Enjoy the Wonderful High Tea at The Globe


Nestled atop Riyadh’s iconic AlFaisaliah Tower, the Globe provides a stunning 360-degree view of the city. Pair that with their High Tea and you have yourself a truly elevated weekend experience.

The moment the elevator opens to the main restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Likewise, the atmosphere within the Globe itself does not disappoint—spacious, elegant, and inviting on a fine Friday afternoon.

The High Tea itself consists of sweet and savory buffet offerings to pair with their unlimited hot beverages. There is also a fun kid station, making it a nice family affair should you wish to bring your children along.


We appreciated the variety of savory treats, from sandwiches, canapés, salad cups, croissants, down to the sushi corner; no palate will leave dissatisfied. The dessert table is not to be overlooked either, providing a selection of crafted chocolates, macarons, cakes, and more.


To tie it all neatly in a bow, they offer one of the finest tea labels in the world, TWG. Coming in a variety of flavors, favorites like the Moroccan Mint and authentic Jasmine can be had here. Coffee lovers, worry not, you will enjoy a fresh brew here, too.

High Tea at Globe is perfect for friends, families, and couples wanting to enjoy a sophisticated yet relaxing weekend. We recommend going around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and stay to watch the sunset on the city. Make sure you also pass by The Experience, an exclusive viewing deck that will leave you awe-inspired.

Location: AlFaisaliah Tower (See map)

Timings: Fridays and Saturdays, 3-6 PM

Price per person: SR 195 inclusive of hot beverages (tea/coffee)

For Reservations:

Tel: +966-11-2732222


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Take A Hike!


Your Winter just got cooler.

A roundup of hiking clubs and touring services to get you exploring like a true Riyadhi.

It’s the winter season, and those who love the sun can finally play under it without any apprehension. This is the season for all the outdoor adventures that a Riyadhi can dream of, and that means it’s officially the time for hiking, camping, and adventuring.

Horizon Tours

Abdulrahman AlShaya started Horizon Tours because of his love for the desert. It is one of the first touring services to be licensed by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Heritage this year. They offer central region tours but also cater to other parts of Saudi Arabia, like Shuwaimis and the empty quarter. Horizon took us on a Rock Art tour where we saw awe-inspiring petroglyphs and went to a secret valley that felt like an open museum. The Horizon crew is amazing when it comes to giving you a full and authentic historical, cultural, and entertaining experience. Expect to learn about pre-Islamic folklore, listen to legends around the bonfire, feast on authentic Kabsa, and enjoy the desert like a true Bedouin.

Instagram: the_horizons_tours

Masarat Club

Masarat club was created with passion and fervor to explore. A group of friends who loved hiking came together to start the club in April 2017. Their hiking adventures are thrilling, exciting, soulful and educational. With them, we get to explore mountains that we never knew to have existed here. The tour guides of the club are always curious, so they try to discover as many hiking trails and historical sites as possible. If you’re lucky to hike on a mountain close to such a site, then you can have the pleasure to explore more. Masarat Club’s guides are fully equipped with all the hiking equipment and first-aid, so if you’re concerned about your safety, no worries, they’ve got your back. The club also takes people here on global trips; next up they’ve got Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus in their books, so get ready to register yourself if interested!

Instagram: Masaratclub

DR Fave for taking your hikes to the next level

Price for the hiking trip per head: SR 400

Ghazi Tours

Ghazi tours is majorly formed by the Ghazi family hailing from the Northern part of the country. Their trips highly focus on bringing people together from diverse cultures and entertaining them. Destination tried their trip to the Red Sands called Saad, where we got to sand-ski, ride quad bikes, drift (in a safe manner of course), sing and dance. They are a group of explorers who offer camping trips and one day trips filled with fun and adventure in which you get to explore places in and around Riyadh. When you’re on a trip with them, there’s more time for laughter, fun and socializing than exhausting yourself on a trail. Ghazi Tours is passionate about its culture and they aren’t hesitant to be loud, hence, their folklores and folk dances are authentic and amusing. Safe, fun, social and exciting- they are a classic in what they do.

