A Close Look Into The Impactful Journey of Life Coach Layal Taher


Born and raised in Saudi, Layal Taher is an international, trilingual Life Coach, Speaker, and Writer who always aspired to make an impact.

Layal moved to the United States of America to pursue a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from the Ivy-League Cornell University in New York, before which she completed a collegiate summer school program in Harvard University studying Master’s level courses in psychology, understanding human behavior. Upon graduating, Layal moved to Dubai where the diversity of her career path began.

In Dubai, Layal was the executive Strategic Development Director in one of the largest events companies in the region called Design Lab Experience, since events management was always a passion of hers growing up. Nonetheless, that didn’t last as long as she had envisioned. Somewhere along the way, her passion started to shift back towards human behavior, and it was time for the psychology part of her career to kick in. While she was working in a company that was transforming the events industry, Layal was seeking to make a different transformational impact by guiding individuals towards their own purpose, clarity, and success. She felt that was her true purpose and so she went pursuing it. img_20190123_162511

That moment Layal realized events management was not for her was during a beautiful, grand wedding in Dubai that was in the works for months. The wedding was a stunning masterpiece, and while Layal admired its creative brilliance, she didn’t experience the reactions to the event that made her feel like that was her purpose. She was meant to create differently, to create positive change in individuals’ lives on a personal level. Her move to quitting her job was a choice to listen to her heart.

“After leaving my job I spent some time exploring and I went back to that passion for human behavior and explored positive psychology, which is the dynamic part of psychology leading human behavior towards growth and flourishing. So instead of Post-Traumatic Stress, we learn how to guide individuals towards Post-Traumatic Growth,” Layal shared.

During her time off, Layal read over a hundred books and watched thousands of videos about the world of positive psychology and self-development. She was overwhelmed with all the information that was accessing her brain. That’s when Layal redirected her path towards coaching and started training under different schools of thought on an international scale to become a valuable member of that industry. Successfully, Layal studied Strategic Intervention under Tony Robbins, trained under the Co-Founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in London, and learnt Co-Active Coaching from the oldest and largest coaching school in the world – CTI. She also achieved her coach accreditation from the ICF as a globally certified coach.img_1296

Layal works with people to guide them towards how to design their lives and future backwards, meaning to envision how you want your lifestyle to be 20 years from now and what needs to be done today in order to get there. She also helps them understand who they are and move from where they are to where they want to be.

“Sometimes, you feel like you are drowning in the ocean and all you can see is water. As a Coach, I am standing on the beach with a different perspective to guide you back to shore or to swim to wherever you want to go,” Layal commented.dsc01008

Layal continued, “My company is registered in Dubai, an international hub that is close to home and at the same time has a diverse community that allows me to work with my growing clientele from over 29 countries worldwide.”

Layal works with her clients as whole individuals in any and all areas of their lives. She added, “I offer one-on-one coaching anywhere around the world either in-person, through video-calls, or phone. I love working with people intimately to guide them as they need. I choose to coach the person not just the problem, because if you coach a specific problem then you are not tapping into what’s causing it in the first place.”

Layal also designs and facilitates workshops and programs worldwide on a range of self-development topics. So if you are looking for a life coach, we certainly recommend Layal Taher.

Web: www.layaltaher.com
Email: connect@layaltaher.com

Tel: +971 50 852 9251

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