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18 Countries,15 Months


A tale of wandering scrubs.

In a fast paced life, where our world is transforming into a cyber one, we tend to lose touch with life, nature, one another, and eventually, ourselves. One of the best ways for one to reconnect with himself is through new experiences, and what a better way to do so, than to experience traveling.

Connecting with Kenya

Connecting with Kenya

“I never liked to travel as a tourist. I like to have a main objective while I still get a chance to see the country”, that’s how Rayyan Abdulwahed decided to change the traditional perception of traveling, to an unconventional one. It all started during Rayyan’s first year of Dental School in Jordan. Not wanting to be restrained with the idea of him being a typical, busy dentistry student, he wanted to step away from the average, and be his own kind of unique. Traveling in-between semesters was what he opted for. Thus, he took his first solo trip to Spain, he stayed with a Spanish family, and learned the language, to truly experience the Spanish culture; “my mother was a big motivation to me. She’s the one who made me love languages”.

Taking in the peaks of Tanzania

Taking in the peaks of Tanzania

After coming back, Rayyan couldn’t wait for his next adventure. He took a 5-week trip to France while staying with a French family. “I was the first Muslim, Arab, Saudi they have ever accommodated” although he faced some barriers in the beginning, he realized that it was caused by the lack of Arab travelers. This incident made him want to introduce other nations to our culture.

Conversations in Peru

Conversations in Peru

Rayyan traveled to Kenya through a volunteering organization after, where he volunteered at an orphanage for 2 weeks, and taught English, and it was a transformational experience to him, “I saw a part of Kenya that tourists don’t get to see. There were people living in between mountains of garbage; and that really struck a chord with me” he explained with a hint of sorrow on his face.

Reflecting back on his trip, Rayyan didn’t believe that he made a significant change, to him, he only provided temporary entertainment for children. Henceforth, after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery, he traveled to Cambodia for a month; wanting to achieve a purpose beyond just traveling. Through a volunteering organization for professionals, he reached there as a dentist, treating orphans and HIV+ children.

Backpacking in South America

Backpacking in South America

Unfortunately, Rayyan faced some challenges while treating patients, due to the limited supplies provided. His time in Cambodia consisted of performing dentistry in the morning, teaching English at a school in the afternoon, and exploring what the country had to offer during the weekends.

Rayyan then started a post graduate specialization program in Advanced General Dentistry in Riyadh, and during his first residency break, he traveled to China and stayed at a Buddhist monastery for almost a month, living without electricity, eating vegan food, practicing Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and meditation.Rayyan loves instilling the culture of unconventional traveling and experiencing new things, hence, he took his brothers to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya, then they went backpacking in Zanzibar. “I wanted my younger brothers to experience unconventional traveling, and it did kick start something within them”p1004578

There were no post-graduation plans; but his passion to give back to the world lead him to Greece for 3 months with only a backpack, while he volunteered as a dentist through Health-Point Foundation at dozens of refugee camps. He spoke Arabic, English, Spanish and French, and wasn’t only a dentist, but also a coordinator between patients and other volunteers. We all know that the refugee crisis is painful, what we see on news and social media is completely different than being at a camp, seeing, talking and treating them, it was a challenging experience to Rayyan, but worthwhile.

“The refugee crisis in ongoing, and unfortunately only getting worse. If you feel like you can help out, don’t over think it. There are countless ways to lend a helping hand.” – Rayyan Abdulwahidimg_2591

With an unplanned destination next, Rayyan decided to travel to Colombia, and the most affordable way for him then to catch a flight to Colombia, was to fly from Romania. “I was moving based on feelings. It’s nice to have the freedom of choice, no obligations, enjoying my own company, and not worrying about what’s next”.

He took a bus from Greece and traveled to Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania for a week, and finally, flew to Colombia. Rayyan spent an average of 4 days at each country, enjoying their history, and many beautiful experiences.Rayyan was lucky enough to get introduced to the people and the culture. In Colombia, everyone was welcoming so he stayed for 2 months. Thereafter a month and a half in Ecuador came next, climbing a volcano for 8 hours, hiking in the amazon, and almost getting bit by a snake, were only snippets of what Rayyan experienced there. dsc00184

After, he took a bus to Peru for a 2 months stay, then another bus to Bolivia. According to Rayyan, if you want good coffee, chocolate and Spanish lessons, it is the place to be. Three months in Chile follows, where he experienced paragliding; hiking, camping, and stargazing in Argentina, then he accidentally visited Brazil during Carnival. Before saying goodbye to his journey on backpacking through the world, Rayyan visited the US and UK before going back to Greece and volunteer for 2 months; it was a great ending to a 15 month journey. “How do I put it in words… I guess I’m an adventurous person, I do get bored easily,” chuckling, “but I like to finish whatever I started, before jumping to the next thing.”

