Alf Hewar’s Inspiring initiative for youth

From the team behind 10KSA, Alf Darb and Create comes a hewar (dialogue) on 20 Feb. between two change makers: one local, and the other international.

Dr. Sebastian Stricker of ShareTheMeal and Nadeem Bakhsh of UXBERT Usability Lab shared their journeys with the audience.

The two experts of Application Design, one the developer of Sawwagy, a family driver management app, and the other the founder and head of a crowdfunding app to combat world hunger, encouraged attendees to start doing something about it.


Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback,” shared Nadeem Bakhsh.

After the dialogue, attendees were encouraged to mingle and network with each other while wearing tags with no names but with phrases like “Inspire me”, “Talk to me” and “Educate me”.

Alf Hewar is the latest initiative from Alf Khair to engage and motivate the community.

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