AlUla: These Majestic Hotels will Complete your Experience

Looking for a chance to explore extraordinary parts of Saudi Arabia’s human and historical heritage? Now reopened to the public, AlUla is the place to do just that.

  • Shaden Resort

A luxurious yet traditional desert resort is nestled between rock formations with a mix of the modern and classical Arabian atmosphere.

Mob: +966-506043344
Web: shaden-resort.comunnamed

  • Sahara AlUla Resort

A tent-style accommodation in the heart of nature, with a private bathroom and terrace in each tent.

Mob: +966-55 1053222

  • Airstream RV Resorts

State of the art airstream RVs that each come with their own bathroom, mini-kitchen, and a cozy covered patio. Perfect for those seeking a 24-hour adventure.

Location: Shaden and Ashar
Web: experiencealula.comqu4fgpy8gz841

  • Habitas AlUla

Eco-friendly and community-focused, Habitas AlUla is located in the desert canyons of Ashar Valley. This resort blends with the landscape to ensure an authentic, cultural and historical experience. Habitas AlUla is also committed to sustainable living, making sure to minimize a harmful impact on the environment.


  • Al Ashar Resort

Your eyes will wander in bewilderment at the Al Ashar Resort in the middle of the rugged terrain of AlUla. The resort has world-class amenities, cabins furnished with opulent interiors, along with gourmet meals from all over the world.


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