Traveling on a budget tips and tricks from Rayyan

1. Practice common sense, be realistic with where you want to go, and know your budget.
2. Backpack, it’s easier to move around, and teaches you to be minimalistic
3. Stay at hostels, but don’t go too cheap. You can also try couchsurfing.
4. Transportation? it’s time to take buses! Hitchhiking is free too, but you have to be cautious.

Instagram: rayyan.abd1


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All the Good Feels


Your guide to all things inspiring.

How many of us have scrolled through an Instagram account and wanted to own everything that was posted on it? You might have stumbled upon a concept store!

Concept stores are usually targeted towards a specific audience, evoking a certain lifestyle that matches their interests. The set-up is always eye-catching, enough to make you want to indulge in some serious shopping for yourself, or your loved ones.

Vintage Selections


These nostalgic, feel-good designs on their different products, definitely put us in the mood for listening to Umm Kulthum and Fairouz.  

Instagram: i_vintages
Mob: +966-593617572


DS Pick: Who doesn’t love a cool, funky makeup case?

Location: Dhahran

Posta Gallery


Exclusive, handmade and artistic pieces, like their notebooks and trays that are designed with Arabic poetry, will definitely make you feel unique.

Instagram: postagallery
Location: Kuwait (Delivery to KSA)



To anyone who’s obsessed with home accessories! You can find unique rosaries, plates, pots, accessories, and colorful bags.

Instagram: bahjaofficial_
Location: Bahrain


Local Designers, Style & Shopping

Get Your Car Keys Ready


Drive in style.

We’re all happy to be celebrating the decision of women driving in Saudi, where the ban was officially lifted on the 24th of June, this year.

By now, most women in the Kingdom have received their driving licenses and started driving, but even if they chose not to, it is always nice to know that all women have the option to drive.

To support this decision, Destination Sharqiya collaborated with Own Design 09, a Saudi brand based in Khobar, to showcase their latest T-shirt collection, celebrating the decision of women driving.

Brand: Own Design
Instagram: owndesign09
Location: Prince Naif St., Khobar Al Shamalia

Model: Majdoolen Hammad
Instagram: majdoolenhammad

Photographer: Abdulrahman Al Binali
Instagram: d7_binali


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Abdullah Al Hawas


Sending a positive message through storytelling.

This month we shine the spotlight on Abdullah Al Hawas, a man who chose to give back to his community in the most beautiful way possible: he chose to instill in children the values that will make them happy and productive members of their societies via storytelling. To do this, he created Kan Yama.


One of Kan Yama’s weekly storytelling sessions

Abdullah’s story began shortly after he graduated from Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He joined Saudi Aramco and, after a brief stint as an engineer, Abdullah began developing programs for the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture. It was here that Abdullah discovered his passion and love for developing cultural programs.

He currently works as a content creator for the center, designing, executing, and ensuring the quality of several such programs. As Abdullah put it, “Instead of working on machines, I decided to be a contributing factor in bettering the community.

Abdullah started Kan Yama back in 2009, dedicating an hour a week to reading books to children at cafes. Seeing how storytelling lit up the eyes of his young audience and brought smiles to their faces as he took them into magical worlds, Abdullah knew he had found his calling. The idea eventually grew and evolved throughout the years, resulting with a bigger Kan Yama team.abdullah-al-hawas3

Currently, the team consists of more than 300 men and women, ranging between the ages of 20-30, who choose to give back to their communities through a shared love of storytelling. These people use stories and interactive games to inspire more than 900 children weekly in 17 different cities within the Kingdom. Their reach also includes cities in Kuwait, Jordan, and Bahrain.


One of Kan Yama’s weekly storytelling sessions

Abdullah’s ability to grab children’s attention with a story that is simple and meaningful, and the good feels this gives him, is the foundation that Kan Yama was built on. Abdullah is driven and motivated by creating an encouraging and inspirational environment for both children and adults in the community. It’s all about building friendships, and creating sustainable community paths to improve the environment we live in.

