The Future of Short-Term Rental in the Kingdom


With daily growing interest and the unstoppable rise of remote working and international business, now is the time to explore the opportunities of short-term rentals.

Though the world has come to grips with living during the COVID-19 pandemic, and with vaccinations being administered worldwide, the crisis is far from over, especially for the travel and tourism industry. We are seeing cities open up for welcoming travelers from across the globe, only to be met with a spike in cases detected. The pandemic has unilaterally attached to the industry, businesses requiring to revisit and amplify their business strategies, investments being paused, in severe cases operations have closed down, and the workforce being reduced dramatically. Unregulated or non-state licensed short-term rentals are a cause for concern, being that strict policies and guidelines are required to be followed in order to gain the trust of customers. No matter the stakeholder, whether it be hosts (or property managers and platforms) or customers, the short-term rental industry needs some attention for it to withstand the pandemic ride.jzf2n8so-copy

Make no mistake, the short-term rental industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is experiencing a boom in interest, enthusiasm, and demand. Studies conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) showed that about 80 percent of citizens and expatriates prefer domestic tourism during the pandemic. However, property management for short-term rentals has, in the past, featured no shortage of tricky tasks to undertake and plenty of perceived risks to navigate.

During the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all learned to rely a little more on one another, building bridges and networks across our communities to the benefit of all.

Mabaat, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s fastest-growing short-term rental platform, understands the potential and benefits of communities more than anybody, and in order to optimize our programs and system, we’ve sought out new and exciting ways to bring local communities together for a common goal. image-2-copy

A home (or office) away from home

As the world grows smaller, and as we emerge from a global pandemic, endless opportunities continue to arise while normality is reimagined. Working from home no longer means working from your home, and as you travel, your work travels with you.

A poolside stay, a beach villa, or a luxury Jeddah apartment, all have the potential to be your new agile workspace with the greatest of ease. With a laptop, a place to put your feet up, and a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, the world of work becomes your oyster – no matter where you are. This with the fact that strict guidelines to ensure the safety of guests are paramount.

At Mabaat, we go above and beyond the bare essentials, ensuring you and your family can enjoy a genuine home environment while you hit your targets, attend virtual meetings, and get work done. That’s why we’ve hand-selected rental properties that offer ‘work getaway’ perfection, and from vibrant city center hubs to blissful beachside villas, our new normal never looked so good. Style, Security, and Comfort Combined.jof73323-copy

Unleash Your Real Estate Potential

As we slowly come out of the worst of the pandemic, short-term getaways can pump up the economic revenue from major cities to remote getaways. They will be a key driver to support local businesses and restaurants, in parallel with property owners when taking a short trip away from home.

Mabaat understands the potential and benefits of communities more than anybody, and in order to optimize our programs and system, we’ve sought out new and exciting ways to bring local communities together for a common goal.

Our platform is founded upon building close and trusting relationships between property owners and their ideal guests, keen to explore the possibilities that KSA offers their professional and family lives.

However, our aim reaches further, and we rely on a wide array of individuals across the country to maintain our top standards, and to continue attaining excellence in every corner of the country’s developing short-term rental sector. That’s why we’re actively employing part-time services, call center operators, property supervisors, maintenance, and security personnel, and many more professionals sourced from their local communities. They are the people who know our cities and resorts better than anyone, and they are the ones who will grow alongside Mabaat and embrace the opportunities that our shared future brings.

Our mission is to go above and beyond the ordinary, and to play our part in the furthering of local KSA economies, boosting our regional tourism industries, and giving something back to the communities we’ve all grown to cherish and rely on. With a wealth of employment opportunities awaiting, and the chance to heighten the appeal of our cities for an international clientele, Mabaat is looking for a brighter, more community-minded, and more interconnected future. image-5-copy

What you deserve from a short-term rental

Mabaat company was established in 2019 to be the largest specialized site for renting short-term housing units of high quality, in distinct residential locations, and with numerous residential facilities. The Mabaat platform contains many housing units of different sizes and different prices to provide the best options for guests and through the site, we offer the best offers and the finest residential units in the market. We aim to achieve an ideal experience for our guests and provide the best services to our valued guests.

