Diaries of a Lazy Person: Guide to Nieces and Nephews


Aunting/uncling is basically parenting but for lazy people.

It’s true if you think about it. If done right, you get all the joy of watching a person develop and the love that comes with that, but none of the icky poo and saving for college stuff. A lazy shortcut.

I’ve been aunting on and off for about 10 years now, and I’m going to assume, as all other aunts and uncles before me, that I know better and let you in on some shortcuts to getting the best for and out of your part-time child.

1. You must become an excellent liar.

If you’re having a bad day you better not show it when you see them. Unless you live with your part-time children (which is a contradiction at best), their interactions with you are limited. If you’re in a bad mood and they’re around put your day aside and act your way through it. They should be the highlight of your day.diaries-of-a-lazy-person-parenting-riyadh-2017-as12

2. Exploit the fact they’re around to act like a child for an hour.

If they like video games, you have an excuse to play video games. Food? Get them a kid oven and thank me for those cupcakes. One of my part-time children likes puzzles and Legos while another one plays Monopoly; I am living the dream. Now if only three of them can muster the wisdom to learn Tarneeb, I’ll abandon all my friends.

3. If you happen to be there during a confrontation between your part-time child and their fulltime parent, just run.

Unless they explicitly ask for your help, your old roommate, aka that person you tag during #TBT, knows better. Besides, discipline falls under the “icky” part of parenting that is best left to the professionals.diaries-of-a-lazy-person-parenting-riyadh-2017-as16

4. Start collecting favors so you can cash them in when they’re older and successful.

Help them out with project, homework or burying a body (I hope you know the last one’s a joke). Gather up those favor points and you’ll soon have your own private mafia within your family. Don’t use them to bury anything though, just maybe use them to cheat at family game night or something.

5. Half of your existence in their life should be generally annoying.

Just be persistent and repetitive with your annoyance. Really make sure they hear you. You wanna know what irks kids most? Displays of affection, especially verbal ones. Most children shiver in fear at the near mention of the L word.

You have to be at eyelevel so they cannot escape you, and make sure you maintain eye contact, and say, “I love you” then let them go. Don’t wait for or force a reply, just let them sit with the uncomfortable sentiment of it. It’s just going to annoy them until the day that it doesn’t and they know you’re always there.


Kiddie Meals


Get the best bang for your buck!


We asked Colonel Sanders for his go to kids’ meal and he delivered. Though, we’re not sure what exactly makes it a kid’s meal per say.

Portion: One piece of chicken and fries was quite fulfilling 4/4
Toy: None, which defies the purpose.
Bonus: This is not a bonus as much as it is a drawback, but we fail to see what makes this a kid’s meal. No fun box and no fun toy make your kid a very sad boy.

McDonald’s Happy Meal

macdonnaldsAh! The trusty ol’ happy meal. Very few things make a child happier than Mickey D’s large golden arches.

Portions: Not suitable for adults. 3/4
Toy: Happy meals have always had brilliant toys. 4/4
Bonus: No bonuses.

Herfy Kids Meal

I don’t care what anyone says, Herfy has always and will always continue to kill it. Freshness and consistency. To be fair though, I think my love for Herfy is a direct result of my parents preferring it over other fast-food joints.

Portions: Good enough for an 11-year old. 3/4
Toy: Less of a toy more of a keychain, but points for nostalgia. Go Sonic!
Bonus: The default drink is juice, which is a big plus.


What’s more Saudi than Kudu? Well a lot of things, but Kudu’s definitely up there when it comes to fast-food. We try and always root for these guys as the underdog of every race, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Portions: The burger was smaller than the fries, which is quite a feat. 2/4
Toy: No toy, but they did have an extra cool 3D cup and coaster. What kid doesn’t love a coaster, right? 0/4
Bonus: You can substitute the fries with veggies.

Burger King

YES, Burger King, yes! This is how you do it right. Dear other fast-food restaurants, please take note.

Portions: Enough for children and small stomached adults.
Toy: A Troll’s toy is relevant – with the release of the movie – as well as gender neutral. 5/4
Bonus: A clean design.


hardees-kids-mealI mean… Really, guys? Hardees really needs to update its kid’s meal. I think they’ve been rocking that kid’s meal design since the ‘70s.

Portions: Decent. 3/4
Toy: Nope. 0/4
Bonus: I got nothing.



This isn’t so much a recap as a commentary, but you’ll get the jist.

