Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

And Along Came Polyester

And Along Came Polyester

ATHR Gallery’s contribution within the continuing umbrella of the 21, 39 arts programme, an exhibition titled And Along Came Polyester, brought forward the more conceptual pillars of contemporary art.

Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, the immersive experience leads visitors exploring the work of the five female artists, all of which hail from the Gulf. Individualistic and wide-branching experiences are manifested within the five rooms dedicated to their works, with perhaps the most commanding being that of Kuwait’s Monira Al Qadiri. Al Qadiri’s pieces build upon the juxtaposition between the two primary sources of Gulf wealth across different timelines, further highlighting the irony of the objects sharing the same color scheme at opposite ends of the dichroic color spectrum. The steely pieces offer a striking comparison to the warm hug of the deeply purple paint in an experience truly unique to the exhibit. ATHR further collaborated with Krabload in curating a delicious food festival on the gallery terrace, a localized appetizer that paired well with the powerful artwork a mere flight of stairs below. Yet this remains a scante taste of the entire event: an abstract production merging between the traditional and the contemporary that 21, 39 has successfully engineered across their exhibitions, and a must for those with a taste for the arts.


ATHR gallery, located on the 5th floor of the Office Towers in Serafi Mega Mall.


The exhibition runs from the 2nd of February – 4th of April

How can I get tickets?

None required, just walk right into the gallery!

About 21, 39:

A non-profit initiative put together by the Saudi Art Council, 21, 39 aims to generate a welcoming platform that allows for the promotion and advancement in the arts within Jeddah. The project is a unique venture, especially in the more traditionally-inclined Saudi Arabia, that allows for the proliferation of an unparalleled view regarding the conventions of contemporary art in an Arab skeleton. Programs running under the umbrella 21, 39 initiative are inclusive of exhibitions and gallery openings, discussion forums, and workshops.



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