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A Magical Fusion: Red Sea Mall Celebrates its 15th Anniversary with Disneyland Paris

DisneyLand Paris Red Sea Mall Fusion DisneyLand Paris Red Sea Mall Fusion

Embark in this Enchanted Experience from July 3rd to July 16th

Brace yourselves for an extraordinary blend of celebrations and enchantments as Red Sea Mall commemorates its 15th anniversary in collaboration with the iconic Disneyland Paris. A groundbreaking event that has never been witnessed in Saudi Arabia, this magical partnership promises an experience that will transport visitors to a realm of wonder and joy. 

Starting from July 3rd to July 16th, Red Sea Mall will undergo a magnificent transformation, filling the mall with the essence of Disney magic. Families, children, and guests of all ages are invited to partake in this captivating celebration, where the worlds of Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary and Red Sea Mall’s milestone collide in a symphony of whimsy and excitement.

Prepare to be swept away on an enchanting journey throughout Red Sea Mall. Families can enjoy themselves in thrilling and collaborative treasure hunts, solving riddles and uncovering hidden secrets. As you explore the nooks and crannies of the mall, expect surprises and delights to unravel at every twist and turn.

Technology merges with the extraordinary as virtual reality experiences transport visitors into the magical realms of Disney. Dive into the ocean alongside your favorite characters or take flight on a magic carpet, experiencing firsthand the wonders that Disney has woven into the fabric of our imaginations. 

Red Sea Mall offers an opportunity like no other – the chance to win a full-board trip for four to the legendary Disneyland Paris. Picture yourself strolling down DisneyLand meeting beloved characters, and basking in the pure enchantment that has captivated hearts for three decades. Enter the competition, and your dreams of experiencing Disney magic firsthand might just become a reality.

Preserving the memories of this remarkable event is paramount, and Red Sea Mall understands the importance of capturing magical moments. Take part in an enchanting photo session against the backdrop of a breathtaking, seven-meter-high reproduction of the iconic Disneyland Paris castle. Pose, smile, and let the ambiance weave its way into your heart forever. 

This unprecedented collaboration between Red Sea Mall and Disneyland Paris is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that cannot be missed. From July 3rd to July 16th, the mall will radiate with jubilation as the celebration of Red Sea Mall’s 15th anniversary intertwines with the enchantment of Disney. Rediscover the joy of childhood, embrace your inner adventurer, and embark on an extraordinary journey that will leave you spellbound.

Mark your calendars, gather your loved ones, and let Red Sea Mall transport you to a world where dreams become a reality. This unparalleled event is your ticket to cherished memories and an opportunity to win an extraordinary trip to the place where magic comes alive – Disneyland Paris!

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