Special places to entertain us this summer.

  1. Goot Resorts

Located in Al Munsiyah District 10 minutes from Granada Mall, this resort has got it all. Whether you’re with a bunch of friends celebrating a birthday or with your family having a nice BBQ, this place has got you covered. With beautiful modern decor and refreshing outdoor pools to accompany each unit, you’ll feel like you’re in a customized paradise made just for you. A one-night stay at Goot Resorts costs SR 2,650.

Web: gootresorts.com
Location: Al Munsiyah Dist.

Instagram: gootresorts
Twitter: GootResorts
Facebook: Goot Resorts

  1. Dirab Golf Course & Country Club

Here’s a real treat for you. Golf? Oh yes. About an away away south west of central Riyadh in Tawfiq Valley lies green grass and truly mesmerizing views that inspire you to win and encourage your sense of sporting and competition. Being part of this club is a privilege and it’s all part of a membership package you can tailor individually or for your whole family. There are different kinds of memberships as well as special prices for non-members. All information can be found on their website.

Web: dirabgolf.com
Location: Tawfiq Valley
Facebook: Dirab Golf & Country Club

  1. Al Faisaliah Resort

Another great getaway 45 minutes from downtown Riyadh, and one that will give you the most relaxing experience. You and your family can enjoy an ultimate summer getaway with villas and pools in private chalets, this luxury resort is worth your time. A one night’s stay with access to all facilities costs SR 2,000.

Tel: +966-11-4118800
Web: alfaisaliahresorts.com
Location: Banban Dist., North of Riyadh

Facebook: Al Faisaliah Resort & Spa
Instagram: alfresort
Twitter: alfresort

  1. AlBujairi Square

Here’s a local treat about 17 minutes from downtown Riyadh with historical value and great scenery. Spending an afternoon in Diriyah’s Bujairy can give you and your family some time to play around and chit chat under grand palm trees. Be sure to stay hydrated and keep yourself cool. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Location: Ad Diriyah

  1. Hanifa Valley

hanifaTwenty minutes south of Riyadh, this place is great for an outdoor adventure. Bring your picnic bags and BBQ set, and be ready to get your hands dirty! You can do a lot of things at Hanifa Valley, including rock climbing by the beautiful hills or playing soccer with your children. It’s all about the outdoors with this one.

Location: Off of Dirab Rd., South of Riyadh


Plenty to do indoors to avoid definite heat strokes.

Escape Riyadh-ity with Escape ArabiaBeverage-Counter

Maybe it’s our Sherlock complex but we’re seriously getting hooked to escape rooms and in our opinion, the more there are in Riyadh, the merrier it is. Escape Arabia is the latest addition to this new wave of entertainment sweeping the capital and we’ve got to say, it does up the ante. Whether you want to warp into Sherlock Holmes’ study, get saved by your friends in Taken or unravel the mysteries of Area 51- you are definitely going to enjoy every minute inside these rooms. Plus, it’s a great way to build creative thinking and team work, the edutainment factor of trying to solve clues and having fun in the process just never gets old.

Facebook: Escape-Arabia
Web: escape-arabia.com

Bounce on a Trampoline ParkSkyZone-grabbed1

Sky Zone is one place men as well as children can spend their time having fun without being fried in the sun. They’re located in Riyadh – Alhokair Entertainment and Sports, on Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz Road in Ar Rabwah. For package information and prices, call 920006699.

Twitter: skyzoneksa
Facebook: skyzoneksa
Instagram: skyzoneksa
YouTube: skyzoneksa

Go On A Strike!

RCR-Strike-Bowling-Alley_0003Another place to spend your evening is at the Universal Bowling Center. This place will bring back a lot of memories, and you can go with your family and friends. There’s also a ladies night. Get your bowling shoes on and go STRIKE.

Facebook: Universal Bowling Center
Mob: +966-532447462

Skate the Heat Away

The ultimate place to cool down is probably the ice skating rink at Marina Mall. This place is a lot of fun, and you can even rent it out for a private party. That’s what we call perfect. There’s also a skating rink for women available at the Royal Mall. It doesn’t get too crowded and you pretty much have the place to yourself if you go a little after 4 p.m.

Score a Goal

Goal2Goal! is an awesome indoor soccer field and it’s perfect for a hot summer day. We have soccer fields everywhere, but indoors? This is a first.

Tel: +966-11-4520714

A Different Kind of Pool

Finally, Black House is a great cafe on Tahliya for the guys to relax and enjoy their time playing pool and video games. They usually screen soccer games as well.


Give your taste buds a trip around the world with these local palate pleasers.


361A9530-as-Smart-Object-1-copyLusin is as authentic as you can get. They have delicious grilled meats and traditional appetizers that give you that tangy Armenian flavor.

Location: Centria Mall


Paul-10France is well known for its beautifully buttered pastries and sweet heavenly desserts. And thankfully, there’s plenty of that at Paul. This place is truly ooh la la, and as soon as you get there and take a spoonful of that Crème Brûlée, you’ll be very pleased.

Location: Thumama St.


VILLAVilla Restaurant is an underrated place that serves great Thai food. Get some red curry chicken, mango salad and tom yum soup to go and enjoy it while watching a movie with some good company.

