9 Things You Can Relate To If You’ve Been In A Whatsapp Group

whatsapp group people

We’ve all been added to groups that we did want to be part of whether it’s a social group or a work group, here are some things everyone that has been in one can relate to.

The person that sends low resolution nature pictures with greetings that are just too corny

Screen Shot 1437-10-09 at 10

The person that broadcasts EVERYTHING they receive


The person that never participates

Screen Shot 1437-10-09 at 10 https://rusbank.net

The person who sends something that someone already shared

Screen Shot 1437-10-09 at 10

The person who changes the group icon to their baby’s picture


The people that fight over the group name


The one that send videos that makes you laugh your pants off


The one that keeps sending voice notes by mistake


The person that keeps sending things they're not supposed to send, so much secondhand embarrassment!


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