Rihanna x Dior: Fashion Bore or Fashion Score?


Nowadays, it seems that fashion brands and artists are one brilliant, creative and collaborative team. Collaborations include Kanye West and Adidas, Beyoncé and Topshop, Rihanna and Puma and now Rihanna and Dior.

Rihanna being the badgalriri that she is, decided to start a sunglasses line with Dior. They are definitely different, creative and scream her and her look.

She is known for her great style, one that is always copped and impersonated. With these glasses, one awaits the storm of duplicated looks that will fill our sunny days.

The sunglasses are around 840 dollars a pair… So I guess we should start saving from now. Or, those of us with a budget might want to admire the glasses from afar and wait until they are old news so we can cop them then (#OneDay).t-rihanna-dior-glasses

The glasses are pretty chic and they are a fashion statement. Alongside her 840 dollar pair of sunglasses, Rihanna x Dior have a 24-karat-gold pair of sunglasses for about 1,950 dollars. The pricing is pretty intense but understandable because of how huge and respected both Dior and Rihanna are in the art world.


The sunglasses are exclusively sold in Dior stores and debuted June of this year. As to whether the glasses are a bore or a score, the sales and numbers can speak for its demand and popularity. At the end of the day, the power of its success or failure lies with the people.


This is What Happened in the Olympics2016 So Far

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - FEBRUARY 08:  A Rio Olympics 2016 car is seen before the first day of parades of the panel's Carnival in Rio de Janeiro on Marques de Sapucai Sambadromo on February 08, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by William Volcov/Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images)

RIO 2016 is in full action. The athletes and coaches are under extreme pressure. Many rise up to the challenge and others are unable to endure the stress.

Here are some updates in compaction.

  1. USA has so far won the most medals, with 11 Gold, 11 Silver and 10 Bronze.
  2. Team China is trying to catch up on Team USA with its second place position
  3. Team Kosovo had its first Olympic medalist and she won gold. Her name is Majlinda Kelmendi, in Judo.

Credit ThePeninsulaQatar

  1. Oksana Chusovitina from Uzbekistan is 41-years-old and the oldest woman to ever compete in Olympic gymnastics. She’s not only breaking age stereotypes, but her performance has so far been excellent, qualifying her to the vault finals
Credits: thesun

Credits: thesun

  1. Kuwaiti shooter Fehaid Al-Deehani, won the first ever Olympic Gold medal for both Kuwait and (officially) the Independent Olympic Athletes team.

Credits: Daily Mail

  1. Sara Ahmed won Egypt’s first bronze medal for weightlifting in the 69 kg finals. Weightlifter Mohamed Ihab also won Egypt’s second bronze medal in the 77 kg men’s weightlifting event, lifting 361 kg.

Credits: Getty

  1. Judoka Sergiu Toma won bronze in judo for UAE in the men’s under 81 kg category.
Credits: Emirates 24/7

Credits: Emirates 24/7

Some Saudi Arabian athletes have already competed

  1. Joud Fahmy, a Judo competitor was unfortunately eliminated at round 32


  1. Sulaiman Hamad, also a Judo competitor, got eliminated at round 32 as well.
Credits: ArabNews

Credits: ArabNews

  1. Atallah Alanzai was ranked 32nd out of 46 participants in 10m-air pistol. He also competed in the men’s 50m- pistol and ranked 20th overall
  2. Mohsen Al Duhaylib was ranked 8th in the men’s weightlifting final.
Credits: Saudi Gazette

Credits: Saudi Gazette

  1. Lubna Al-Omair competed in fencing against Brazilian fencer Rochel but did not advance, however made her country proud.
Credits: Saudi Gazette

Credits: Saudi Gazette

There are still a few more athletes awaiting their appearance in the games

  1. Sultan Mabarak Al-Dawoodi will be competing in the men’s disc throw on Aug. 12.
Credit: Zimbio

Credit: Zimbio

  1. Sarah Attar will be competing in track marathon, on the Aug. 14.


  1. Kariman Abuljadayel and Ali Al-Deraan will both respectively be competing in track on the Aug. 12
  2. Abdullah Abkar Mohammed will appear on Aug. 13 on the track.
Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty


Guide to Getting Visas in Jeddah


Traveling is an experience, whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, adventure or family. The mere idea of being in a new place is invigorating, as you get to experience life from the perspective of others.

The world is one diverse place. Being exposed to that diversification will only add to the humanity instilled in all of us and refine our awareness and understanding of different people.


