Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Art Activities To Keep Kids Involved

Art Activities To Keep Kids Involved

Managing your kids is probably as beautiful as it is a nightmare. Giving kids something to do is not so easy anymore, especially if you want them to grow up the right way!

Technology influences the way children grow up more than you think. Often parents get used to handing their child a gadget that the kid can get focused on. This is not healthy!

Here are some art essentials that every child must have:

  1. Coloring Pencils, Crayons and the works.

Every kid needs a set of crayons, sheets and a place where they can go wild with the colors!

  1. Paints

A set of paints and brushes. Finger painting is also good as long as you know the kids won’t lick it!

  1. Glitter and Glue

This is an awesome combination that instantly creates dazzling works of art by kids!

  1. Ribbons and wool for decoration.

Kids can really play around with scraps of ribbons or wools in their drawings or scrap work.

  1. Scrapbook

Do a weekly scrapbook activity with your child where they scrapbook something to remind them of their best moments that week!

  1. Play dough.

Play dough is amazing for any kids’ imagination! But always remember to be there to guide your kid on how it works. Ask them to recreate their favorite things or characters!

  1. A blackboard and colored chalks.

Drawing on a blackboard and even practising the alphabets on numbers can be a super fun activity for your child.

  1. Origami paper.

Or any colored paper works! Do weekly origami sessions with your child to keep them creating wonderful origami!

  1. Perler or Hama Beads

You’ll easily find a set of Perler Beads at IKEA! It comes with a pegboard and parchment paper. You can look up designs online and create wonderful tokens with your child. This activity requires using an iron so make sure you do it!

  1. Friendship bracelets.

These have always been in trend and making them is super fun. All you’ll need are different colored embroidery threads, a clipboard and How-to Youtube videos. This activity is suitable for kids and they’ll love it!

  1. Painting on Clay Pots

You can easily find clay pots in stationaries and in the market. Involve your child in a fun painting activity. They can use the pot for keeping their things.

  1. Q-tip Painting Activity

All you’ll need is sheets of paper, acrylic paints and Q-tips! Involve your kids in creating simple paintings of flowers or their home or anything else they want!

  1. Leaf Doodling

This is a super fun activity that even adults may enjoy! Find bigger sized leaves and do an activity to draw patterns on them with paint or sketch pens.

  1. String Painting

You’ll need bright colors, strings and a sheet of paper. Ask your child to dip the string in paint and draw patterns using it.

  1. Wire Sculptures

You’ll need foam blocks, pipe cleaners or normal wires that can be bent and any other scrap material like features, ribbons and glitter that can be used on the sculpture!

  1. Rock painting.

Find rocks of different shapes and sizes. Paint them with your kids for a lovely room decoration.

  1. Negative Space Masterpiece

Spread tape on a canvas to create geometric shapes that can be painted. Apply gesso along the tape to prevent paint from going under it. Let the kids paint and show their creativity. Once the paint is dry, pull off the tape and you’ll have a cool geometric painting!

  1. Design and send postcards!

Design postcards with your kids and write little notes on them for loved ones who live abroad. You can easily send postcards using Saudi Pos



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