Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

8 Tech Brands You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong

8 Tech Brands You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong

With multinational tech brands springing up from all corners of the globe, the actual way they are meant to be pronounced often gets lost in the process. They usually differ vastly from the colloquial pronunciation that we are used to.

So if you are a tech geek, you’d probably want to update your pronunciations to add more credibility to your ‘tech image’.

mcafee_tag_h_rgb_454x1261. McAfee

Wrong: Mick-aah-fee
Right: Mac-uh-fee

asus2. Asus

Wrong: Ahh-sus
Right: Ay-soos

td5ea9rp3. Xiaomi

Wrong: Ziao-me
Right: Shao-me


4. Nikon

Wrong: Nay-kon
Right: Nee-kon

fdgdf5. Imgur

Wrong: Imm-gur
Right: Image-er

adobe-logo6. Adobe

Wrong: Ah-dohb
Right: Ah-doh-be

quora-logo-eps-vector-image7. Quora

Wrong: Cue-oh-rah
Right: Koo-ra

4b89c12f0fdbcee670598141a862f4ee_huawei-logo-png-huawei-logo_1001-9438. Huawei

Wrong: Hyu-ah-way
Right: Wah-way


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