The battle over the seven kingdoms began a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been holding off on writing a recap until there was some more meat on the bones. GoT managed to double its premiere viewership since last year, making this premier the most watched GoT episode yet.

So what happened?

Well, not much really. We established this season’s landscape and launched into our first battle. But mostly, we touched base with all the major players, and here’s where we left things in the first episode.

Team Lion:
Cersi’s still rocking the “I don’t need no man” haircut and power suit bossing people around. She tries to rally the troops in Westeros against the incoming force that is Daenerys with some light racism and xenophobia. Did we mention Sam Tarly’s dad was there too? Yeah, he was the bald guy with the attitude.

Team Wolf


Jon’s still the only rational person with his eye on the prize, defeating the white walkers, while others fight for titles. He receives an invitation to Dragonstone, the Targrean ancestral home and actual home to white walker kryptonite (dragonstone), to meet with Dani. He accepts it despite the northern families resistance.


Oh, we almost forgot that after Little Finger confesses his love for Sansa, Jon rightfully turns into the protective Saudi brother with a firm threat.

Team Bear (Lyanna Mormont)


Yes, she is officially the main character in our book and deserves her own team. The Bear Island Boss proves to be just as loyal to the Starks as her cousin, Jorah, is to Dani.


Team Dragon

Mother of dragons and company are enjoying their narrow sea cruise and land in Dragonston. They begin to concoct a plan to take down Cersi with only Westerosy armies, leaving the unsullied and Dothraki to take over Casterly Rock, the Lannisters’ home. Their plan to attack King’s Landing suffered a little hiccup when Yara and Theon’s fleet came face to face with their uncle Euron’s fleet (on Cersi’s behalf).

In a moment of truth, Yara is held hostage and Theon reverts back to Reek and jumps into the water giving us full permission to hate him again… Thanks Reek.








Yas, queen. The highlight of the premier is the return of master assassin, Arya. By far this girl is the best Stark out there. She continues to cross out names from her list, and meets up with old friends like that baker kid who gave her bread shaped like a direwolf in the early seasons. He tells her of the new King of the North, Jon, and Arya switches her destination from South towards Cersi and King’s Landing to North towards her family and Winterfell.


Another reunion occurs when Arya’s surrounded by wolves including Nymeria, Arya’s direwolf. When Arya calls to her wolf to come back home with her, Nymeria disregards it. With a somber smile Arya says,


The line is a call back to when Arya’s father was telling her she’s grow up to be a lady and get married and she replied with “That’s not me.” Nymeria is no longer the domesticated little direwolf she used to be, and Arya is no longer the innocent little girl she used to be.



How is possible that Sam Tarly’s storyline is the most disturbing one of this season? The montage of his daily routine and the recent encounter with Jorah, the human snake-skin purse, was gag-worthy. By far the two most disturbing scenes in Game of Thrones history, and that’s saying a lot.



Game of Thrones or Die


Gather around citizens of Westoros, for winter is here.

July 17 marks the day that one of the greatest shows, arguably, will return to our screens. The newest season of  “Game of Thrones” promises to be one of the most intense ones yet. With only two more seasons to go, fans of the books and series are awaiting the premier with bated breaths. When I say “fans” I mean us. By us, I mean me.decorative-cushion-font-b-pillows-b-font-woven-cusion-almofadas-emoji-for-home-sofa-decor-font

With its intricate plots, bevy of characters and its constant need to surprise you, GOT is best watched in groups. And like everything worth doing, a “Game of Thrones” viewing party must be done right, or not done at all.

A “Game of Thrones” viewing party is a big deal, my friends. For this to work we need to establish a few rules.font-b-arya-b-font-font-b-stark-b-font-game-of-thrones-season-5

Rules of GOT Night:

  • Everyone must be settled and ready before the HBO logo appears.
  • You must NOT, I repeat, must not skip or fast-forward the show’s opening credits. – Singing along is not required, though highly recommended.
  • The person most knowledgeable about GOT (GOT Captain) gets control of the remote. Why? Because when things get confusing for someone, and it will, the captain can pause, explain, and then continue.

    If the question does not require explanation, the captain may choose to ignore it. This guarantees that everyone is well informed and on the same page.

