Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Application Of Knowledge

Application Of Knowledge
Da’wah is to invite a person to the true teachings of Islam, to call them to the worship of one deity. It is a duty placed upon our shoulders and an extension of the Prophet’s work. It has become a common misconception, that one must be ‘professionally trained’ in order to carry out the task. The reality is, as long as you speak the truth and pair it with good character, you are sharing Islam. So here are some tips to help you reach out to those near and far:
Return to Tawheed
It’s easy to get lost in webs of conversation, but always focus on Tawheed. By getting carried away, one forgets to share the principle of worshipping one Lord alone.
Be Patient
Yes, it is difficult, especially when we gauge our success on the results we see. If we think it through, it is only Allah who guides, our task is to merely convey. Noah called to his people for 950 years!
Actions speak louder than words! Be a role model, others will follow you, they will look up to you and you will gain a worthy reputation.
“I don’t know”.
Sadly, egos drive individuals to claim they know all. Many become the Grand Mufti in a matter of minutes! Don’t shy away from admitting that you don’t know something, but reassure that you will try to find out.
Equip yourself
Expect awkward questions,Humankind has been favoured by Allah, above all of creation; He fashioned our father Adam with his own hands, and ordered the angels to prostrate to him. We have been given the gift of choice, the soul and the intellect. As for choice, it is limited by our abilities and environment. The soul, is unfathomable, and pretty much unknown. Lastly, the intellect, this is a gift with far-boundaries, and it is with this gift that one can learn, improve and grasp knowledge.

The best kind of knowledge is the one that has a lasting effect, the benefits of which are everlasting and the consequences of which are pleasant. The one which empowers the individual to develop, improve and blossom. Whilst forever may not exist on Earth, it certainly does in the Hereafter. Quintessentially, priceless knowledge therefore is; that which guides to eternity in Paradise.
The superiority of one, who is granted knowledge, is far greater than one who remains in the depths of ignorance. Allah has elevated us with our ability to comprehend and act upon knowledge. As He says, “Say: ‘Are those who know equal to those who know not?’ It is only men of understanding who will remember (Allah’s Signs and Verses)” [Surah Zumar 39:9]

Islam calls us to seek knowledge and thereby to become better human beings. Knowledge of Allah is the heart, around which all other divisions of knowledge rotate. It is the core, as when one knows Allah, they will become closer to Him, and follow His guidelines. Knowing Allah, will earn us the pleasure of Allah, and His reward of Jannah. But, as empowering as this knowledge is, it can only bring benefit if applied and acted upon.
Our Prophet placed emphasis on this when invoking Allah saying:

اللهم انفعني بما علمتني وعلمني ما ينفعني وارزقني علما تنفعني به

‘O Allah benefit me with what You have taught me, and teach me that which will benefit me, and grant me knowledge which will benefit me.’
[Collected by al-Hakim, Bayhaqi, Tabraani and authenticated by Albaani in Silsilah No. 3151] Let us endeavour to seek knowledge that benefits us both in this life and the Hereafter, and to memorise this small supplication, in hopes that Allah will facilitate beneficial knowledge for us.
and research; knowledge is at the click of a button. Hollow speech is a bad trait, know what you are talking about.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes: what thoughts would pass through your mind. Give breathing space, and do not ‘grill’ the person.
Be consistent
Every now and then, check up and be open with them. Remind them, but be gentle, perhaps invite them for dinner. Everyone loves a good meal! Allowing them to see you demonstrate Islamic principles, throughout all aspects of your lifestyle, is the best reflection.
Be creative
Conversations and lectures are not the only means of conveying the message. Vary the techniques; ensure they are appropriate to your audience. Gifting, poetry, blogging and Vlogging are ways to share the deen.
Get involved
Know the activities in your local area, and volunteer. Speak to others to broaden your horizon. Sometimes the community may be able to provide resources.

I can’t think of a tenth one….perhaps you have your own you’d like to add?


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