Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

All Dressed Up for Eid Festivities

All Dressed Up for Eid Festivities

With the celebratory period of Eid comes the excitement of purchasing new clothing items to wear to various occasions. Worried about what to buy? This guide will point you to the trendiest, newest styles that you can purchase. These vast options ensure that you can easily change up your style for the festive evenings. Thethobes are no longer a traditional costume; instead they have become artworks used to symbolize your ever-changing style.

Compliment with ornaments:

Ornaments are a great transition into a new, fun wardrobe, as they subtly spice up your otherwise ordinary dress. While maintaining the basic shapes of the thobe, embellishments transform your wardrobe because of the simple yet playful additions that contribute colour and movement. These ornaments are a great compromise between being bold and being traditional, which is perfect if you are not ready to take the leap into the contemporary thobe.

Instagram: dh_jalabia

Modern minimalism in traditional clothing:  

For a luxurious traditional look, Razan is your go-to. Although the basic dress shapes of the thobe are at the core, Razan adds colour, textiles and jewels subtly to adapt the traditional dress to modern culture, creating the best of both worlds. She also uses geometric shapes and patterns that harmonise to create a visually appealing and strong dress.

Instagram: razanalazzouni

Go out on a Limb for Boho Chic:

Jasmine box is a contemporary store that thrives due to their modern-day patterns and styles. The beautiful basic shape of the thobe is used, but various prints, colours and textiles create a different dimension to the thobe entirely. These styles blow you away because of their distinctive, trendy, boho vibes that transform the traditional dress. The newest trends of fashion are further introduced to the thobe, such as the “off-the-shoulder” look, that modernises the cannon of the thobe.

Instagram: jasminebox

An element of surprise:

Another great way to modernise the traditional dress is through adding a pop of colour. Combining complimentary colours or pastels is the new hit, which is why Bedia Thobes is the perfect place to go. This basic look evokes beauty because of the plainness of the fabric that draws your eye to the bold colour. Other modern styles are included in the designs, such as special sleeves, pockets, tie-dye etc.

Instagram: bedia_thobes

Fresh, fun, funk:

Cream Jeddah is a boutique located in Stars Avenue, which hosts many different brands and styles of clothing. Its modern, funky flare is befitting for gatherings where you want to show off your adventurous fashion sense. The thobes’ colourful prints are the perfect opportunity to add character to your wardrobe, because nothing says summer fun better than colour.

Instagram: creamjeddah

For the unconventional:

Homegrown Market is a store that includes a vast amount of creative items including clothing, houseware, jewellery etc. that are created by many brands, such as Lasuna Clothing. Although there are many different styles that can be found at Homegrown, they are all lively, modern and unique. You can find anything from plain, to floral patterned, to embroidered thobes. This is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a contemporary store with new styles to spruce up your wardrobe.

Instagram: homegrown_market

Be unique, be you:

Nagla Ezzat is a new up and coming designer, who has a great talent for fashioning festive Eid-wear. Her dresses are unique to each individual, which creates a sense of strength in individuality among the masses. Colour and pattern blocking are new trends that Nagla successfully embodies in her designs, as her dresses demonstrate harmony and beauty. The designs evoke happiness because of the modernised traditional dress that reminds us of the celebratory period of Eid. Nagla is your go-to if you wish for clothing that is personal and unique.

Instagram: naglaezzat
Mob: +966-569248048

All Dressed Up for Eid Festivities


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