  • There is no such thing as “postponing” a GOT viewing party. If you don’t watch it now, it’s your fault. There will be no spoilers ruining the show for anyone.
  • If someone has already watched the episode, they may not attend GOT Night. Part of the fun is the communal feeling of “What is going to happen?” And besides no one likes a smarty-pants.
  • Get creative with your food! For tips check out our dining section.
  • Decorate or dress up! Game of Thrones is like sports. There are many teams fighting for the same spot. The champion will be awarded a prize, or in our case, a very uncomfortable iron throne. The battles/matches are epic and unpredictable. Most important similarity however is the fact that fans of the different “teams” support them feverishly.

got_cheesecakesI, for one, am team Tyrion all the way. To me, he can do no wrong. So, every Game of Thrones night I kiss his poster to show support and wish the character good luck. A friend also told me that her mother and friends also have their own GOT night. Each woman rocks a t-shirt with her favorite character’s picture every week. Now that’s dedication my friends. We salute you Aunt Amal and her friends!il_fullxfull-731558267_nyst

Look, it’s a lot easier than it sounds.  A “Game of Thrones” night is when a group of friends gather and share in a common interest. Some people gather to play video games, some to have beauty days, and others to watch beloved characters get slaughtered on a weekly basis. The joy is in the communal experience of being horrified together.




A Toyota pickup and a boofiya, what more can we ask for?

This scene is so Riyadhi, and we love it. Here are seven other things that are also inherently Riyadhi. Strap in Riyadhis, Auntie Areeb is about to take you on a trip. You, however, don’t get to just sit in the backseat. This is a photo treasure hunt my friends. All we ask is that you participate. When you see this color, that’s the treasure hunt part of this article. Are you ready Riyadhis?

  1. The sense of humor.

One of the good aspects that the Internet has exposed about Riyadhis is their sense of humor. There are very few things that we won’t accept if you frame it within a joke. All our parents will say words in jokes they would never use otherwise. So in that spirit, we bring you this article and hope you take it with the grain of salt it deserves.

(Send us your favorite Saudi gif)

  1. When this is considered graffiti or tagging.

Tagging is when a graffiti artist writes their name on a wall and stylizes it. The issue with our “tagging” is that it’s missing a certain part; the stylizing part to be exact. There is a fine line between graffiti and vandalism. Some argue they are one and the same, but we believe the difference is in the content. If you are beautifying or adding value to something, whether it’s via message or actual beautifying, then that is graffiti. This is both vandalism and an affront to spelling.

(Take a photo of bad graffiti)

  1. Traffic lines are just a suggestion.

tame-the-traffic-2Even though some of these traffic lines are protruding objects in certain areas, we take them with a grain of salt too. The arrows on the ground that point to which direction of traffic that lane should head in is more or less an anger guide. In the scenario bellow let’s pretend we’re about to make a left turn.

(Take a photo of someone clearly not sticking to the lanes)

  1. The secret language of drivers.

inherentlyriyadhi-trafficradar-riyadh-summer-july-2017-nf1As a woman around these parts, I often don’t notice these subtle gestures and actions that allow the traffic in Riyadh to flow like a perfect game of Tetris. In order to fully understand the scale of this hidden language’s reach, I immersed myself into the subtle art of turn signal and honking language. Some of these are the universally recognized signals for slowing down, like the hazard light, and the signal for get out of my way, like flashing your headlight; Others are much more local, like the sudden breaking from the car that just cut you off because you didn’t move out of their way fast enough. This signal was a revelation considering the fact that up until that point, I had never seen the use of brakes or brake lights to send a message. Another instance of their use can be seen when a driver want to alert others of a radar. In this order, the driver will first break and then turn on his one of his turn signals to point out the radar. One of the most beautiful acts of unity I have ever seen in my life is when the other cards following suits would give the same signal setting off a chain reaction of cooperation.

(Take a photo of a radar)

  1. Ice cream trucks do not stop for you; you stop for them.

In movies, ice cream trucks roll through a neighborhood blasting that infamous, and slightly annoying, tune attracting every kid within walking distance. Yeah, us Riyadhis can’t relate to that image. For us, ice cream trucks are found strategically in front of schools, select parks and of course on the side of the road in the outskirts of the city.  Oh ice cream trucks. You’re still my favorite way to spend my change. Speaking of change…

  1. We do not believe in change.

currency-street-value-riyadh-2017-as1Yeah, I still don’t understand this one either, but I accept it as a norm. One-riyal bills are particularly hard to get rid of. For some reason, I’ve noticed that we’re more likely to use a 5-riyal bill for a 2-riyal item. Oh, and let’s not forget about mini market change logic. If you buy anything and your change is in halalas, 9 times out of 10 they’re going to give you gum in lieu of change.

