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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Asphalt Eateries

Asphalt Eateries

Food trucks and carts have risen in popularity, so we’ve decided to give you a little insight on this popular trend.


Founder: Yosef Alodan

Origin: I studied in California where there were food trucks everywhere. I noticed that Saudis were big fans of them and wondered why we didn’t have any back home. So, when I got home I went all over looking for workshops to help me put together my truck and outsourcing things that were too technical for me. It wasn’t easy, but by March this year the truck was ready to hit the streets.

Cuisine Inspiration: As we know, the US is the home of the burger. During my time there, I wanted to get some extra income so I worked at a local burger joint that gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to start my own thing.Newport-burger-3

Location: I don’t stop at a specific place everyday, but I do announce where I’ll be daily on my Instagram page and Twitter account.

Instagram: newportburgers
Whatsapp: +966-557044404

FINDING SUSHIfinding-sushi-4

Founders: Sarah Alodan and Joharah Bint Talal

Origin: People in Riyadh like to eat in the comfort of their homes with friends and loved ones. So, we decided to make that possible with Japanese food. We also found out how popular it is to be a public booth at events.

Cuisine Inspiration: Both founders are very fond of sushi and Japanese cuisine, so we decided to take a different turn and make it a whimsical cuisine that is fun, tasty and of great quality.

Location: We can mainly be contacted through social media. Our soon to be opened boutique restaurant will be the first location for pick up, delivery and simple seating.

Instagram: findingsushi
Mob: +966-509995250

ONE TRUCKOne-Truck-1-

Founders: Bin Ahmed Family

Origin: In recent years, associated with the pop-up restaurant phenomenon, food trucks offering gourmet cuisine and a variety of specialties and ethnic menus, have become particularly popular and that’s our main inspiration to start our truck.

Cuisine Inspiration: American cuisine is capable of making it onto any list of popular food trucks thanks to people who loves of

Location: We can be found on social media and are available for private booking through Whatsapp and email.

Instagram: One_Truck
Snapchat: OneTruck
Twitter: One_Truck1



Founders: Mamdouh Almousa, Majed Almousa, Abdoulaziz Al Ounezi

Origin: Six years ago I traveled to China on business and came across a cart/truck factory. I bought one and the idea was to keep it at a stationary location where it would sit, fully equipped and ready to serve for private consumption. Some friends talked me into capitalizing on the cart, and opening its services for the public.

Cuisine Inspiration: I’m a big fan of coffee and my interest began 12 years ago. The first step in my journey was buying a commercial espresso machine. Then I really started thinking about starting my own special thing. Hence, the coffee truck! I liked the reverse idea of it, how instead of customers coming to you, you go to them and you’re always exactly where you’re needed.

Location: We work every weekend in Al Mohammadiya neighborhood on Takhassusi St. We also cater to private gatherings and participate in seasonal events, celebrations and even football matches at King Fahad Stadium. Find us on social media!

Instagram: CoffeeCabin2
Twitter: CoffeeCabin2
Snapchat: mmalmousa1


Food trucks are a small recent manifestation of Saudi’s entrepreneurial spirit. Opening a business comes with a hefty price tag. And if you don’t have the capital, then your choices are limited. These food trucks allow small businesses to grow at their own rate, allowing their owners to perfect their craft while also gaining capital.

It’s not all peach cobblers and apple pies for these small time entrepreneurs. These trucks face many difficulties that we’re not often aware of. From the get go, they have to either import their trucks or build them from scratch because we do not have specialized factories for them. If they’ve found or built their dream truck, they have to deal with municipality. Because the laws and regulations are outdated and vague, food trucks have a difficult time operating within their parameters, leaving them constantly in motion, at odds with the municipality or exclusively for private hire. Some food truck entrepreneurs are working with the government to devise updated rules and regulations that would have clear boundaries and objectives.

So before we hand over a list of current operating food trucks, we would like to give a brief but wholehearted hats off to the pioneers of the food truck industry in Riyadh: Ice cream and Balila (chickpeas) trucks. You gentlemen have been on the frontlines of this war, operating in school parking lots, desert highways and outside amusement parks since our childhoods. Thank you for your tireless efforts in advancing the food on wheels industry.

Whatsapp: +966-505400989

Instagram: SHAWARMA_SA
Whatsapp: +966-533433820

Whatsapp: +966-570496643

Instagram: ZENOPIZZA
Mob: +966-596999972

Instagram: M5M5A1
Mob: +966-555751951

Instagram: LAMMAH_KSA
Whatsapp: +966-500395139

Mob: +966-50772662
Tel: +966-11-4162990

Instagram: MINIPANCAKES966

Instagram: YUMMY_TRUCK
Mob: +966-532600057


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