Expanding on these ideas, Kan Yama has also developed and provided courses and workshops for children between the ages of 4 and 12. They have also created and produced musical plays that have been performed at national events such as the International Book Fair and other government-sponsored events, including one by the Ministry of Health and General Entertainment Authority, which drew a crowd of over 5,000 attendees. Kan Yama’s efforts to have a positive influence on the community has been nationally recognized, and the organization is set to receive the prestigious King Khalid Foundation Award this year.abdullah-al-hawas2

Abdullah believes the reason Kan Yama is so successful is due to a critical factor: trust. When we trust in a child’s ability to understand and process complex values, they, in return, trust us. Abdullah believes that we can easily shape a child’s thoughts and creative abilities, every time they acknowledge and notice the trust they see in our eyes, and he tries to achieve that through storytelling.

With the busy lives that we lead, and the different difficulties we go through, it’s nice to take a step back and go to the beauty and simplicity of life. Such an experience pushes away negative feelings of selfishness or materialistic thoughts; it makes us go back to pure, righteous values.


“A good cup of coffee, a beautiful story, good company, and positive thoughts – these are the simple things in life that make me happy. Values always come first, not money and not cost.” – Abdullah Al Hawas


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Nature’s Essence In A Bottle – Must Haves To Get Your Glow


Let your inner Gaia glow.

Looking good while feeling good sounds divine, don’t you think? And we all hate breakouts, and to hide them pesky zits or blotches, we sometimes turn to products that end up causing more damage than good. Since we all feel the struggle, here’s a list of products that can be found locally to get your game face
on while remaining environmentally conscientious.


Day or night, you need a light moisturizer that lets your face breathe, but also nourish it with vitamins.

  • The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-Protect lotion to treat dull, tired, grumpy skin and protect it from the sun.
    Earthy Status: Natural
    Price: SR 89body-shop
  • If you’re seeking face oils, it’s important to choose one that won’t clog your pores, like Argan Oil from Hayah Organics.
    Earthy Status: Organic
    Price: SR 80screen-shot-2017-10-09-at-11-40-41-am


If you want nice, even coverage that makes your skin look fabulous but doesn’t cause harm, give these products a try.

CLARINS Skin Illusion SPF 10, an oil-free foundation that combines mineral and plant ingredients, resulting in giving you a radiant and even complexion.
Earthy Status: Natural
Price: SR 205skin_illusion_pack

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 contains natural ingredients like turmeric and sea salt, and feels light on your skin.
Earthy Status: Natural
Price: SR 229nars


When you want your skin to have that glow, but don’t want to use harsh highlighters, these products are for you. Apply on your cheekbones, underneath your eyebrows and a bit on your chin.

  • The Body Shop InstaGlow has 3 shades: light, medium and dark.
    Earthy Status: Natural
    Price: SR 89body-shop-3
  • Feeling Younger Skin Tint from Lush. When oatmeal, cocoa butter and jojoba oils mix, they give a natural glow, and calm your skin.
    Earthy Status: Organic
    Price: SR 90lush


  • The lip balm for morning, night or sport time is Kiehl’s Lip Balm. Containing Vitamin E, it hydrates your lips.
    Earthy Status: Natural
    Price: SR 46kiehls-lip-balm
  • For a pop of color of lip balm and blusher, try The Body Shop’s Lip & Cheek Stain. It comes in 3 colors: Vineyard Peach, Dusty Rose and Bright Peony.
    Earthy Status: Natural
    Price: SR 60the-body-shops-lip-cheek-stain


  • Oils of Life from The Body Shop. 99% of the oils in it are of natural origin, such as black cumin oil from Egypt.
    Earthy status: Vegan
    Price: SR 139bs-54566001
  • Try Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. With pure essential oils, it works on restoring your skin’s appearance by the next morning.
    Earthy Status: Natural
    Price: SR 292kiehls-midnight-recovery-concentrate


  • Organic, antimicrobial chemical free deodorants. Saudi brand Hayah Organics has peppermint and lavender deodorants.
    Earthy Status: Organic
    Price: SR 60deo-new

Find these shops at RIYADH GALLERY Mall:
The Body Shop, Sephora, Kiehl’s, Lush

Hayah Organics
Instagram: hayah.organics



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Your Go-To Guide To Working Out in Sharqiya


Get Your Fit On.

Well, there’s only one way to maintain that summer bod: get off that butt and check out one of the gyms we’ve got listed out for you below. No slacking off!


Studio 55

This studio offers group classes that are all about teamwork and motivation. One of their most popular classes is their Spinning class, Ride 55. This class totally gets your heart pumping and burns those calories. Studio 55 also offers yoga, Zumba, kickboxing and a whole slew of cardio and fitness classes.