(Take a photo of 50 halalas next to a pack of Nova gum)

  1. There’s no such thing as a set price.

inherentlyriyadhi-currency-change-riiyadh-julysummer-jp-copyThis is a tenant every Saudi mom teaches. We refuse to accept that something is non-negotiable. Everything, and we mean everything, has a discount. And even if it doesn’t, we’ll still ask to make sure. We don’t really have shopping coupons, so bargaining is the next best thing.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @destinationryd for a chance to win an #InherentlyRiyadhi care package.


The Heat & the Hair


There is no simple remedy for the suffering that accompanies long hair during the summer.

There are few things quite like the disgusting feeling of having your hair stuck to the back of your neck in soaking clots. Sweat is a natural phenomenon in the heat, but sweat on hair is just wrong. Plain ol’ wrong.

If you, like me, despise this feeling with every once of your being, then there are really only two ways out. Option a, which is highly recommended, is to

Option A Shear Madness

Refresh yourself and your hair by taking a pair of shears through it. Chop it off. Not all of it obviously, unless that’s what you’re into then by all means go for it.

  • A Pixie cut is adorable.

But can be tricky for certain face shapes. Make sure your stylist knows which suits you best. We personally recommend the pixie cut for heart and oval faces with straight to slightly wavy hair.

  • Shaggy and savvy

Shaggy hair works on different face shapes as well as different lengths. However, a shaggy haircut is best with straight to wavy hair.

Option B Styling

If you don’t want to lose your locks, you can style your hair to spare your self the extra degrees of heat you get when you have it down. For some reason, the 90s are the best era for up-dos, especially since that era has been making a comeback.

  • Pony Tails

ponytail-hairstyles-women-july-summer-riyadh-2017-nf1Ah the ultimate go to. If you’re looking to spruce up this classic, tease the top of your hair and slick back the sides for a sleek Matrix-y look. If that’s not your thing, try the 90s classic half-up ponytail. For an extra 90s flair lay your edges. If you don’t know what that means, it’s the process of styling the baby hairs around your face.

  • Braids

braid-hairstyles-women-july-summer-riyadh-2017-nf2A fish braid, messy braids, small breads or French braids, this hair shortcut is a lifesaver. If you have some color or highlights in your hair and its medium length, we highly recommend twin braids. They’ll accentuate the color and keep your hair away from your neck. IF you have long hair, we suggest a ponytail fish braid. Pull your hair into a ponytail, part it as you prefer it, and French braid the tail. For added style, you could always add in beads or charms to your braids.

  • Buns

bun-hairstyles-women-july-summer-riyadh-2017-nf1This is a personal favorite. Low maintenance, high impact. Whether it’s a tight high bun, or a loose messy bun, I’ll take it. We’re not going to teach you how to bun up your hair, because we know you got this one covered.

May the heat be ever in your favor, Riyadhis.

  • Bob

In my years of trying to nd the perfect haircut, the bob rose above all others. Whether you’re hair is straight, wavy or curly, or you’re face is round, oval, or heart shaped, bob’s your favorite uncle. If you’re hesitant to go too short, go for a lob (long bob). If you’re after something a bit more dynamic or edgy, go for an uneven or asymmetrical bob.


Take Back Your Eid


Come on Riyadhis! We can do better than an azeema with a bouncy castle, right?

Picture 30-something kids gathered on the largest carpet any of them has ever seen. All silent despite the pent up excitement that’s threatening to spill over as their eyes scan the mountain of presents. As my cousin finishes reciting the rules with the seriousness of a boxing referee, I wrap my hands around the rope as tight as my 10-year-old hands can and watch my other cousin do the same. This is the closest we’ll ever get to war. This is Eid.

Somewhere between then and now, that excitement somehow faded for most people. We have to remind ourselves of how special this holiday was and can be. So if you’ve made the decision to stay home during the holidays, let us attempt to take back what is arguably the most anticipated holiday in our calendar. We can even make it for the adults again too! If you’re onboard, here are some missed Eid opportunities we could be capitalizing on.


As with every event worth seeing, we have to put some effort into its advertising. Why not spend Ramadan afternoons creating holiday decorations with your family. Make one DIY paper lantern with your kids everyday and light them all on Eid. Instructions for these easy to make decorations are available online.

Don’t worry if an everyday commitment doesn’t fit your schedule. Whenever you find time, hang up cutout paper decorations your family drew around the house. Or just print them off the Internet (no judgments here). These will keep everyone entertained and build up the suspense to Eid.