Instagram: ghazitours

DR fave for most things to do

Price for the tour per head: SR 220 inclusive of meal

Riyadh Hiking Club


This group organizes trips on a weekly basis. The locations and type of hikes they do also vary between the sand dunes, sunset excursions, fossil gardens, valley hikes, and sometimes, in city cultural trips and activities. The one we were invited to join was at the Edge of the World, followed by a barbecue, where people got to socialize and enjoy a campfire with warm tea. The people are culturally diverse, friendly and welcoming, so you won’t feel left out even if it’s your first time hiking in Riyadh. Another cool thing about Riyadh Hiking Club is the most affordable option between all the tours we’ve tried.

DR Fave for newbies and social butterflies

Facebook: Riyadh.Hiking.Club

Price for the tour per head: SR 220 inclusive of food, refreshments, and transportation (if needed)


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Abayas for the Active You


By Safa Hassan and Duha Al Hosainy

Don’t let them get in the way of your activities!


M-Line Abaya Instagram: madawialissa Price: SR 800

Your typical abayas can be quite a hassle when you’re trying to get a movin’, let alone working out or getting active. We’re firm believers though that you shouldn’t let it get in the way of staying healthy and going out and about. We have come up with ways you can stay on track with fitness without being interrupted by your abaya.

  • Length & Cut

Silver Star, Royal Mall Price: SR 300

If you want to use an abaya for dynamic wear, have it shortened from the bottom. Or opt for a cut that won’t get in the way. Go for a deep ‘U’ cut from the front rather than the regular trailing bottoms.

  • Hoodie

Hoodies are great because you don’t have to keep managing them. Neither do you have to deal with the tarha. If you like having a slight breeze on your neck, hoodies are perfect. When paired with the hijab under-scarf, they give you the coverage you need, added with a bit of rocky swag.

Check out the Nike Hijab Pro for a snug, athletic fit.1-1-of-33

  • Sleeves

Find an abaya with foldable sleeves that won’t keep rolling down. Or opt for an abaya with sleeves that end right above your wrists. Also, make sure that the sleeves are not tight, so you can lift weights without feeling restricted.

  • “Flash-proof” Abaya

A.K.A. the abaya with a zipper. It’s loose enough to let you move around with ease. It’s an ideal abaya for brisk walking, jogging or running without having to hold it in place every now and then. Bonus points for being able to wear breathable clothes underneath!1-2-of-33

  • Black is the new… Black.

(This works only if your abaya is black.) A simple hack for those who don’t like it when the abaya restricts proper leg movement during a brisk walk or run, or don’t own a zipper/thobe abaya: wear a full-black outfit (nothing that defies the purpose of the abaya), and let your abaya hang on your shoulders. And Abracadabra! Watch your body camouflage with the abaya.1-17-of-33

Pro Tips:

  1. Bluetooth headphones pair well with a hoodied abaya.
  2. Make sure your abaya comes with pockets. It results in less baggage in your hands.
  3. You don’t want to wear an abaya made of thick fabric. Make sure that the abaya is made of a light, breathable material. Chiffon is a good choice.

Where to get your abayas in Riyadh:

  • Royal Mall
    Location: Olaya St.
  • Taiba Souk
    Location: Olaya St. and King Fahad Rd.
  • Saudi Sports Abayas:
    Running abaya by Eman Joharjy
    Instagram: emanjoharjy
  • Cycling Abaya by Baraa Alluhaidan


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Saudi Superhumans – Saudi Para-Athletes Heroes


These para-athletes are just a few of the heroes bringing pride to our nation.

Nour Al Sana

fahad-saad-5-_paralympics_november_2017_riyadh_shLong-Distance Runner

“Every one of us has an inner talent that can be awakened by practice.”

With years of training, young athlete and engineer Nour Al Sana has become the Paralympics champion of the Kingdom for long-distance running. Sport for Al Sana is more than just a hobby, it’s his passion. Despite suffering from muscular atrophy, he managed to break the world record in the 800m at the first West Asian Paralympic Games. Recently, he participated in the London World Championship 2017 and became one of the fastest 400m runner. He believes sports are therapeutic and empowering. Drawing inspiration from his coach Hajj Hamemmi Sahrawi, he hopes to pass on his love for the sport to all children.

Fahad Saad Al Ganaidl

fahad-saleh-4-_paralympics_november_2017_riyadh_shWheelchair Racer

“Don’t ever give up, don’t be disappointed and be patient, because these sports are tough.”

“As long as you are working hard, your day to shine will come at the right time. Be patient and don’t lose hope.”