Membership: Individual sessions are SR 125, while packages range from five sessions (SR 625) to an annual 55-session deal (SR 5,500). You could also do unlimited packages (six months for SR 6,000 or a year for SR 10,000).

Location: Jamaluddin Al Afghani St., Al Ulaya, Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8340201
Instagram: fitstudio55


From their classes to their well-equipped gym floor, this fun, neat and elegantly designed fitness center in Khobar gives out major motivation vibes to get that workout going. NuYu offers flexible subscription plans for Pay&Play and FreePlay sessions.

  • Pay&Play are focused sessions in small groups that push you towards your personal goals. It’s perfect for when you get stuck in a rut and feel like you’re not achieving your goals.
  • FreePlay options offer a variety of classes in large groups such as step aerobics, body tone, yoga and Pilates to better get in touch with your mind, body and soul. NuYu runs over 90 classes per week and offers many class options suitable for everyone’s desires and abilities.

Membership: Packages start with a three-month subscription for SR 2,199.

Location: Dhahran Rd., Khobar
Tel: 920007576
Instagram: nuyuksa

Kangoo Club

kangoo-jumps-classes-costsUsing special kangoo boots, this group exercise is perfect for weight loss and improving posture. You have the option of bringing your own kangoo boots or buying them at the club.

They even have classes for teenagers and children.

Membership: Monthly subscription, starting at two sessions a week, with boots rental included, all for SR 750.

Location: Golden Belt Village, Badr St. and Zuhor St., Khobar
Mob: +966-567095565
Instagram: kangoo_club_al_khobar

Fit Club

Fit Club’s classes include Zumba, spinning, BodyAttack, Aqua, Yoga, TRX, belly dancing and much more.They offer subscriptions that includes access to workout machines, aqua fitness and sauna, weekly classes and personal training sessions.

Bonus points: This club has a daycare and a salon.

Membership: Packages start at three-month subscription for SR 2,250.

Location: Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Rd., Thuqbah, Khobar
Mob: +966-593316060
Instagram: fitclubksa


AREKA Fitness Club

This hidden gem has been around since 1998! If you want to work out without having to wait for machines to be available (we feel the struggle), this is the right spot for you. AREKA insures that you follow through with your fitness goals: “We make sure that once you join the gym you should get our full service with a personal touch.”

Membership: AREKA offer three- and six-month subscriptions, and occasionally have special discounts.

Location: King Abdulaziz Rd. and Dhahran St.,Khobar
Tel: +966-13-8987088

Milo’s Gym

milos-gym-crossfit_khobar_2017_aa-1To all the CrossFitters out there, this is the new spot to hit in Khobar. CrossFit is made up of workout techniques and movements performed at high intensity, including gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, powerlifting and more.

Membership: Milo’s offers one-month (SR 1,000), three-month (SR 2,500), six-month (SR 4,000) and 12-month subscriptions (SR 7,000). This includes full access to all the equipment at the gym and their various workouts.

Location: Tarek Bin Ziad St.,Khobar
Mob: +966-564569291

Power Gym

This classic gym has been around for more than 30 years and is the main spot for all those interested in bodybuilding. They currently have more than 20 locations within Sharqiya, all dedicated towards their goal of spreading the culture of fitness.Aside from bodybuilding, they also offer weight loss programs, soccer fields, swimming pools, table tennis and a whole lot more.

Membership: Packages range from three months (SR 500) and six months (SR 800) to a full year (SR 1,000).

Mob: +966-540042210


Fitness Time

fitnestime_dammam_2017_aa-1With endless locations throughout Sharqiya and the Kingdom, Fitness Time is the go-to locale for all your gym needs. They’ve got dedicated gyms for women in Dammam and Jubail.

Their Dammam location for women is especially nice. The gym provides a swimming pool and a volleyball/basketball court on the lower level. The upper level has various sections for spinning classes, Pilates, a functional training zone, boxing area, weights room and a group exercise hall that has step, body sculpt, fitness classes and much more.

Membership: Three-months (SR 1,750), six months (SR 2,850), and 12 months (SR 4,750).

Tel: 920003131
Instagram: fitnesstimesa

If You’re Looking for Personal Trainers:

  • Abeer Fahad, a Saudi fitness instructor offering Pilates and fitness classes.
  • Mona Samman, a certified ACE instructor, giving Zumba, yoga, Pilates and kickboxing sessions in Khobar.
    Instagram: monasamman
  • Belinda Martin, offering personal training sessions, Metafit and TRX suspension classes.
    Mob: +966-557922172
    WhatsApp: +61-403241090


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The Art of Fashion


The inspiring journey of Saudi’s premier fashion designer, Razan Alazzouni.

