Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Ahmed Zaki Special on OSN this June

Ahmed Zaki Special on OSN this June

June brings you a selection of 30 Movies for 30 days starring the Emperor Ahmed Zaki.

OSN, the region’s leading entertainment network, will be launching a stunt on OSN Yahala Cinema for the Emperor Ahmed Zaki featuring 30 of his best movies throughout the month of June, daily at 19:00 KSA/ 20:00 UAE.alraeiwelnisa-copy

Egyptian film actor Ahmed Zaki is considered one of the greatest actors of his generation, characterised by his talent and skill as well as his on-screen intensity. He is widely recognised as one of the greatest and most talented stars in the history of the Arabic cinema. Zaki was also seen as an icon and advocate for the Egyptian youth during his early days.

Some of Ahmed Zaki’s brilliant performances are in movies such as Al Raqissa Wal Tabbal, Al Horoub, and Naser 56, where he played the role of Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Naser and made the movie a landmark in film history, all of which will all be aired on OSN.

All the movies will also be available on OSN Streaming.

Full line up of Ahmed Zaki’s movies on OSN:

Date  Title
01-Jun Mister Karate
02-Jun Naser 56
03-Jun Edhak El Soura Titlaa Helwa
04-Jun Zawgat Ragol Mohem
05-Jun Ayyam El Sadat
06-Jun Ahlam Hend W Kamlya
07-Jun Al Hob Fawk Hadabat Al Haram
08-Jun Maali El Wazeer
09-Jun Al Modmen
10-Jun Al horoub
11-Jun Imr’aa Wahda La Takfi
12-Jun Arbet fi muhimat rasmia
13-Jun EL Beida Wel Hagar
14-Jun EL Ra’ay wel Nas’a-
15-Jun Abou Dahab
16-Jun Ded El Hokumah
17-Jun Shadi Al Sammak
18-Jun Ta’ar ala Tarek
19-Jun Hassan Ellol
20-Jun Estkaouza
21-Jun Oyun la Tanam
22-Jun El-Beih El-Bawwab
23-Jun Al Ihtiat Wajib
24-Jun Nazwa
25-Jun Al Bedaya
26-Jun El Berens
27-Jun Al Raqissa w Al Tabbal
28-Jun Al nemr Al Aswad
29-Jun El Laila El Mawaoda
30-Jun Sawak el Hanem


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