This Saudi Paralympics star rose to fame for his spectacular performance in Wheelchair racing. The constant support he received from his family and friends made him work and train hard enough to qualify at the 2002 Paraolympics. The years in training have been tough on him. Ever since, he has won lots of medals worldwide. He won his first bronze medal in 2002 and after two years, he won his first gold at the 2004 Gulf Championship. He states that sports are necessary for everyone, especially the disabled, as it helps develop muscles and makes you stronger.

“I don’t like it when the society labels us with the term ‘handicapped.’ It’s something you shouldn’t be embarrassed of.”   

Abdullah Alafifi

alafifi-paralympic-november-health-20173100m Runner and Wheelchair Basketball Player

“No pain, no gain.”

Abdullah Alafifi is a testament that, with hard work and a determination, you can achieve anything. A versatile para-athlete, Alafifi has won gold medals in the GCC, Arab, and Asian Championships. He also got a bronze medal in the world championship and qualified in the London Paraolympic Games. He believes that sports is for everyone and a vital part of maintaining your health. Abdullah places emphasis on fostering an inclusive society, “treat us as normal individuals; institutions should prioritize making their establishments accessible to people with disabilities. This includes making social events that allow para-athletes and people of disabilities to engage with others in an impactful way.”


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We All Can Be Champions – The Saudi Paralympics


The Saudi Paralympic Vision.

Part of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision is to create a society where citizens are able to live healthy and be healthy. We imagine a future where everyone is able to participate in sports and activities, their well-being not an afterthought but a priority.paralympic-november-health-20172

We see a future that is inclusive, where people with disabilities are able to take part in building the nation. The Paralympic Committee of Saudi Arabia is one of the many ways the Government ensures that people with disabilities are able to explore their full potential. Established in 2014, its goal is to raise the level of sports for disabled persons and increase public awareness of people with special needs and sport.

Goal ball is a sport for the visually impaired using a ball fitted with bells. The Saudi Goal Ball team is the first in the gulf and has won 8 championships.

Goal ball is a sport for the visually impaired using a ball fitted with bells.
The Saudi Goal Ball team is the first in the gulf and has won 8 championships.

This isn’t necessarily a new undertaking but simply a renewed and more focused interest in para-athletes. For over two decades, these superhumans have already brought pride to the nation. Hani Al Nakhli, for example, won the silver medal during London 2012 and a bronze in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Add to this our para-football team, which has won the world championships three times in a row.

In line with this, the Saudi Paralympic Committee has entered multiple strategic agreements since 2015, to strengthen the support given to our athletes. As the president of the committee, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Muqrin says, “We seek to provide opportunities for sports participation and success for all people with special needs, focusing on what they can do and maximizing their abilities.”paralympic-november-health-201713

This November, the first Saudi Paralympic Games will be held for the first time in the Kingdom. The competitions will include: Athletics, Basketball chairs, Volleyball seating, Weightlifting, Swimming, Table Tenner, Football, and Goal Ball.

Goal Ball Saudi National Team

Goal ball, also known as Bell, is a para-sport for visually impaired people. It involves two teams, consisting of three main players and three reserves. The game uses a special ball for the blind, fitted with bells inside. The Saudi National team is the first of its kind in the gulf. They have eight Gulf championships under their belt, and have in fact won six consecutive times in a row.

Instagram: paralympic_sa
Twitter: paralympic_sa


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Chillaxing Games


By Al Bandary Khaled Al Johar

These games will put you in the right chill frame of mind.

With great power comes great responsibility; with great responsibility comes great stress. If you keep letting all that stress build up, your head may pop like popcorn kernels, and I’m sure you don’t want that do you? To reduce stress, some people workout, others meditate, and the cool folk play video games. We have created a list of games that you can play to help you de-stress.

1- The Sims 4 (PC)

12080162The Sims is the ultimate virtual reality game, which existed even before the VR headset was a thing. It allows you to live the life of your dream without any judgments. It contains social interactions, like friendships or relationships. It’s a better way to develop your imagination no matter how crazy you are.

2-The Last Guardian (PS4)

91syjhzlwel-_ac_sl1500_We all know that the Japanese excel in fantasy; so you know that you’re in for a treat. It consists of a beautiful plot with the combination of adventure, spectacular graphics, and musical score. Indulge in The Last Guardian’s mystical land and spend time with your gigantic feathered friend, when reality gets too stressful.