Saudi Fashion designer Razan Alazzouni’s love and interest in fashion, alongside her natural-born designing skills, has made her a top-tier fashion designer. The feminine and sculptural designs that she creates are worn by many Hollywood stars, such as Elizabeth Banks and Emma Roberts.razanalazzouni_khobar_2017_aa_4

Alazzouni graduated from The School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts and earned her degree in studio art with a minor in art history. For her final dissertation, her project entailed designing a fashion clothing collection using disposable paper and documenting people’s reactions to it. Everyone was so dazzled by her creativity that she ended up selling a dress out of that collection. Thus, her fashion design career began.1

Practically everything we see in her collections, from beading and embroidery to structure and cuts are inspired by art and sculptures. Alazzouni says that if she hadn’t pursued her passion in fashion design, she would’ve been a museum curator.

What’s noteworthy about Alazzouni’s story is that her two business partners are her sisters, so each one brings with them their own unique style and personality that provides enough differing opinions to achieve a well-rounded fashion house.screen-shot-2017-08-13-at-11-03-26-am

“To have a successful fashion house you have to have a certain style that’s distinct from other brands,” Alazzouni said. That’s why The Razan Alazzouni brand has its own classy, sophisticated and whimsical style. However, they do keep up with trends and the latest fashion forecast in terms of colors and cuts.screen-shot-2017-08-10-at-4-41-34-pm

Of course, any new business has its challenges. “At first, the idea was foreign and new to everyone,” said Alazzouni. “In a country where there were no fashion houses, I was starting something new. I was exporting clothing. Why do so, when I can simply import clothing?” Well, exporting has proven lucrative after all. They are currently based in Khobar, London and planning on opening a new office in Riyadh soon. Meanwhile, they’re now adding accessories and elegantly simple shoes to their ever-expanding fashion line.razanalazzouni_khobar_2017_aa_2

Alazzouni had parting words of advice for those who were just starting their fashion design journey. “If it’s easy, then it’s not worth it,” she said. “If you really want something, then you have to keep going no matter what until you find a solution. Have your own style that sets you apart and never imitate.”

Instagram: razanalazzouni


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I Train, You Train


Building a training culture one course at a time.

Through his unique training programs and entrepreneurial spirit, Abdullah Al Zamil, partner in the Gulf Business Network Training Centre (GBNTC), is helping shift and shape the direction of development and change within Saudi Arabia.

2010: A Beginning of a Journey

After earning a bachelor’s degree in finance from Los Angeles, California, Al Zamil came back to Khobar and attended a business simulation game. “I saw four years’ worth of finance in three days,” said Al Zamil. An idea of implementing this business idea in Saudi was forming in the back of his head.


Finance simulation game in progress during a training session.

Al Zamil approached big companies in the area with the idea, but they weren’t interested. Then he had an opportunity to take a similar simulation program in Kenya about Train the Trainer, for those who were starting out their careers in the training field. The course gave him the ability to attract interested companies through presenting his simulation in a more appealing way.

The Next Big Step

Al Zamil formed a team of three to take things forward and they eventually got their first contract ever with the Saudi Electricity Company. They performed a trial simulation for 20 employees and it went so well that they ended up expanding it to 2,400 employees.

With that success in hand, they performed the same service for the National Water Company and several governmental entities. “I was really excited to get a phone call from Dubai for a training program,” said Al Zamil. “The Entrepreneurship Challenge” was meant for families who wanted to expand on their ideas to start a business.

The Glass is Half Full

Unfortunately, companies started cutting down their budgets for training as the economy struggled in 2016. Undeterred, Al Zamil thought: why not implement workshops for the public? He posted a social media ad for a trial simulation program, Finance for Non-Finance: Learn Finance in Three Days.

“I realized the power of social media on that day,” said Al Zamil, as many people attended the course. Better yet, companies wanted to partner up and start implementing these new training programs. Thus, he partnered up with GBNTC.

He began offering courses throughout the country, and even expanded his roster of courses to include a barista workshop, jewelry design, styling, cake decoration, pottery making, photography and art and crafts.

“We want to be a unique training center that provides training programs that do not exist here,” said Al Zamil.

Tel: 920017217
Instagram: gbntc
Twitter: gbntc
Facebook: GBNTraningCentre


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Creative Office Space


Spruce up your desk with these fun ideas.

