August’s Dining Scoop

2Elixir Bunn

A few months ago, we reported that a new hipster brew café was opening soon to add to the impressive repertoire of the city’s fancy coffee places. Elixir Bunn had looked very promising, from what little we’ve seen, and we’re glad to see that it has met our expectations. The décor is very minimalist chic, and they have a record player! Which is only for display, sadly, but still very cool.

The menu’s limited to espresso drinks, drip coffee, and their slow bar options. There aren’t any beverages available for non-coffee drinkers that show up with their caffeine brethren. Overall, we liked the place and we hope more like it pop up and prettify the city.

Location: 7144 Salim Ibn Almaqil St.


5Instagram Trialy By Jury

Burger shops are all over the place in Riyadh, but you rarely find good Instagram home-based burger businesses. For this month we decided to go for the burger from Bon Abittet.

The options are limited as they only provide meat burgers. What we love about the business is that it looks professional as they focused on having a logo and put some effort into the packaging. There was less effort in the food, however. We received the burger cold and the meat wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

The cheese was yummy though and the sauce was great too. Overall, we don’t think we’ll be ordering again.

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