3- Pigment (iOS/Android/Pc)

pigment-phoneTake a break from stress and relax with this digital coloring book. Unlike other apps where you need to tap the required area to fill it with color, Pigment allows you to have the real experience. It’s the right game to discover your artistic side and to express yourself creatively. It’s a great art therapy for your mind.

4- Animal Crossing (3DS/Wii)

file_7893_animal_crossing_new_leaf1Animal Crossing is a game where you can relive your childhood memories. You can enjoy the virtual life, without being under stress of losing. Here, you can interact with cute animals who, by the way, are villagers. . You also get to own your own farm. It’s way better than Farmville.

5- Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved (Xbox360/Xbox1)

fantasia-key-artHere’s a game where there’s no such thing as losing. It’s a musical motion video game inspired by Disney’s classic animated movie, ‘Fantasia’. It’s created to let you express your dancing skills.

6- Silk 2 – Interactive Generative Art (iOS/PC)

prima-interactive-disney-gaming-disney-fantasia-music-evolved-xbox-one-24628103246_2048x2048Here’s another game for the artists. Using the illustration program, you can rediscover your artistic side. Their magic brush will help you relax, express yourself, and create mandalas and wallpapers, with just the swish of a finger.

Gamer Tips!

  1. You can buy these titles from Jarir, Extra, or Tokyo Games.
  2. There are rows of gaming stores on Suleimaniya Street where you can actually bargain. And it’s also a great place to trade in games and buy secondhand ones.


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Beyond Basics: Shaving, Micro Braids and Colors

These braids can last two months as they are somewhat permanent, but not more.

By Yara Alhazmi

A shift from the mainstream.

This summer, the heat should be the least of your worries as hairstylists have come up with extremely cool hair trends: shaving, micro braids and fascinating hair colors. These hairstyles have taken over.

  • Shaving

Shaving is not just a hairstyle, it’s a statement. A lady’s beauty is not measured by the length of her hair. If you’re feeling ballsy shave your head completely. If not, shave a part. Your head is a stencil; make it a masterpiece.

Sahar Al Nasser

Sahar Al Nasser

Sahar Al Nasser, a Saudi hairstylist, learned the art of shaving. She is a young pioneer who acquired her skills from a workshop in Dubai and two years of practice; from the basics like how to hold the scissors perfectly to studying different equipments and face shapes. Grateful for the constant support of her parents, she hopes to achieve a Masters in hairstyling and starting her own salon.

Mob: +966-545546169
Instagram: zay.shave

  • Hair Coloring

michellecarey-haircolorist-beyondbasics-september-riyadh-2017-courtesyThe hair coloring game gets better. Bold, daring and bright hair colors tend to give you a new personality and make you feel more confident.

From cinnamon to platinum, Michelle Carey does it all. She is a licensed hairstylist from Paul Mitchell School. This American cosmetologist, who resides in Riyadh, is more than just a stylist. She is passionate about making people happy and satisfied by playing with their

The best thing about her: she knows how to give you the color you want without damaging your hair. Besides, she makes the sessions fun.


Michelle Tips:

  • Washing colored hair with cold water won’t shed as much pigment as compared to hot water.
  • Take a shower every other day. It’s best for all hair type.
  • While bleaching, take it slow and know of what to expect. Besides, don’t forget Olaplex.

Instagram: Haircologist

  • Micro Braid

These braids can last two months as they are somewhat permanent, but not more.

These braids can last two months as they are somewhat permanent, but not more.

To be honest, braiding is one of the best ways to deal with frizz or an oily scalp. By adding color and lengthy extensions to your hair, you can make your braids look unique. The process is long, but totally worth it. There’s bound to be some tugging, but your hair will always be on fleek.

Asma, a Riyadhi hairstylist, has aced the braid game. She makes the process fun and gets through it quickly.

DR TIP: These braids can last two months as they are somewhat permanent, but not more.

Mob: +966-551586682


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By Khadija Kareem

Get off your sugar high and start living right.

Sugar is addictive, which is why getting it out of your system requires conscious effort. Once you stay constant though, your body will automatically develop a new habit and it will get easier for you to have a healthier lifestyle.