  • Invest in a good chair

chairFirst thing’s first: which item in your office do you use for hours on end and can affect you the most? A comfortable chair. Be kind to your back and neck and find your perfect fit at Creative Home. Can’t buy a new chair? Next best thing: add a comfy cushion from Zara Home.
Instagram: creativehomesa / zarahome

  • Add a bright lamp

lampNever underestimate how much good lighting can improve your space and your mood. This is especially a great option if you’re working in a place that doesn’t get much sun.
Instagram: a_qantara

  • Having a bad day? Add fresh flowers or a plant to your desk

houseplantNot only will flowers and plants make your desk look prettier, they’ll distract you from being in an office setting and will breathe a little life into your surroundings.
Instagram: jau_flowers

  • Express your personality with a picture

catsIt could be a picture of your kids, family members or even pets – for all the cat and dog lovers out there! (Madame Coco)

  • Find a desk organizer

traysDoes your desk look messy and unorganized? Organize your supplies in some lovely boxes or trays from Posta Gallery.
Instagram: postagallery

  • Add some wall art!

Add framed paintings, pictures or decoration stickers to your wall. This will completely shift your old plain, boring desk. It’ll be like having a brand-new work space.
Instagram: ashaia_sa

  • Add a small mirror

small-mirrorUnconventional? Yes. Better ambiance? Yes. Bonus: Your desk can double as a vanity table.
We Recommend: IKEA

  • Invest in the best notebook/planner

planner2What’s work or school without an efficient planner or notebook? they keep your schedule and plans aligned, so make sure to get a creative and colorful one that best fits your taste.
We Recommend: Jarir Bookstore

  • Cups

Tidy up your work space by sorting out your pens and pencils into cups or mugs. Tip: You don’t need to buy a fancy cup; it could be a nice mug that you’d gotten as a gift.
We Recommend: Desert Designs


Why buy when you can make your own?

  • Notebook Fun

creativeofficespace_khobar_2017_aa-3Remember designing your notebook covers back in middle school? Well, we’re going to take you back in time and revive that habit. Get some glittery colored paper to cover up that dull notebook, then make sure to adorn it with an accessory for that personal touch. We used this golden earring to give it a simple yet classy style.

  • Folders and Binders

Those folders and binders of yours seem awfully bare and cold. You know what they need? Fabrics! Choose between single-colored or floral fabrics to breathe some life into them.

  • Mason Jars for the Win

creativeofficespace_khobar_2017_aa-4This is one of the easiest accessories that you can get creative with. These jars can hold your pens, pencils, markers and whatever other accessories you have strewn about your desk. Here is a simple idea for some inspiration.

  • Shoebox Minus the Shoes

creativeofficespace_khobar_2017_aa-5Don’t you love it when you buy new shoes? We do too! But, that’s not the point here (sorry); having an empty shoe box to organize and de-clutter your desk is.

Tip of the month: Never throw away your shoeboxes; you can re-use them later.

  • Binder Clips for a Clutter-Free Desk

Tired of having your wires all tangled up? Add a binder clip onto the edge of your desk to organize these wires. You now have an organized-looking desk with minimal effort.

Say goodbye to tangled wires!


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Personal Baggage


Your bag is the true window to your soul.

They always say not to judge a book by its cover, but you can totally call out what kind of student you are based on the contents of your bag.

1. For the Design Student:

desbag_3Bag: Rebecca Minkoff expresses the creative, artsy personality of a design student.
Sunglasses: Al Bashwari
Phone case: Ashaia_sa
Notebook: Centerpoint
Rubix Cube: Virgin Megastore
Fujifilm Instax: Jarir bookstore

2. For the Business Student:

bussbag_2-copyBag: Business students are always on-the-go. A practical, yet stylish bag is all they need. Michael Kors – Mall of Dhahran
Sunglasses: Al Bashwari
Keychain and Laptop Stickers: Virgin Megastores
Water Bottle: Ikea

3. For the Tech Student:

tecbag_4You can find everything that’s tech savvy in a Tech student’s bag.

Bag: (Any D&D fans in the house? Yup, that’s a Bag of Holding)
Beats: Virgin Megastore
Hard Drive: eXtra
Fan: SACO Hardware

4. For the Med Student:

medbag_1-copyWho’s busier than med students? Let’s find out what they usually carry on a busy day.

Bag: Mango – Dhahran Mall
Tablet: eXtra
ID Holder: Jarir Bookstore