With the direct support, we have received from the government of Saudi Arabia, and with our license from the Ministry of Tourism, we’re primed and ready to unveil Mabaat across six cities and four provinces of Saudi Arabia. It isn’t hard to see why property owners are keen to get involved: we take care of all the finer details, from highlighting your property’s finest features with a professional photoshoot and listings to handling guest check-in, and from calculating the optimal price for your property’s rates to taking care of upkeep and replenishment.

In Mabaat, we are fully aware of the responsibility to provide the best and finest ideal sites and employ technology in all channels of communication with guests, as we are qualified to bring the best technical services and obtain our esteemed guests’ satisfaction and make the experience in Mabaat residential sites unique.


Innovative Sharing-economy Model for Short-term Rentals in KSA


Mabaat now officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in KSA.

Domestic tourism spends reached a whopping 53 billion Saudi Riyals in 2019.8cac67dd-11f8-4005-9f3e-105e47ff1e59-copy

Jeddah, 5 November 2020, Mabaat Real Estate Company announced the launch of its online platform, the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that is specialized in the short-term rental of residential units on behalf of owners. This innovative model that leverages the principle of sharing economy provides the opportunity for families and visitors from different cities from within the Kingdom to spend their vacations and complete their work while enjoying a distinctive stay that makes their experience more private, more enjoyable, and more entertaining in a home-like environment.113ea8b0-aa79-4a35-b6a0-7c913407d514-copy contributes to diversifying and improving investment returns of residential real estate by attracting short-term rental visitors, maintaining occupancy levels within portfolio properties, and managing the day-to-day operational hassles. Beyond the direct financial benefits, Mabaat provides full transparency to property owners through its platform by reporting guest check-ins and check-outs, cleaning, sterilization, maintenance, and other servicing activities. Owners are able to track their steady cashflows and stay abreast of occupancy levels and daily rates of their properties.47e52a78-0194-4639-ab47-0da7aba93aa0-copy

“We at Mabaat, look forward to supporting the strategic tourism efforts of the Kingdom through this innovative model by providing domestic and international visitors with alternative options for accommodation within the sharing economy. Mabaat creates value for visitors to Saudi cities, including pilgrimage and Umrah visitors from different countries of the world, and to the owners of residential properties looking to maximize the return on their real estate portfolios. Mabaat is becoming an increasingly popular operating partner for owners of established residential compounds with occupancy rates in excess of 85% in Jeddah. We receive a steady flow of bookings through our platform as well as through international platforms such as and Airbnb”, said Mabaat’s CEO, Talal Alsorayai.7b0f77b1-b41a-441e-a136-c100ff07571b-copy

“There is no doubt that becoming officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism is an important milestone in Mabaat’s journey so far and brings us one step closer to achieving our dream of becoming a leading player in the tourism services sector in KSA, God willing.”034c2525-7c93-4119-92c2-0869eba7e112-copy

Talal added, “ Mabaat was launched in late 2019 by a team of trained and qualified Saudis with the support of best-in-class international expertise in technical, operational, and marketing related fields. Mabaat’s inspiration is anchored in our leadership’s wise and ambitious national plan, Saudi vision  2030, which builds on the development of the tourism sector and diversification of sources of income as key pillars. On the one hand, Mabaat provides services essential to the benefit of targeted groups of real estate owners, by enabling them to efficiently manage their residential properties using the best technical solutions. On the other hand, it offers an exceptional service level for visitors seeking short-term rentals at upscale residential units with world-class 5-stars standards, concierge services, and impeccable cleanliness and care.”b139b2b4-6004-40ff-aa20-63fd6a013a84-copy

Domestic tourism-related spending reached a record high in 2019 at a whopping 53 billion Saudi Riyals compared to 48 billion Saudi Riyals in 2018, a 10.4 percent growth. Of this total spending, approximately 25 percent was for family and friends visits and 27 percent for religious purposes.81541990-23dd-48ca-a240-1485ecb5afb0-copy

Saudi Arabia is working on several mega tourism projects in line with Vision 2030, marking tourism as a key pillar of the national economy. The most prominent of these projects is the Alqidia project in the west of the Saudi capital Riyadh, an inspiring entertainment project for young people. Other prominent megaprojects on the coasts of Saudi Arabia include NEOM and the Red Sea. In addition, there are plans to develop several historical sites, such as Al Ula, Madaen Saleh, and Al-Dara’ia, which are national symbols due to their historic significance.91574341-ac98-441a-b78a-030d80a1cb3b-copy