, it my opinion, the company matters just as much as the movie. you can always rent a fantastic movie, invite friends over, and enjoy a memorable experience.

Our take:
Invest in a state of the art, home movie TV set. You can even make homemade snacks like popcorn, nachos, and small bites. Anyhow, you can always make it to Dubai for a weekend, if your favorite artist happens to be in the Middle East.

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Destination Magazine will always be your go to lifestyle guide in Saudi Arabia. Pick up your monthly issue.


Top 10 things Your Trainer Would Love To Tell You In Your Face

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There are times when we fitness experts just hold back from saying what needs to be said.

Especially with our fresh clients, we feel that we may come across as too aggressive. However, if you could read through our minds, here are some of the thoughts that we wish we could bring to life.

Note: This content is made to be taken lightly, without ignoring the message.












Holy Crepe! These Toppings Are Delicious


Here are some of our teams favorite toppings for Crepe! Tell us yours!






What Type of Fitness Class Are You?

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Fitness is a part of most people’s lives these days. And it should be.

Gym memberships, wearable fitness trackers, or subscriptions to fitness magazines and websites, we all seem to participate in the conversation in some way. But what about fitness classes? The variety is endless, with different naming that could mean different things from one gym to the other.

But, if you’re not participating in these, even if once in a while, we believe that you’re missing out. We have set up this quiz to help you know yourself just a little better. Which class would you enjoy more? Take the quiz and find out.

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Is Fatigue Preventing Me From Losing Weight?

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It has become increasingly difficult to unplug from the stresses that we confront everyday.

The key is balance, and fatigue is a sure sign that you need to slow down. Even though fatigue is a symptom, it does carry with it a set of symptoms that are detrimental to our bodies. From those symptoms, weight gain seems to be the odd one out.

Fatigue is a symptom of an illness, lifestyle, or some other underlying condition(s). It can be mental or physical or both.

Physical Fatigue is when a person feels tired or incapable of doing physical work. Mental fatigue is when a person finds it hard to do mental work like concentrating or making decisions or logical analysis. One form of fatigue usually leads to the other, especially if left unmanaged.

In both cases, the person finds it increasingly difficult to undertake the usual level of work or stress that once seemed possible..

While fatigued, the potential for error becomes greater. Driving, operating dangerous equipment, or working in situations that require care and meticulousness become open to error.

Although diseases or chronic illnesses cause fatigue, in today’s world, more and more people are suffering from non disease related fatigue. 

Despite our constant energy expenditure, here are the ways in which fatigue causes weight gain.


The mother of all fatigue. We all face a considerable amount of stress in our lives, both physical and mental/emotional. Our bodies are built to handle that stress through releasing stress related hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. After the release of cortisol, we replenish our energy by craving carbohydrates. When the level of stress becomes too much to bear, it over taxes these body systems which require more and more rest to function properly. When cortisol remains too high in the blood for a prolonged period of time, the body begins to store more and more fat for the rainy days. The body assumes that it is under threat and will need this energy in the future to cope with the threat. The body also begins to crave more sugars and carbs for energy for the future.

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Hormonal Imbalance

All the body systems are interrelated. For example, the sleep hormone is only released as cortisol decreases in the body. If one part of the system is not functioning properly, the other system bears some of the work or doesn’t work properly. In the first case, fatigue is the result. In some cases, the hormones that affect our eating patterns (when we get hungry and what foods we crave) are also affected.

Lack of Sleep

This is a leading factor to fatigue. In our achievement driven world, sleep is a sign of waste, and the less we need it, the better. On average an adult needs 7 to 9 hours of good sleep. Fatigue also leads to insomnia. The body’s natural clock and the hormonal imbalance resulting from the body trying to compensate one system for another means we get less sleep, creating a vicious cycle that breeds more fatigue.

Sleep also means we’re more prone to snack, adding unnecessary calories to our waistlines.

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Insufficient iron causes less oxygen to be transported to the cells, which need it to produce energy for its cellular activity. When the cells receive less oxygen we feel tired and sluggish. This means we have less energy to carry out other activities or any form of fitness without feeling breathless, dizzy, or weak.

Too much Exercise

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Exercise is stress. After the damage caused by exercise, the body repairs itself to a stronger version of itself, capable of enduring more stress. However, if you find yourself not feeling energized after a session or deteriorating in performance over time, it means you’re doing too much. The body is incapable at repairing itself at the pace that it is being damaged. This means the body starts losing muscle mass, which means a lower metabolic rate. It also means your body stores energy for the future sessions.

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Digestive Problems

In stressful situations, the digestive system is usually the first to receive less blood flow. The muscles and other organs receive more attention. This constancy means the body is incapable of good digestion, allowing the food to sit in the gut for longer periods of time, causing bloating, constipation or diarrhea, and inflammation. This also means that the body cannot absorb essential nutrients that are essential for proper functioning of other body systems.

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An Under active Thyroid

This small hormone gland in the back of the neck controls how we use energy. Thyroid regulates the metabolism and energy use, heart rate, and body temperature. Fatigue is a symptom of an under active thyroid and leads to weight gain. In thyroid dysfunction, the more one restricts the diet, the worse things become, as the body lowers the metabolic rate even further to save energy.

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Unhealthy Diet

Naturally, an unhealthy diet full of saturated unnatural fats and processed foods coupled with a sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain. From a fatigue perspective, an unhealthy diet means more work for the digestive system and less nutritious materials to be used for proper functioning. 


Easy DIY Home Made Dips for Bread or Rusk


So many of us have been having our shabora/rusk all our lives in the most boring way!

No offence dried bread with coffee in the morning makes our day but let us introduced you to some spreads to put on rusks and your life will be changed forever! Try these Dips with Bread, rusk or anything there are no limits.

Try it on anything else if you are feeling adventurous and let us know what you came up with!

You will need Rusk/Shabora for all your dips.