Oh the times I’ve heard people say: “I need to visit Maldives before it sinks.” Well, if you want to, you should. A tourist visa to Maldives is possible and available for Saudis. Just a visit to the Maldives embassy in Saudi Arabia to apply and you are good to go!


Maldives Embassy in Jeddah:


Time for the land down under. It would be a long flight but you would undoubtedly have a great time. An Australian visa is required for Saudis and it is possible. A visit to the Australian embassy, in Riyadh, will get you going on the right track! For Jeddah, you can apply via VFS global by visiting Tasheel Commercial center. For requirements check the following link out: Australian Embassy


Visa Center in Jeddah:

South Africa

Many of my friends have visited South Africa and they have nothing but praise whenever they talk about their experiences. Visas are required to visit, so visit the South African embassy and travel with no problems. If you’re interested in Saudi Airlines, they have compiled a list of South Africa’s visa requirements for tourism: here

South AFrica

Embassy of South Africa in Jeddah:

Czech Republic, Prague

Visiting Prague could be a cultural experience of a lifetime. It’s full of history, art and an amicable sense of adventure. VFS Global is a company that works alongside the Saudi Embassy and can help with any visa processes: Click Here


Visa Center in Jeddah:


When I think of Switzerland, the words peaceful and calm come to mind. Switzerland is a great place for summer camps, family vacations and a winter break get-away. Check the VFS website for more information on how to get a visa for Switzerland: Click Here


Visa Center in Jeddah:


Art, Culture, Pizza and more; that’s what Italy offers. Italy is one of the popular travel destinations these days.
3 easy steps with VFS to your dream Italian trip! Click Here


Visa Center in Jeddah:

What’s your favourite holiday destination?


Olympic’s First Refugee Team

The Refugee Olympic team members take part in the opening ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 5, 2016

For the first time in Olympic history, there’s an official Refugee Olympic Team. There are ten athletes competing in three sports. The athletes in Rio 2016 are a representation of the strength and resilience of refugees from all over the world.

During the opening ceremony, the Refugee Team walked in right before the host country, Brazil. It felt like a statement being made by the Olympics committee. Letting refugees all over the world know that they are heard, seen and embraced by everyone.

As the team walked, the standing ovation that they received was unprecedented. Flag bearer Rose Lokonyen walked in with a massive smile and an unparalleled radiance. They were seen.

Credits: Metro

Credits: Metro

It’s important that all ten refugees and competitors are recognized.

  • Five are from South Sudan competing in athletics: James Chiengjiek, Yiech Biel, Paulo Lokoro, Rose Lokonyen and Anjelina Lohalith
  • Two are from the Democratic Republic of Congo competing in judo: Popole Misenga and Yolande Mabika
  • One is from Ethiopia competing in athletics: Yonas Kinde
  • Two are from Syria competing in swimming: Rami Anis and Yusra Mardini

Credits: unrefugees

All these refugees have a story, a fight and a country that they wish to go back to. Their performance in Rio 2016 is highly anticipated and fully supported. 18-year-old swimmer Yusra has already competed in the Women’s 100m – butterfly and won her heat. Overall, she ranked at 41. Unfortunately her rank does not qualify her to advance to the semi-finals. Despite that, her journey remains one of the most influential and admirable. Everyone all over the world is proud of her.

The rest of the refugees are yet to compete. We hope that they’ll be awarded medals but even if they aren’t, getting to where they are now is definitely praise-worthy.




New Visa Charges and Traffic Regulations


On August 8th, new decisions were made for visa charges, including but not limited to:

  • A one-time entry visa fee to Saudi being 2,000 SR. However, if the person is visiting Saudi for the first time for either Hajj or Umrah then they are exempt from any fees.
  • If a visitor is to exit and re-enter the country several times in a span of six months then the fee is 3,000 SR.
  • If a visitor is to exit and re-enter the country several times in a span of one year then the fee is 5,000 SR.
  • If a visitor is to exit and re-enter the country several times in a span of two years then the fee is 8,000 SR.
  • Those leaving the country by sea will pay a 50 SR visa fee

These new decisions will be applied starting October 2, 2016.

infographic for website

New traffic regulations will also be implemented including but not limited to:

  • If any driver is involved in a car crash, the driver must inform the appropriate department and assist the victims involved in the accident, if any. Not complying with these rules will lead to a fine of 10,000 SR or prison for a period not exceeding 3 months, or in some cases, both.
  • Those who “drift” in the streets with their motorcycles at high speed and cause havoc will also be fined.


