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Art in Motion: Nujood Alotaibi’s Collaboration with Vuse and McLaren F1 Team

Art in Motion: Nujood Alotaibi’s Collaboration with Vuse and McLaren F1 Team

In a recent interview, we at Destination, had a chance to speak to the talented Saudi artist, Nujood Alotaibi. We explored the exciting journey of Nujood Alotaibi, and how her art perfectly mixed with the fast-paced world of motorsport in a special project with Vuse and The McLaren F1 Team. The interview perfectly showcases how Nujood’s perspective influenced her role in the Driven by Change project, leading to her designing the McLaren F1 Team’s car look for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023.


Art in Motion: Nujood Alotaibi's Collaboration with Vuse and McLaren F1 Team


How did your artistic style influence your collaboration with Vuse x The McLaren F1 Team?


My art revolves around themes of identity and memory. Having been diagnosed with a hearing impairment as a child, I perceive sound in a unique way, which influences my artistic inspiration. This aspect of my experience became particularly significant in the Driven by Change project, as sound patterns played a key role in shaping my livery artwork.

I wanted to intertwine my culture and heritage with the world of motorsport, and I drew parallels between the hum of the desert in Jeddah and the hum of an engine, or the breaking waves of home and the adrenaline of the drivers.


Other artists with a more playful and whimsical style would have approached capturing the speed and thrill of motorsport in their own unique manner. This diversity in creative expression is what makes artistic self-expression so thrilling—there are countless ways to interpret and represent your art.


Can you share your experience being part of the Driven by Change program and your role in designing the McLaren F1 Team Livery for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023?


Every moment of my collaboration with Vuse and the McLaren F1 Team was deeply enjoyable. Participating in projects like Driven by Change provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with a team of talented designers and mentors, allowing us to generate innovative concepts, exchange ideas, and collectively contribute to something remarkable that fills me with immense pride. I’ve never worked on anything like this before!


To design the McLaren livery for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023, I had to develop a visually striking design that captured the essence of both my story and McLaren’s. From finding the right color schemes , to developing the graphic elements of sound – it was exciting to see the piece come to life. Part of the challenge was making sure the artwork would also look beautiful on the car.


What impact do you hope to create through your residency at Studio Thirteen as the first artist in residence for the Driven by Change initiative?


Through collaborating with Studio Thirteen and Driven by Change, I was mentored by Studio Thirteen founder Rabab Tantawy, who in 2021 was the first artist to design a livery for a Formula 1 team in the history of the sport, kicking off the Driven by Change program with Vuse. Rabab encouraged me to push the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums and explore new forms of expression that reflect themes of change, innovation, and progress. I’ll certainly carry these lessons forward as I evolve as an artist, aiming to leave my imprint on the art world.


The residency offered chances to connect with the local community and fellow artists at Studio Thirteen through workshops, exhibitions, and public events, igniting discussions and motivating others to embrace change and creativity. While my residency has concluded, I will continue to stretch my creative boundaries in my upcoming projects.


As someone representing Saudi Arabia in the global art scene, how important is it for you to encourage emerging artists and individuals with disabilities to express themselves through creativity?


By championing emerging artists from all walks of life, we can create a more inclusive and vibrant artistic community that represents the richness and diversity of human experience. Through collaboration, mentorship, and a culture of lifting one another up, we can help nurture talent, amplify voices, and create opportunities for artistic growth and recognition on a global scale, which is what Driven by Change is all about.


What were some challenges you faced throughout your journey of being a part of the ‘Driven by Change’ Program,  and how did you overcome them?


Collaborating with teams of varied backgrounds, perspectives, and communication styles presents its challenges. Nonetheless, through fostering trust, advocating for open communication, and cultivating a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, we ensured that any obstacles were promptly addressed. This enabled us to leverage the collective intelligence of the team and collaborate effectively.


With the Driven by Change initiative focusing on underrepresented creatives, how do you aim to inspire other artists, through your journey and the platform provided to you?


Artists can share their personal stories, struggles, and successes to inspire others who may be facing similar challenges. By being transparent about my journey, I aim to inspire others and to foster an environment where creatives can be open about their journey.


What strategies do you employ to maintain your motivation and creative spark, allowing you to consistently generate new art or design concepts?


I constantly draw inspiration from various sources like nature, art exhibitions, literature, music, and daily life encounters, which fuel my creativity and spark fresh ideas. Embracing experimentation, playfulness, and spontaneity during the creative journey often leads to unexpected discoveries. Allowing oneself to explore without fear of failure helps to sustain a sense of curiosity and excitement.


Lastly, for those interested in the ‘Driven By Change’ program, where can they find out more information? And what advice would you give artists?


Follow both accounts vuseworldwide and mclaren on Instagram. Take the time to explore their captivating content highlighting the Driven By Change program to learn more about thier objectives and the particular themes and focus areas the initiative addresses.

As for my advice, I would say the most important thing is to be genuine and authentic. Emphasize your ability to collaborate effectively with others and your potential to make a meaningful impact in the world.


Nujood AlOtaibi’s collaboration with Vuse and The McLaren F1 Team exemplifies the transformative power of art. Her unique perspective, rooted in identity and experience, led to creative designs for the Driven by Change project. Nujood’s journey truly inspires creativity, inclusivity, and positive change in the global art community.



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