Once Eid rolls around, make sure to take full advantage of the day.

What’s better than a Eid breakfast? Brunch, of course! It’s all the yumminess of breakfast with the fulfilling-ness of lunch… the prefect meal. Eid breakfast is a staple of the holiday. It’s meant to be the first meal you have in daylight after Ramdan. If you’ve kept up the tradition of a family breakfast on Eid, good on you! If not, don’t worry about it. All you have to do is make it a brunch (for the sleepers in your family) and make sure everyone’s up and ready by then.

Now that you’ve invested all this effort in decorating and have treats to go around, invite friends and family over. Most people have a traditional family gathering on Eid, but make sure you have your own traditions as well.emirati-family-portrait-482971372-58b32eab3df78cdcd8b5491f

Family Photos

This is one of those missed opportunities that truly breaks my heart. How often does your entire family gather in the same place? Take advantage of the moment and snap a picture for the times. You never know when you might need a little momento of that moment.


While you’ve got everyone over, play some games. If your family is the active type, come up with some team games to play outdoors. If not, there’s no going wrong with a good game of charades. Whether you decide to go with a water fight or monopoly, just make sure to get everyone involved. And remember: It never hurts to have goodies for the winners, especially if it ends up being you.

Last, but certainly not least, Eid would not be the same without the no-strings-attached wad of cash we like to call Eidiya. Since this is the one tradition everyone looks forward to, why not make them work for it? Hide the Eidiyas in envelopes around the house and set up a treasure hunt or a game of hot and cold. In the spirit of giving and family, if you have house workers please remember to involve them in your celebrations.

Eid is one of the few holidays we all celebrate, so why is it that we skimp out on celebrating it to the full extent? Eid used to be a lot more fun… Let’s take it back.


Two is Better Than One


Our guide to classic food combinations.

Twix + Arabic Coffee

coffee-and-twix-riyadh-april-2017-as1Yaas! If there was perfect harmonious combination of the West and the Middle East, it’s this one right here. Politics aside, this staple is the closest second to the all time champion combination: dates and Arabic coffee. The genius idea of using a Twix bar as a chocolatey straw is the key to this combo. The hot and bitter arabic coffee runs through the bar and soaks up some of its sweetness while also simultaneously melting the center of the Twix bar and counter pollinating it with its bitterness is work of true art. To the pioneers of this phenomenon, whoever you may be, we tip our shmaghs to you.

Sambosa + Soup

sambosa-soup1Unexplainably a Ramadan classic, this combo is a favorite across the board. Some prefer to dip cheese sambosas in soup, while others prefer chicken/meat sambosas. It’s essentially our version of soup and crackers. Side note: For some reason, this combination tastes best with soups that aren’t white. You know what they say: The redder the soup, the better the goup, right? Okay, no one says that, but it’s still valid.

Vimto + Sparkling Apple Juice

vimtoapple-riyadh-april-2017-as2It’s a Ramadan classic, with a little kick. The sparkling apple juice gives it a tanginess that makes it perfect, especially if you want to add in chunks of fresh fruits. If you’re a fan of Saudi champagne, you’ll love this. Shall we call this one Saudi wine?

Dates + Cream (gishta)dates-cream-riyadh-april-2017-as3

This is a breakfast classic in the Middle East. The cold creaminess of the gishta mix in with the taste of dates to produce a sweet yoghurt like treat in every bite. If you love dates, this combination is not stranger to you.

Cheese + Honey

cheese-and-honey-riyadh-april-2017-as1There are different versions of this combination across the world. Many countries, Middle Eastern or otherwise, have their own takes on this. It further proves that cheese is an easy and obvious choice for a sweet or a savory palate. Whether you like to wrap whatever cheese you choose (hehe) in bread or prefer it to be just straight up cheese and honey, we’ll eat it. Kunafa the cheese or deep-fry it, with some honey on the side everything is acceptable.

Childhood Classic: Oreos + Milk

oreo-mousse-riyadh-april-2017-as1Ah, yes! No matter where you’re from, you’ve surely twisted, licked it and dunked it before. But how about a twist on a classic. If you boil a tiny bit of milk in a saucer, then add crushed up Oreos and let reach the texture you want, you’ve got yourself an Oreo mousse! Add crushed up Oreos on the top of your serving cup and you’re set. DR Tip: Chocolate Oreos make really good mousse.


Futoor Fundamentals


Here are some ways to spruce up a family futoor.

