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AlUla’s ‘Siwar’: Directed by Saudi Filmmaker Osama Alkhurayji and Produced by Omar Said

AlUla’s ‘Siwar’:  Directed by Saudi Filmmaker Osama Alkhurayji and Produced by Omar Said

Film AlUla, a key initiative by the Royal Commission for AlUla, has announced the commencement of “Siwar,” the debut feature film by Saudi director Osama Alkhurayji. This move aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to diversify the economy and foster cultural development by offering incentives and opportunities to local filmmakers, shedding light on the local film industry.


“Siwar” revolves around two families facing a life-altering revelation about their newborns. The story spans three chapters, following Yaner, a Turkish father, and Hamad, a Saudi father, as they face societal challenges and personal struggles. Alkhurayji’s storytelling skills ensure a narrative that connects with diverse audiences.

AlUla's 'Siwar': Directed by Saudi Filmmaker Osama Alkhurayji and Produced by Omar Said

Alkhurayji, CEO of Hakawati Entertainment, has built his filmmaking career since 2007, earning recognition both locally and internationally. His collaborations with major networks like Netflix, Shahid, and SBA, including co-directing “Joud” in 2018, establish his credibility in the industry. Producer Omar Said, known for his work globally and collaborations with directors like Tony Kaye of “American History X,” leads the production of “Siwar.” His regional projects range from TV series to recent hits like Netflix’s “Naga.”

“Siwar” joins other notable Saudi productions filmed in AlUla, like Netflix’s “The Matchmaker” and Tawfik Alzaidi’s “Norah,” showcased at the Red Sea International Film Festival. This underlines Film AlUla’s commitment to nurturing local talent and expanding creative boundaries.


Charlene Deleon-Jones, Executive Director of Film AlUla, stresses the agency’s dedication to fostering local talent and building a sustainable film industry. Supporting Alkhurayji’s “Siwar” aligns with AlUla’s storytelling tradition, offering a platform for emerging talents.


Producer Omar Said is excited about the upcoming narrative, emphasizing the Saudi film industry’s vibrancy and its ability to captivate global audiences. “Siwar” aims to present the region’s unique stories and cultural richness to the global cinematic stage, promoting Saudi storytelling. Film AlUla goes beyond supporting productions; it provides rebates, incentives, and mentorship programs to nurture the local industry. Programs like AlUla Creates empower future generations in film, arts, and fashion, backed by a lineup of accomplished talents.


Furthermore, Film AlUla is close to completing a comprehensive production facility, expanding its infrastructure to support creative talent and production requirements.

For more information about Film AlUla and its initiatives, visit their website. “Siwar” marks a new era for Saudi filmmaking, resonating worldwide and positioning AlUla as a cultural epicenter for creativity and storytelling.



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