A Trip Down Memory Lane this Ramadan

Take a trip down memory lane with Mobily’s new Ramadan ad. The ad is centered on the bittersweet idea that time brings change; it gives a glimpse into past Ramadan nights in the GCC and how they have evolved.

The telecommunication company has outdone themselves this time. Reknowned Arabic singer Majjid Al Mohandas sings the jingle for the commercial, “Everything has changed except for you, except for us.” and ” Ramadan will always be in our hearts.” The lyrics are heartfelt and catchy. The ad also stars several celebrities including Fayez Malki, Mohd Bazaid, and Adwa al Dakheel.

If you weren’t alive to experience the early days of Tash Ma Tash or running into the town center to buy ful and tamiz, it’s not too late. Its nostalgia at it’s finest, you will picture your parents, uncles, cousins living their lives this way. You will be nostalgic for a past that isn’t your own. You will crack a smile or shed a tear. Times are changing but the spirit of Ramadan and family is eternal.


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