Saudis know about family time, and there is no period of time where that is most pronounced than in Ramadan.

Since the entire family is present during futoor, because it’s a time-honored tradition only broken in extraneous circumstances, why not take advantage of it.  Add some flavor to your month of family dinners with a few activities.

Replace the Soaps

The inclination to lounge back on your sofas and tune in to the latest pseudo drama is very strong in Ramadan, but for the sake of everything holy, don’t.

Remember that all the Ramadan soaps rerun the next afternoon and throughout the months following Ramadan. You’re not going to miss out on anything. Find a game that is most inclusive for your family to play after futoor. A personal favorite is Fibbage because it’s an interactive group game that uses a computer or a smart TV and your phones. If there’s a language obstacle, head to Jarir for their wide collections of Arabic and English games.


There are very few things that ruin futoor like monotony. Don’t let the routine sink in too much and take your family out. There’s nothing like dressing up and going to a candlelit dinner with the fam. If you’re looking for a quiet family futoor, we recommend heading to Al Mayass on Prince Sultan Road. It’s prefect for larger families who want to be comfortable. For more recommendations as always, head to out dining section.

Mass Iftar

Every year, the Dimitris invite all of their kids’ friends to a buffet style futoor at their house. It doesn’t matter that there is no place for them to sit because the apartment is taken over by starving teenagers, or the fact that they’re Christians and don’t celebrate Ramadan. This is their chance to do good by feeding a fasting person, and a chance for them to get to know their kids’ friends in a non-threatening way. Your kids’ friends will remember this gesture like I still remember the Dimitris 10 years later.

Potluck Futoor

If you’re family is anything like mine, there’s always one person who’s craving something not on the table tonight. To satisfy them, and everyone for that matter, hold a potluck where everyone in the family gets one dish they are truly craving. It doesn’t matter if they cooked it or bought it, the only rule is you get ONE dish. This trick guarantees a complaint-free futoor.

Family Futoor

We know family futoor is a bit redundant since futoors by default are family futoors, but this one is different. This is eating with a purpose. All families are both similar and different. One thing that is universal however is that someone in your circle of family and friends is probably missing the presence of a loved one.  Ramadan can be the time where presences are most noticed and also most missed. If you know someone who might be missing someone for Ramadan, get your family and visit them. You might not be able to replace the missing person, but a few extra faces might help remind them of who’s still around.


Khiyrat: The Food Busters


With the always-present problem of food waste, Ramadan this year will hopefully shape up to be different.

Food waste is arguably the single most pressing issue in Ramadan, and frankly all-year-round. Arab culture, and Saudi more specifically, places a high value on honoring your guests. Most of us assume that a large spread is the way to do it. We view it as a sign of generosity. But generosity has its limits when it borders on israf (over indulgence). While some of us are content with the status quo, Khiyrat isn’t.

Khiyrat is small non-profit organization that aims to curb food waste. They are most known for gathering leftovers from individuals, restaurants, hotels and private functions and distributing them to people who need it.screen-shot-2017-05-21-at-12-07-05-pm

Their approach can be divided into three stages:


As part of their efforts, Khiyrat visits schools around the city to educate them about food waste. They teach them ways to conserve efficiently. By doing this, they hope to educate the next generation of consumers to be mindful of their choices.screen-shot-2017-05-21-at-12-57-31-pm


If there’s an access of food at the end of your event, who you gonna call? Khiyrat!

After they receive a request for excess food, Khiyrat sends a car to pick it up. Leftovers are then sorted and packaged into small containers. The containers are then delivered to the families that need it, or to charity fridges in neighborhoods that Khiyrat’s extensive research shows that they need it.screen-shot-2017-05-21-at-12-34-34-pm


Not all the food Khiyrat receives is edible. Scraps and remains however do not go unused. What others consider trash Khiyrat considers fuel. They take the scraps compost it and turn it into fertilizer. Fertilizers made from natural materials are not commonly available in the Kingdom, something Khiyrat is hoping to bank on. The proceeds from the sale of this fertilizer will help fuel Khiyrat’s services in the future.july_food_waste_table

Ways to show your support:


Call them next time you have an event with excess food. Distribute smaller amounts of leftovers yourself to workers or people in need.

Remember that it’s an effort on all fronts, and required from the whole family.

Leftovers taste just as good the second day.

Web: khiyrat.org.sa
Mob: +966-537777266
Tel: +966-11-4422220
Snapchat/Instagram/twitter: Khiyrat