Ease yourself off it slowly:

Slower changes, tend to last. It’s better for you to take it a step by step. This will help your brain accept the change and your body has time to adjust. By diminishing the amount gradually, it will be less noticeable and your cravings will lessen too. If you’re used to adding two spoons of sugar in your tea or coffee, try cutting it to one spoon for a week, then keep reducing the amount to zero or use sweetening alternatives such as, honey, cinnamon, vanilla extract or a slice of orange for a refreshing sweetness.

Drink more water:

Hydrating properly with water gives you energy, quell your appetite, help with your sugar cravings and boost your metabolism. Sometimes, we mistake dehydration as hunger or food craving. Have a big bottle of water next to you. For flavor lovers, squeeze half a lemon or add slices of ginger and mint leaves.

Eating a good breakfast:

The best way to start your day is to have a breakfast full of lean protein (eggs, turkey, tuna) and healthy fats (nuts, dairy, olives), instead of a typical meal of carbs and sugary food. You will feel more satisfied and energetic, it will also help with your blood sugar levels and prevent cravings throughout the day.

Give yourself rules:

It is essential that you set clear rules about desserts in order to stick to them. Give yourself cheat days to have desserts, like weekends or special occasions. Or you can choose the have one candy a day or a small portion of a dessert trick, just to stave of the craving.

Move your body:

Exercise, do some yoga or even dance. Whatever movement your little heart desires will help boost your energy, reducing tension and decreases the need for a sugar lift.shutterstock_404779225

Dont keep treats in the house:

  • It’s difficult to snack on things that aren’t there! If you have a bucket of Baskin Robbins in your freezer, it makes total sense to devour it. Don’t keep unhealthy snacks in your home or office and trade it with the good stuff. Make your own or if you don’t have time get it from these places (disclaimer: clean treats come with a not so cheap price tag)
  • Biotic SA
    : Prince Nasser Bin Farhan St.
  • Tamimi Health Section
    : All around the city.
  • Oats and Oats
  • Health Couture
    : In major gyms and Biotic SA

Bargain and Barter

Trade natural sweeteners with sugar. Dates are loaded with potassium, copper, iron, magnesium and vitamin B6 and we have a ton of it at home. I encourage you to make your own dessert or sweeteners.

  • Date & coffee muffins
  • Date paste
  • Skinny oat cookies


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Over-aged and Under-gamed


By Yara Jan

Young or old, you’ll still buy these games.

Most of the board games and card games are usually thought of as “lame”, but you need to realize that the games industry is changing and emerging big time. If you’re not sure where to start and what games you should get, here are some of our personal recommendations.

Playing Cards

Your classic deck of cards have brought people together for ages, adding to their sleepovers, gatherings, or even long road trips and flights. What’s special about these cards is you can play SO many games with it. The famous Baloot, KonKan, Harb and Ghamza are all games we used to play as kids and still do as adults! And let’s not forget about Tarneeb, the crown jewel of non-gender card games.

T7t Lt7t

t7tlt7t-box-and-elementsA game of bluffing and disguise. Pretending to be a character you are not whilst trying to eliminate other players before they eliminate you. Are you good at bluffing? There’s only one way to find out. I guarantee you, it is a very fun game just try not get caught lying, or else… you’re out.


sheeshRemember our old-style kind of games? Ladder and snake, and so? Sheesh shares the same concept. What is special about it is that you play colored pins, qnd the board is a stuffed swatch of fabric. For you to win the game, your team has to eliminate all eight characters of the other team before they reach the goal. What also makes it special, personally speaking, is that the game’s materials are recycled. What’s better than taking care of our planet?

Tar Min Agli

game-cardsYou think you memorize all the daily brands of products you use? Well, you thought wrong. This game is made to challenge you as a group to immediately mention names of specific products when you get a matching card with someone else. It is a game full of laughs, confusions and tongue twists. What’s more pleasing are the colors and graphics of the game. I’m telling you, it’s the first thing you’ll notice.


5053a341930851-57bb9faf32288-copyOkay, let’s say you don’t have the time to go and buy a physical game and you spent all your money on food and ice-cream (cause, well, I do). It’s okay. just download the Jalsah app for free and enjoy a mixture of charades and truth or dare. But, here’s the twist: someone can create his or her own card to surprisingly challenge the rest!