Location: Oruba St.


subslide-1Romano’s Macaroni Grill has been making a good argument for casual Italian dining in the city. The interiors give a nice homey Italian vibe that perfect for the family, with serving size to match.

Location: King Abdulaziz Rd.


IMG_6478We love Chinese takeouts as much as the next person but if you’re looking for fine dining and Asian flavors, then you can’t go wrong with Hong. Their dumplings are sumptuous and the king prawns are indeed royalty.

Location: The Ritz-Carlton Riyadh


361A3481While there’s a lot of Japanese restaurants to choose from in Riyadh, for this taste bud adventure, we’re leaning towards Yokari. Simply because it’s a restaurant that would appeal to those who don’t necessarily have a taste for sushi (although their selection is equally good). Must try: The black cod.

Location: Centria Mall


Firegrill-03For a healthy spin on Mexican food, Fire Grill is a brilliant place that’s got you covered. Their rice bowls and burritos make all the difference. They even sing you a cool song when you order a burrito. That’s what we call a fiesta!

Location: Tahliya St.



Throwback Eid Gift Ideas for Kids

Photo Credits: housetodecor.com

Happy Eid! What’s better than three days of awesome food, money and great gifts?

Exactly. Nothing. Here’s a few great THROWBACK gift ideas for kids. Share it with your loved ones. And on social media. *wink wink*

1. Candy and chips


When do you ever go wrong with candy? No, not the modern day candy everyone’s raving about. The traditional candy we all had as kids. The gummy pizza, toffee and Fishfash chips.

That’s what we’re talking about. Put them in cute little bags and share the tradition!

2. Accessories


Girls always like to accessorize and look like pretty little princesses. So, let’s help them out.

Whether it’s Claire’s (that’s what we 90’s kids used to like) or any other place, they’re cheap and you can buy them in bulk for all the girls in the family to feel as pretty as they are.

3. Baking Sets

Baking Set

Remember the afternoons we spent with our moms in the kitchen baking cupcakes and desserts? Well, nowadays baking has gotten to a whole new level, and the gadgets they use are extremely interesting. For all ages, actually.

4. Hoverboard


Alright, maybe this one’s not part of the whole “throwback” theme, but remember the scooters we used to ride in the DQ and the rollerblades we took around Aqaria? Well, this is the modernized version of that. Kind of.

5. Puzzles and Board Games

Board Games

We all used to play Uno and Dominoes. But guess what they’re playing these days? Saudi Deal!

This is a great game that will definitely get the whole family together like good old times. Thank us later.


Not everyone loves peanut butter, but when you do, you REALLY love it. For those who like to enjoy a spoonful every now and then, here are a few things you should know about:

1. Peanut butter helps you lose inches

scale (1) wwwcrackerjacknutritioncom

Photo Credits: crackerjacknutrition.com

Although it’s high in calories, the dense consistency of peanut butter keeps your mind off of food for a little longer than usual. Which means you’ll be eating less and losing more weight. Beach body, anyone?

2. Good quality peanut butter is good for your heart


Moderate consumption of peanut butter lowers the risk of various cardiovascular diseases as well as others. I mean, come on… Even your heart loves it.

3. Peanut butter is an excellent pre-workout boost


Smother some apples with some yummy peanut butter and enjoy an energy kick from heaven. No treadmill shall take you down!

4. The great antioxidant


Peanut butter is not only packed with good fats and nutrients, but it also has excellent antioxidant properties that help keep your system clean. It literally cleans you inside and out. Thank you, peanut butter.

5. You can put peanut butter on almost everything


Cake? Sure. Sandwhich? Mhm. Ice cream? Oh, yes! Chicken? Most definitely.
Thabeeha? Okay. Not that far.


During Ramadan, the thing that people mostly complain about is fatigue. Everyone is always tired, which basically puts them in a bad mood. But here’s a few proven ways to stay fresh during this holy month.

1. Water, water water

One article pic

I know, this one is a bit cliché. But our bodies are made up of more than 50% water, and during fast we tend to get a little dehydrated. The best way to make sure you get the right amount of water is to drink two glasses every 3 hours after you break your fast. Trust me, your body will thank you.

2. Watch what you eat!

Two article pic

We all know that food = calories and calories = energy. But there are bad sources of energy as well as good, and knowing where to get the right kind of energy is important. For example, one fried ground beef sambusa has about 100 calories while a bowl of vegetable soup has about 50.

Although the soup has less calories, it’ll give you a better boost than the sambusa!

3. Take-up some yoga

Three article pic

Yoga is an exercise you can do any time of the day. During Ramadan, we tend to get a little too lazy, and by taking-up yoga you’ll maintain your energy levels and clear your mind. This is an awesome way of spending some spare time before maghreb.

4. Try to limit your caffeine intake

Four article pic

Although coffee is a must during Ramadan, it has some negative effects on your body. It may give you a spike of energy, but mostly it just dehydrates you some more and will eventually make you more tired.

5. Get enough sleep

Five article pic

This is a really important thing to do. Although staying up late and watching Kuwaiti shows is tradition, doing it on the expense of your sleep is just not worth it. Getting a good night’s sleep will make sure you wake up feeling refreshed and energized!