How to be Productive During Summer In Jeddah


As many who study abroad know, coming back home for the holidays is a welcome respite from the heavy workload of university courses and indicates a long-awaited reunion with friends and family. Although it is important to take the time to relax and give yourself a well-deserved break, you will soon find out that having basically nothing to do gets really old, really fast. Here are three prime ways in which you can actually be productive this summer and get out of that slump.

  1. Join a Gym

Between all our assignments and coursework, I am sure very few of us manage to squeeze in the time to take care of our bodies and exercise every once in a while. The summer vacation provides an ideal opportunity to get back in shape.
Check out this article on Jeddah’s top gyms.
Top Five Gyms in Jeddah


2. Take some online courses

There isn’t a better time than summer vacation to finish some credits early on and get ahead in your studies, especially when you have around 3 months’ worth of free time.

Oxford Royale Academy offers online courses for ‘University Preparation’. Each course is about SR 147 for instant access and its duration is 4-6 hours. Once done with the course, you are granted a certificate as well. Some of the courses offered include: Introduction to Medicine, Introduction to Law, Human Rights Law, Introduction to Film Studies and English Essay Writing.
Web: University Preparation course

For those interested in photography, The New York Institute of Photography offers ten online courses that you can choose from. The course length is about 270 hours for 6 units.
Web: Photography course

Web: Accredited Online Photography Degrees & Certifications

UCLA also offers online courses for students during the summer. Broaden your horizons and grasp the opportunity. For more information on fees and registration, check out:



3. Find an internship or volunteer

This is particularly relevant for those of us still in our early years of university studies, since finding employment without at least 3 years of studies behind you can be a struggle. An internship is an optimal solution since you will gain some much needed work experience.

To find an internship, contact companies that you are interested in and see if they offer internships. You will be surprised to find out that many companies are probably looking for YOU! As for volunteering, there are many charities and non-profits that would welcome the help such as Mawakeb Al-Ajr, My Library, Open Skies and Help Center.
Read this article about volunteering locations to find out more, Charities and Volunteer Initiatives .



Rio 2016: Opening Ceremony Highlights


It’s that time of year again – The Olympic games. A once every 4-year event that keeps us glued to our TVs and has us wishing we could be gymnasts and tumble gracefully. It’s also a time of great pride as our countries are represented.

Ever since China had that monumental opening ceremony in 2008, every Olympic ceremony after that seems to be exuding more thought and creativity.

Rio 2016 was no different!

1. First, let’s talk about that walk? Two words, Gisele Bundchen.
Many called it the best part of the opening ceremony; others say it was completely unnecessary. Symbolically speaking, her runaway walk across the stage was the leeway into performances regarding Brazil’s modernity.
Gisele Bundchen being the iconic model that she is created a moment, whether people liked it or didn’t, they talked about it.


2. By the end of the production and before the countries and their athletes were introduced, the issue of climate change was brought in. There is a legitimate climate concern in our world today and Brazil made it imperative that it is discussed! It was the perfect platform and an important moment, with many world leaders at attendance, including the UN Secretary General.

3. Now, to the athletes! Saudi Arabia was tenth to walk in with flag bearer Sulaiman Hamad, a judo competitor. Twelve competitors in five sports and four of those competitors being women represented Saudi Arabia. The four women are Sarah Attar and Kariman Abuljadayel in track and field, Lubna Al-Omair in fencing and Joud Fahmy in judo.
Watching those four women walk with great confidence and pride leaves me very hopeful for the future of athletics in our country and for young girls especially.

4. Usain Bolt, being the fastest man in the world; one would expect him to be present during the opening ceremony of the Olympic games. To everyone’s surprise, he was noticeably missing. His reason for missing out is nothing short of humorous. Usain Bolt was “too lazy” to take a trip to the Maracanã Stadium.

usian bolt

Now, moving on to the athletes who fought to make it to the Maracanã Stadium…

5. The Refugee Olympic Athletes. 10 competitors in 3 sports. It was the first time that refugees were ever presented in the Olympics.
One of the team’s youngest and most distinguished athletes is Yusra Mardini, an 18 year-old Syrian refugee currently residing in Berlin. When she was setting off from Turkey to Greece, with about 20 people on a boat, the motor started to shut down. Yusra swam and pushed the boat for three hours and saved 20 lives.


Let’s see what else will this year’s Olympics bring.