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Crème de la Crème


Destination goes on indulgent odyssey in Singapore to discover the wonders of European cream.

Every pastry chef is different. Each one has a unique style of his or her own—ideas, techniques, and whatnot are as varied as they come. However, when it comes to using the ingredients, there is a consensus. Culinary masters agree that the use of fresh high quality dairy products is essential to making the finest desserts.singapore-creamofeurope-september-2017-courtesy4

To help us understand the delicate beauty of European cream, Destination was whisked away to Singapore. There, renowned pastry chefs from different countries convened at the At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy for the La Crème de la Crème pastry event.

The three-day gastronomic adventure successfully showcased the superiority of European cream. Ten International chefs, including Chef Mayada Badr from Saudi Arabia, were challenged to present their interpretation of this year’s theme: Blanc de Blanc (white on white). More than just a classic, white is, more than ever, in the spirit of time. It offers its own culinary range and proposes new gastronomic sensations – an invitation to the Chefs to use their pure imagination. The Chefs are given complete free reign to create absolute masterpieces using a combination of new and classic recipes, and traditional and contemporary baking techniques. The cream, which is the hero ingredient, remains as the integral element in each cake – discreet, glossy, unctuous, and reassuring.singapore-creamofeurope-september-2017-jp3

We witnessed in awe as the pastry chefs defined, reimagined, and ultimately created dreamy interpretations of the theme. They hustled and bustled in a kitchen that felt like an episode from Iron Chef.

Another highlight of this edition was a special workshop with one of Paris’ top pastry, Nicolas Bacheyre.  We were able to see how European cream is able to elevate every creation. Our senses were titillated – surrounded by the scent of fresh vanilla and visually captivated as Chef Nicolas showed us how he has mastered the use of cream.

More than just a classic, white is, more than ever, in the spirit of time.

More than just a classic, white is, more than ever, in the spirit of time.

European cream is instantly recognizable by its texture and highly developed aromas, characterized by its roundness, smoothness and a bright, fresh taste. Due to its high standards, authenticity and quality, European cream carries strong values that reflect the professionalism of the top pastry chefs, who are assured of the best quality. Through the workshop, we indeed saw the difference the choice of ingredient makes especially in a delicate culinary art such us pastries.

After two days of preparations  and for us, a journey of discovery, the international chefs presented their masterpieces during at Forlino. Their final recipes will published in an illustrated recipe book, which will be a training tool for students annual workshops.singapore-creamofeurope-september-2017-jp13

Needless to say, as much as we revelled in the stunning aesthetics of each dessert, we looked forward to indulging our palettes. Indeed, we were not disappointed. The complex techniques achieved flavors that take you through a process, others were surprises folded under cream that renders it simple yet elegant all at the same time.

The dessert of Chef Sarah Ni from China wowed us with its intricate concept behind her work. The five elements were aptly represented through varying layers and flavors — all coming together nonetheless with the finesse use of the cream. When it comes to gorgeous sweetness, Michelin star chef Nicolas Lambert created a pavlova that was insta-ready.

As always, we were impressed and left with a better understanding of fine ingredients and what Europe has to offer. But equally important perhaps is the gastronomic diplomacy that takes place through these events. The way European cream was adapted and honed by our star chefs to complement and in ways, infuse with their respective countries’ culture and palette is quintessential.

European cream and at that, the use of quality ingredients is not a practice or preference limited by geography. Rather, it is a universally accepted fact – top pastry chefs only use the best products to create the most wonderful desserts.

Chef Mayada’s “Huda”

We would have to say though that in terms of flavor, taste, and clever use of cultural elements (this always is a thumbs up in our books), Chef Mayada’s Huda is unforgettable, with its ice cream infused with hints of rosewater, a gahwa and halawa core that to this day, we’re still craving. It was a showstopper.

THE CHEFS singapore-creamofeurope-september-2017-courtesy2

  1. Mayada Badr (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Nicolas Lambert (Hong Kong)
  3. Nicolas Bacheyre (France)
  4. Julien Perrinet (Taiwan)
  5. Sarah Ni (China)
  6. Waddah Bou Saad (UAE)
  7. Cheryl Koh (Singapore)
  8. Talita Setyadi (Indonesia)
  9. Jewook Ko (South Korea)
  10. Paul Gardin (Malaysia)