9 Arab Vines That Will Have You On The Floor Laughing

Though Vine may not have the number of users like those of Snapchat or Instagram in the Arab world, whatever users it does have from the region managed to create some of the most viral vines globally. These vines originating from the Arab world use local culture and traditions and present them in such a comical way that they will make you laugh your lungs out. Take a look for yourself at some of the best Arab vines that we at Destination have handpicked for you.

  1. How normal people knock VS. how Arabs knock

  1. Well what can we say. It’s just that some of us are just way too friendly.

  1. Think that stepping out of the house is easy?

  1. The purge – Arab version

  1. Flappy Bird is not the easiest of games to play and this is what happens when you lose after coming so far.

  1. Well even the children love Vine

  1. This is how hoverboards could be used in case you get tired of the continuous standing

  1. No one does vines like Arab Vine star Anwar Jibawi

  1. Here’s another one by Jibawi doing what he does best

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